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  1. Holy Mother of glitches and exploits, it' pure evil, lol one thing comes to my mind... How people discover those exploits?
  2. Works fine on 1.04. Simply finish game with good ending, uninstall the game, disconnect, install fresh 1.00, upload your save from pendrive or cloud, start new game and after Artiom went underground and open first door, quit to main menu and chapter select, choose the last one and voila
  3. Just finished. It's only for true fans of Hitman series, as game looks the same as on ultra settings on PC, no enhancements etc. Game is old, animation is 2/10, but hell yeah, if played stealth, it's perfect and definietly worth to play, even if just to enjoy scene at funeral 😀 It's on sale now, so good ocasion to pick it up and play.
  4. Is there any official Rockstar forum? Maybe it will be faster to ask them, devs should know what is required in their game
  5. I've got collector's guidebook too, I confirm that there is no word about animals in 'missable trophies' section. I am at work, so unable to upload screenshoot, but will do once get back home
  6. I've got official collector's guide, there is a section with missable trophies, no word about animals at all, so I believe that spiecies from that chapter are not required for both trophies.
  7. What a grind, got it finally today. This trophy sucks, but what must be said, matchmaking in FIFA 19 is perfect, lol. You always get opponent on the same skill lvl, +/-, so road to division 4 is pain in the ass. Hopefully, glitch still works, so last matches I decided to go this way, as gameplay gave me cancer...It's insane, when Manolas scores with bicycle kick 😂
  8. How many players are required for an online race? Is boost possible?
  9. The best way to farm kills on swimming enemies is Albion Map. There are a lot of chances, as enemies are crossing water between D and B points, or C and E. I used this method, just simply played as recon with gewehr98. I confirm that enemies killed while driving a boat, still counts.
  10. Hi, I need help with both coop trophies. Anyone? PSN ID: Bartek_Red region: Europe Please send a message on PSN