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  1. Ok, I will try this!
  2. Anymore help?!?!?!?
  3. I already sold my Vita.
  4. Ok so I sold my PSVita a couple months ago. I want to double check to make sure that I factory resetted the console, but havent found a way to yet. I messaged the person I sold it too and they havent responded to me yet. Anyways, is there a way that I can make sure that I factory resetted it, or is their a way I can make sure they can't get on my account?
  5. 11 - 20 hours, mainly on the weekend. Sometimes less really depends on the week.
  6. Software engineer Thanks everybody for making me feel welcome!
  7. So I joined the site a couple of days ago and I have been mostly in chat meeting new people. I am really impressed with the site/site layout and I am really liking the community over here. I just started trophy hunting about a month ago, am I am almost at 2 platinum's!!!!! My goal is to get about 20 platinum's by the end of year, and have a completion % of around 75. And a little bit about me: I am in high school, I have played on mostly Microsoft/Nintendo consoles forever excluding the PS2. I recently purchased a Vita. I aspire to be a computer science major in college!!!!! Oh, and if anyone has Mayhem, I'd fancy some help with the online Nice meeting some of you guys and I look forward to meeting many more of you!
  8. Well my first platinum came this year, and it was Saints Row: The Third!