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  1. So i have had a absolutely stinker this month on my PS4, due to me getting hooked back into playing ranked League of Legends with my brother. I played like 1-2 maps of Star Wars Battlefront - and got 0 trophies.. So no stat-changes for me this month. Will try and be better next month!
  2. So "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" where the only game i managed to complete (and plat) this month. I am still on the fence about whether "South Park: The Stick of Truth" counts as a "war" for next month. Might have to give another game a look instead (maybe Battlefront 2 that we get from PS plus this month). I won't be able to play PS4 today so might as well get my stats for May in early Stat changes for May: Platinum trophies: +1 (1 for this event) 100% completed: +1 (1 for this event) Completion: + 0.16% Stat changes for the Year: Platinum trophies: +8 100% completed: +8 Completion: +3.82%
  3. So i just completed my game for this month with plat in "South Park: The Fractured But Whole". There is a school in the game (South Park Elementary) that you have to visit several times. However, it doesn't count for HC in my book as the school isn't that important to the story, although you can't avoid it to complete the game. It does however count towards a game I started this month. I might start on "South Park: The Stick of Truth" but i doubt I will complete it in this month. It might count towards next month too though if we get "We Remember Them" as there are several factions fighting each other (not sure if it classefies as "war" though).
  4. So i where right in my assement once more about how much PS4 i would be able to play, so the inFamous plat where the only one i where able to secure. Stat changes for April: Platinum trophies: +2 (1 for this event) 100% completed: +2 (1 for this event) Completion: +0.76% Stat changes for the Year: Platinum trophies: +7 100% completed: +7 Completion: +3.66%
  5. So i got my first game completed for this month challenge with "inFamous First Light". This does not count for HC. However, it counts for "Complete a game you started this month". I had hoped i would be able to grind through "Horizon Zero Dawn" this month. Sadly, my small brain forgot to copy my save into the online storage before the game went off PS Now. So i am currently 20+ hours behind what i where expecting, and to be honest i am not sure i have 20 hours of PS 4 gaming left this month. So the inFamous Plat where kind of a cop out to make sure i atleast got a plat for this months theme.
  6. So sadly, i got nothing else for this month. Final stats for March month:Platinum trophies: +1 (1 for this event)100% completed: +1 (1 for this event)Completion: +0.40%
  7. If it's not too late to submit a theme for next month, i would like to suggest a theme you have done before in 2018, that i think sounds really interresting: Around The World And Back Again - Game must be an open-world game. HCR: Game must feature at least 2 different types of areas in the open-world. (Forests, Beaches, Cities / Towns / Villages, Mountains.)
  8. So i have completed this month them with "The Wolf Among Us" from Telltale games. Since you play as "The Big Bad Wolf" from the stories, and mainly seem like a Warewolf when you are in fights in this game, it counts for the Hardcore theme for the month. This also counts for the challenge: "Complete a game you started this month".
  9. First of all, sorry for the late "final update" on February for me. Had to work all weekend and didn't want to use anymore time infront of the pc when i where done.. So my assumption about "Horizon Zero Dawn" proved correct and i where no where near to finish the game. However, i am sure i will manage at some point, since i really enjoy the game. Stats for February month: Platinum trophies: +2 (1 for this event)100% completed: +2 (1 for this event)Completion: +0.22%
  10. This is the stuff of legends right here! Thank you guys so much for the effort you have putted into making this a free plat for the rest of us (just need the two "manual" trophies (Channel Surfer and Ghostly) for my plat)!
  11. So i have complete this months challenge with a platinum in "Ben10"! You fight robots (including a boss) in 2 of the 6 levels in the game. This game counts towards no challenges for me however. I am also working on "Horizon Zero Dawn" for this month but sadly i doubt i will have the time to finish that game up, so atleast glad i got a easy game out of the way to ensure platinum-rank for this month too
  12. So i ended upo also platting "Goat Simulator" in January (but not get all DLC). However, i feel like it's a stretch to add it to the Theme for January, although you could consider that some of the unlocked skins have powers like levitating, summoning other goats and stuff like that. However, if it does count, it also counts towards "Complete a game you startet this month" again. End of the month stat changes: Stats when joined:Platinum trophies: 41 --> 43100% completed: 35 --> 37Completion: 39.46% --> 41,74%
  13. I have completed the theme of the month with "Life is Strange". Not the HC theme though. I have also completed the challenge for "Complete a game you started this month" as i gained my first trophy on January 2th 2020. My profile is updated for proof
  14. 41 platinum trophies so far
  15. Hello. I would like to join this event ( my first event i have had the courage to join on this site! ) Stats as of January 2th 2020 (with last trophy earned on my account being on December 29th): Platinum Trophies 41 Completed Games 35 Completion 39,46% ( i know -.- )
  16. So it's clear from my list of Platinum trophies this year that i tend to take a brake away from my PS4 But i am still quite satisfied with the amount of plat trophies i have aquired this year, considering i am only on a total of 41 Platinum trophies overall. There's not any spectacular Platinum trophies in my list for the year. But everything counts 1) Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - 14th April 2019 2) The Walking Dead (PS4) - 2nd June 2019 3) Marvel's Spider-Man - 14th June 2019 4) Batman (Telltale) - 23rd June 2019 5) Batman: The Enemy Within (Telltale) - 8th July 2019 6) Burly Men At Sea - 9th July 2019 7) Cosmic Star Heroine - 18th July 2019 8) Lara Croft GO - 24th July 2019 9) Rogue Aces - 1st August 2019 10) The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - 10th November 2019 11) The Crew 2 - 14th November 2019 12) Detroit: Become Human - 23rd November 2019
  17. FIFA 14 for me for sure. Not insane hard (since i where able to do it), but took alot of time and frustration. Most rare plat too for me with 2.12%.
  18. #30 - DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 I have played ALOT of Diablo 3 on my pc. Like atleast 200-300 hours. So when i where able to grab this game at a decent prize, i knew i wanted it to be my plat number 30. I where fortunate enough to have a friend playing with me in the beginning of my/our journey. It really helped alot to grind a Hardcore char to level 70 (we did it in story mode to get rid of that trophy too while at it). Sadly i grinded almost 450 bounties alone in the end to reach the plat. And i have to admit that grind did something bad to the overall enjoyment of this plat. It seems like SUCH alot of grinding on 1 trophy, compared to the rest of the list (sure, 6 chars to 70 can be abit grindy if you don't play seasonal char, but then that's your decision to make the grind hard). The plat is deffently not hard in my oppinion. However, i had played Diablo before. I would deffently recommend the game to anyone who loves these kind of games. The option to Quick Match into open lobbys where nice I mainly played Multishot Demon Hunter and Whirldwind Barbar for the grinding
  19. Currently working on Diablo 3 plat with a homie
  20. As a Dane, who just sad through that whole game, i get where you are comming from. However, the danish players told the journalists afterwards that they did not know the outcome of the Australia vs Peru game until after they where done with their own game (the coaches did know though). I feel like that's a mistake on the coaches part, when the game is 0-0 with like 10-.15 minuts left. But i also honestly believe the Danes where tired in the end, and just wanted to get the result they needed. I somewhat get why they played like they did - afterall, they knew they just needed the 1 point to be sure no matter what. Anf or a team, who haven't gotten to a knockout stage since EM 2004, it matters alot - and deffently alot more than what the viewers/fans thought of the game
  21. #28 - Need For Speed
  22. #27 - Tales From The Borderlands We Had Fun, Didn't We? Complete Tales From The Borderlands Probably the best Telltale Game i have played to date. Loved the story and the characters!
  23. Anyone still playing this? Started yesterday on the PS4 after having played it abit on the pc. I am currently only on Level 54 (since the start always goes slow), but shouldn't take too long before i can ascend my first time, and get rolling from there.
  24. Minecraft: Story Mode One of my favorits so far from Telltale! Easy as all there games are, however there are like 2 trophys you can miss. So guess its not as easy as like TWD - but close Deffently gonna 100% this game when i can find the last 3 chapters for a decent price.
  25. #25 - Energy Cycle Energy CyclePlatinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Not much to say about the game. Used a guide + the exploit. Took like 20 minuts to get the plat