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  1. FIFA 14 for me for sure. Not insane hard (since i where able to do it), but took alot of time and frustration. Most rare plat too for me with 2.12%.
  2. #30 - DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 I have played ALOT of Diablo 3 on my pc. Like atleast 200-300 hours. So when i where able to grab this game at a decent prize, i knew i wanted it to be my plat number 30. I where fortunate enough to have a friend playing with me in the beginning of my/our journey. It really helped alot to grind a Hardcore char to level 70 (we did it in story mode to get rid of that trophy too while at it). Sadly i grinded almost 450 bounties alone in the end to reach the plat. And i have to admit that grind did something bad to the overall enjoyment of this plat. It seems like SUCH alot of grinding on 1 trophy, compared to the rest of the list (sure, 6 chars to 70 can be abit grindy if you don't play seasonal char, but then that's your decision to make the grind hard). The plat is deffently not hard in my oppinion. However, i had played Diablo before. I would deffently recommend the game to anyone who loves these kind of games. The option to Quick Match into open lobbys where nice I mainly played Multishot Demon Hunter and Whirldwind Barbar for the grinding
  3. Currently working on Diablo 3 plat with a homie
  4. As a Dane, who just sad through that whole game, i get where you are comming from. However, the danish players told the journalists afterwards that they did not know the outcome of the Australia vs Peru game until after they where done with their own game (the coaches did know though). I feel like that's a mistake on the coaches part, when the game is 0-0 with like 10-.15 minuts left. But i also honestly believe the Danes where tired in the end, and just wanted to get the result they needed. I somewhat get why they played like they did - afterall, they knew they just needed the 1 point to be sure no matter what. Anf or a team, who haven't gotten to a knockout stage since EM 2004, it matters alot - and deffently alot more than what the viewers/fans thought of the game
  5. #28 - Need For Speed
  6. #27 - Tales From The Borderlands We Had Fun, Didn't We? Complete Tales From The Borderlands Probably the best Telltale Game i have played to date. Loved the story and the characters!
  7. Anyone still playing this? Started yesterday on the PS4 after having played it abit on the pc. I am currently only on Level 54 (since the start always goes slow), but shouldn't take too long before i can ascend my first time, and get rolling from there.
  8. Minecraft: Story Mode One of my favorits so far from Telltale! Easy as all there games are, however there are like 2 trophys you can miss. So guess its not as easy as like TWD - but close Deffently gonna 100% this game when i can find the last 3 chapters for a decent price.
  9. #25 - Energy Cycle Energy CyclePlatinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Not much to say about the game. Used a guide + the exploit. Took like 20 minuts to get the plat
  10. PEGGLE 2 100% Thank the lord for the DLC - would never have gotten the plat. And the DLC is easy also, so getting 100% in this game is simple once you've gotten the plat
  11. #24 - Peggle 2 Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all of the trophies! Probably my hardest plat to achieve so far! (i know - i only have easy plats). Would have been impossible for me to reach the 180 objectives without the DLC for Windy and Jimmy. Just needs the last 4 trials for Windy to 100% this game, so not quite done with the game yet Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 7/10
  12. 23 Rocket League Virtuoso - Unlock All Trophies Man, this game is a blast! Deffently going for the 100%
  13. Rocket League - Far, Far Away Drive a total of 50 KM Took me 80+ KM but finally got it. Just needs to play 1 online match with a friend for Plat!
  14. I guess mine is: FIFA 14 Football Legend Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)
  15. #22 - HITMAN GO: DEFINITIVE EDITION Fun little game. But seems almost impossible to get the plat without a guide. Sadly, because it takes alot of the fun out of this game. And i think this game is actually great if you just sit and enjoy it
  16. AlexJones_Bankai I would choose your Final Fantasy VII
  17. #21 - Orc Slayer Probably the worst game anyone have ever played.... Took me like a week to get through, cause i simply couldn't play for more than 30 minuts a day.. Didn't help that i had to reset all my progress at level 11/13 due to the game glitching my perks. It got deleted 2 seconds after the plat popped!
  18. I am currently working on these 4 Plats for PS4: 1) Orc Slayer (Kill me man..... This should have been a easy and fast Plat, but this game is so bad it i couldn't get through it yesterday). 2) Peggle 2 (Played alot of Peggle on the PC. I really like this game so looking forward to platting it) 3) Hitman GO (Should be fairly simple and fast to Plat) 4) Rocket League (Again, played like 40 hours so far on PC. And i love the game. So when i saw it where on sale, i had to grab it)
  19. JKA121, i would pick your COD:Ghost.
  20. Peggle 2 and Orc Slayer... Wanted to Plat Orc Slayer today, cause it should be fast and easy. But that game is sooo shitty i had to take a break from my PS4 ....
  21. For me its CSI: FATAL CONSPIRACY. I got the game for the easy plat. And i still contemplated whether it where worth it tbh.... What a bad game!
  22. Back on Playstation! So i have just updated this post
  23. Oh, hey there! Nice of you to pop in. My name is Joa-Escherich, and I am a rookie-trophyhunter (in my own oppinion). I am a 26 year old dane, who have been playing Playstation since the PS1. I have always been a huge PS fan, and I still is Ever since i got my PS3, i have enjoyed getting trophies (although i never wented for any plat at that time). I used to be a major achievement-whore in World Of Warcraft, and getting those nice trophies is basically the same. The reason i consider myself a "rookie-trophyhunter" is, that i don't have that "need" to plat every game i own, and to spend alot of money on DLC's to 100% those games either. I simply don't have the time to do that (nor the skills to be honest). I have only platted easy games, as you can see below. Anyways, here are my Checklist! PLATINUM #1 - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2 Date: 15/4 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 This was my very first Platinum. When i bought this game from a friend, i had no intention of platting it, mainly cause i thought it was hard. I didn't really understand how to play it. He showed me when he was visitting a weekend, and i realized how easy the game was. And before i knew, i was super close to the Plat. So i had to finish it. Not a bad game at all, but it got abit repetitive in the end for me. #2 - Dragon Zall Z Budokai HD Collection Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 3 Date: 11/5 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 I have always been a huge fan of Dragon Ball (specially the Z-series), and i have played all 3 Budokai games on my PS2. So this was a must-have for me. It was fun. Budokai 1 made me realize how much the graphic have changed since back then. Man, was it bad! Still okay gameplay tho. Budokai 3 where a pleasure all the way through. #3 - Sleeping Dogs Enjoyment: 9 Difficulty: 3 Date: 12/6 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 Man, this is a great game! Probably one of the best games for the PS3 in my oppinion. The story was great and the gameplay where brilliant. The hours just flew by when i was going for this plat! #4 - Madden NFL 12 Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2 Date: 9/7 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 I love NFL. I have been a NY Jets fan since i was 9-10 years old. I watched NFL before i watched football (and that's not normal in Europe). I played Madden alot on the PS2 with a buddy of mine, so i had to have a Madden on the PS3 too. When i realized how easy alot of these trophies where, i really wanted to go for it. I am surprised that the rarity of this plat is only 4.44%, since it's not hard at all. #5 - Guacamelee! Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 4 Date: 12/1 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 This is the best 2D game i have ever played. The gameplay is really fun and great, the puzzles are tricky, but not insanly hard and the humor in the game is great. Deffently worth to pick up if you haven't tried it yet, you won't regret! #6 - The Walking Dead Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 1 Date: 20/2 - 2014 Console: Playstation Vita This was the first platinum on my Vita. The story in this game is nothing more but brilliant. However, the gameplay was abit boring in my oppinion. Still, it's worth to pick up and play through for the story alone. #7 - Assasin Creed 2 Enjoyment: 9 Difficulty: 3 Date: 4/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 I have completed nearly all the Assasins Creed games on my brothers X-Box. Yet, i had to own this one, as it is one of my favorites in the serie. When i was done with the campaign, and a lot of other stuff, i realized how close i was to the Plat. So i had to get it. I really enjoyed playing this game again, and only the feather-hunting bored me abit. Otherwise, i loved every second of this game. #8 + 9 - Sound Shapes Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 6 Date: 5/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 + Playstation Vita Man, this game where frustrating! By far the hardest plat(s) i have achieved yet. The random-factor in Death Mode almost costed me a controller.. The gameplay was decent at best in my oppinion. However, it did give 2 plats in the end. And it will get me a third when i get my hands on a PS4. #10 - Resistance: Burning Skies Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2 Date: 10/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation Vita My third Platinum on the Vita. I bought this game, mainly because it was cheap. I found it to be a easy Platinum. However, the gameplay was actually better than i thought. And i am not really a bit fan of these futuristic shooters. It was hard to find a online game for the last trophy though, as this game is dead as hell. #11 - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 3 Date: 12/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 This is a great fighting game! The online trophies where abit hard (i am looking at you, "This is Living"!). The Arcade Mode got really boring in the end, as you have to complete it with every char .. Abit sad, because it made the overall enjoyment abit less than it would have been otherwise. Still, a really fun game i am glad i got. EDIT: I got 100% in this game 20/7 - 2014 #12 - Trine 2 Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 1 Date: 15/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 I bought this game to play it Co-op with a irl buddy of mine (the same that helped me with Naruto). And boy, it was great! We both enjoyed the gameplay, and we completed the game fully before going for the plat. As a Co-op game, it's brilliant. I am not so sure about playing it solo though. Very easy Platinum. #13 - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 3 Date: 16/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation Vita Same as the Playstation 3 version. However, connecting to online games on the Vita where bugged as hell. ... That's why i enjoyed it less on the Vita than the PS3. Wasted hours on trying to connect to games! EDIT: I got 100% in this game 20/7 - 2014 #14 - Fifa 14 Enjoyment: 9 Difficulty: 4 Date: 21/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 I love Fifa! And i really enjoyed this Fifa 14. Alot easier to plat than the previous years, and that is probably the only reason i was able to plat this game. One of the few games i have played beyond the plat, simply because i love it! #15 - Minecraft Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 3 Date: 12/4 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 Having played Minecraft on the PC, i really felt like having it for PS3 and trying to plat it. It was a rather easy plat, mainly cause i got some of the trophies through a boosting session on this site. Alot of fun, but took some time to get used to the controls when you are used to the PC version. #16 - MotoGP 13 Enjoyment: 4 Difficulty: 1 Date: 12/4 - 2014 Console: Playstation Vita Man, where do i begin? The game itself isn't actually that bad. But it feels like one big grind from the second you start.. Got really boring in the end. #17 - CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Enjoyment: 3 Difficulty: 1 Date: 12/4 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 Okay, i am not gonna lie. I bought this game because it is a very easy platinum. The hard part was staying sane as i completed it. It is super easy to plat, but the story in it is not well writen. It was like playing a bad version of The Walking Dead to be honest. Got the plat, deleted the game as soon as possible! #18 - Sound Shapes (PS4) Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 6 Date: 6/7 - 2017 Console: Playstation 4 So after owning a Xbox One the past 2.5 years, i am finally back on a Playstation. And as soon as i where done with setting up the PS, i had to download this game for the easy Plat (due to Cross-save). 'Nuff Said! #19 - Game Of Thrones Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 1 Date: 7/7 - 2017 Console: Playstation 4 Another cool game from Telltale. Got it for free due to Playstation Plus. Not sure i would have picked up the game otherwise. I really enjoyed the storylines, and even ended up being mad at some of the decisions i had to make (pretty impressive to get this feeling in a game you play solely for the plat). Would deffently not mind a season 2! #20 - Tekken 7 Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 3 Date: 8/7 - 2017 Console: Playstation 4 Got this game with my PS 4. And it delivered what i expected. Nothing more, nothing less. I where surpriced at how easy the Plat where to get. Took me 7 hours and i am deffently not a pro at fighting games. Not much replay value in my oppinion tho. Only if you wanna beat up a friend. #21 - Orc Slayer Enjoyment: 0 Difficulty: 2 Date: 14/7 - 2017 Console: Playstation 4 I bought this game for roughly 2 dollars.. And i still feel like i overpaid. This is the worst game ever made! The gameplay is bad (first person shooter with a crossbow). If feels like you control the aim with a toaster or something. Its so hard to actually aim, since it moves like half a screen everytime you touch the controller. Furthermore, the game glitches all the time (had Orcs i couldn't kill, 1 trophy refused to pop so i had to reset a level and at level 11/13 i had to reset my save due to me loosing all my perks for no reason). This will probably be the only game ever i give a enjoyment of 0. And it deserves it! Atleast the plat is easy..... #22 - Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Enjoyment: 6 Difficulty: 2 (would be alot harder if you do it with no guide) Date: 15/7 - 2017 Console: Playstation 4 I really liked this game alot actually. It's a really fun puzzle-type game and the maps seems very well-designed. Used a guide for the plat since my IQ is too low to do this without, sadly. Cause it did kinda kill some of the fun. Deffently worth a go - and can be done in like 3 hours with a guide. PSN 100% #1 - Machnarium Enjoyment: 5 Difficulty: 1 Date: 6/6 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 Again, a puzzle-like point and click game. However, the visual of this game made it pretty cool. Decent story. #2 - Tekken Revolution Enjoyment: 7 Difficulty: 2 Date: 28/6 - 2013 Console: Playstation 3 I love Tekken. Played it insanly much on PS 2. This free-version of Tekken where actually pretty good, reminds me alot of Tekken Tag Turnament 2. Easy 100%. Deffently worth picking up! #3 - Thomas Was Alone Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 1 Date: 8/1 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 This is a brilliant game! The story and gameplay alongside the visuals of this game made me really enjoy it all the way through. Easy to get 100%. #4 - Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Enjoyment: 3 Difficulty: 1 Date: 13/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 I know alot of gamers really enjoyed and loved this game. I am NOT one of them. For some reason, it felted boring and weired. The highlight for me was when I realized I didn't have to complete the whole game for the 100%! #5 - New Paint Park Enjoyment: 1 Difficulty: 1 Date: 16/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation Vita Not much to say. Probably the easiest game to 100%.. Took like 5 minuts. #6 - Sonic The Fighters Enjoyment: 2 Difficulty: 1 Date: 16/3 - 2014 Console: Playstation 3 Another easy 100%. Oldschool gameplay (feels like a old Arcade), took like 20 minuts to get 100% because i am bad! My goal for 2017: I hope to achieve 25 Platinums this year. I know that it doesn't sound like alot, but considering i only had 17 Platinum when i got back to PS in July, and i mainly play on my pc, i think it will be challenging enough I will be updating the list as i get more Platinums and 100%. In the meanwhile, thank you for popping in! Any inputs/ideas to improve the checklist or Plats/100% i should go for will be appreciated!
  24. I would deffently go for your Persona 4 Golden.
  25. # 20 - Tekken 7 I'll Get Everything Back! - Acquired all trophies. I actually enjoyed it, eventhough "Warrior" can be abit grindy. And the online part is kinda dead