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  1. So your response is “git gud”. Your defence is you’re so good you finish every game in 5 minutes or under lol? If that’s the case when we ended up in the same game, you were the demon class which you claim you’re so amazing with why did you leave? You could have demonstrated your absolutely amazing gamer skills you claim you have. Actually you have no defence because go on Twitch or anywhere and you will absolutely not even see the best players finish a game as demon 5 minutes or under EVERY game like you claim. You’ve basically just said 3 days after release you’re the best demon player in the world which is hilarious. Didn’t even care to explain to why you have THREE different versions of the same game linked to your exophase. Not to mention you must be working 15 minutes shifts or something with what you claim.
  2. Seeing as you chose to ignore me and I care about the first/fastest achievers leaderboards more than most people I kinda have to say this. Using your previous trophy game timestamps at which you said you were level 43 you had a gap of 2 days 5 hours, (53 hours), using this it’s = 3180 minutes. Using the average time of around 20-25 minutes to win a game we’ll go with 22 minutes in the middle that’s 145 wins of 7.5K XP to reach the level you did in that time. Not only would it be impossible for ONE person to play that amount of games in that time without breaks, physical tiredness/deterioration ( After my 21 hour Diablo 3 I was mentally and physically destroyed), you’ve managed to somehow do twice that? I don’t buy it. I checked your exophase you have THREE different versions of this game registered to your exophase with the same trophy list implying different regions of “Evil dead the game”, have been played on your account. Not to mention your previous account was removed for cheating in the dispute you mentioned your friend played on your account to do Payday 2 trophies for you. Your words. So I’ll finish with this it’s not “I reached level 54”, it’s “we reached level 54”. Because once again the amount of games required to reach level 43 in the time frame we used from before is physically impossible for ONE person to do.
  3. This is what I’ve tried: —-Bleeding someone out using different weapons. —-Different characters. —-During the book phase at the end downing someone which insta kills them. —- Now for the most interesting one, I googled the line and it showed a scene from the movie where Cheryl gets possessed so I tried this and melee killed my friend and she said the EXACT line from the movie and trophy name however no trophy. When I shot someone down she didn’t say the line but with a bladed weapon she did but no trophy, later I’m going to test playing Cheryl and downing someone on the book phase for an insta kill also in the trophy icon it shows Pablo so I’ll try against him too. Hopefully this is some help, someone from the evil dead discord told my friend he got the achievement by playing as Cheryl playing as the Necromancer and downing someone and letting them bleed out. EDIT: Tested what I said above didn’t work. Also a Dev told my friend after a few times of downing people they just instantly die, I haven’t managed to do this while I’m possession of someone BUT while playing as the warlord boss I did manage to do this in public while on the dark one’s objective, I downed a Cheryl and Ash and they instantly died I’d downed them probably 7-10 times beforehand and they had revived at the altar once or twice. I tested this in a private game again and couldn’t get the instant kill to work I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t on the dark ones objective or it just doesn’t work in private. Some testing with methods would be nice. EDIT: I was sent a video clip from the user with the trophy on this site, clip went as follows trophy achiever playing Pablo and it seems the Ash vs evil dead 1 variant character was down (how this character went down I have no idea I assume from being killed by a possessed survivor), this was during the map survival phase once Ash was revived the trophy unlocked this was in an public game. If people could help test this out and report it to the devs who claimed to a friend “Our games and broken trophies never heard of it”, that it is indeed broke. EDIT: The second user on the site with the trophy response to me saying he got the trophy from a revive too. What I gather from clips is, It’s on the map survival step, puppeteer seems to be the boss. The character it seems can be anyone doing the revive. So I guess it’s just a complete and utter buggy mess, I’ve spent around 12 hours just experimenting with ways to unlock this and it seems a random revive will get it maybe.
  4. That’s not very groovy of you
  5. Can’t understand why people are so upset over the student mode, if you complete it on normal or master well done you know deep down inside you did, some people may not have the skills/ability to do it like that and this opens it up for them. The game is great, I know a lot of people who bought this now because of the option and hopefully this company is successful and makes more great games like this. Not like this game was on the path to being super rare before the update anyways. Not that it should matter.
  6. Gonna chime in and say this game definitely is not a 3/10 like it’s been said. December patch did make things easier slightly with reduced special spawn rates. But a 3/10 is an insult. It’s still difficult as one of the few people who played from release day till now it has been made easier yes but not as absurdly dumb easy as it’s been made out to be. You can speed run of course you can but does everyone have the knowledge and how to do so? Nope. Is everyone on the game amazing PC players to carry nope? The only permanent thing to make this “easier”, are burn cards which might be worth mentioning in the guide. They’re basically consumables you can buy from supply lines and use to give yourself an bit of an advantage. It’s basically the same game it’s been since December now. It might honestly be a 8/10 and has been for the last few months. 9/10 people will not be able to speed run the levels and have a team which will absolutely steam roll every act together. Also worth mentioning the DLC tunnels are high risk high reward and you can sometimes skip parts of the map from start to the end if you succeed in the tunnel but it’s all RNG. So just to recap definitely not a 3/10, 8/10 at most now and the game is still difficult and most people will struggle and you’ll see this reflected in the total number of unique plat achievers for the game.