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  1. This is because in order to get 1 figurine you need to beat all 4 bosses in a single run, so to get all 51 you need to beat all 4 bosses in a single run 51 times. So for anyone going for this game prepare for a bit of grind.
  2. Honestly can’t see why this was unflagged, I took a 5 second glimpse at the time stamps from OP on dead space and it screams save file usage, the reason I believe it is because of the collectible trophies being the first to unlock OP unlocks 75 and 150 logs first, now on Bioshock the collection and the EU stack save files are shared and in turn using a save file that has the collectibles all collected collecting 1 more unlocks every trophy in relation to the collectibles. Not even gonna say how out of place the chapter time stamps are that’s pretty obvious. Also I mean well done to the OP for remembering such an intricate and complex process they used all the way back in 2009 to “auto pop”, these trophies which can’t be replicated today. Amazing memory or not sounds like it’s just a way to try and get out of this. AFAIK this game didn’t get a trophy patch and launched with trophies so I have no idea what that spiel was about, unless someone can somehow get a barebones PS3 and prove OP’ statements.
  3. Ahh but yet you still tried one of these so called “crazy things”, got extremely LUCKY to get your trophy and somehow ended up on an high horse which you should probably get off of. Thank everyone for their hard work or don’t either way you’ve made yourself look completely ignorant so double well done. Either way in regards to everything else I’m hoping a patch is out soon I even had bought the disc but the trophy still didn’t pop. Great community effort in finding a possible way to get people the trophy for now so they too can “move on”.
  4. I had a play through on chapter 9 gave it a quick go with no patch and no trophy. I did get a different scene which they took out of the game before the showdown in the Hackett house which is a-lot better than the patched version. I only lost 29 minutes thankfully gonna wait for them to patch this.
  5. It’s one of the first things I tried. The trophy is just broke I put in 40 hours within the first 3 days and I’ve slowed and at about 70 hours of testing. Between everywhere we’ve racked up 100s of hours of testing different things. The best thing to do is just email 2K/SMG and don’t play this game I’m sure their numbers getting lower will get them to think twice about this. With how big this has gotten they’ve definitely seen this crap going on they’re ignoring us it’s simple ignore their game. The radio silence from them is absolutely appalling. The 3rd person who got the trophy said he’s gonna rent the game and try to recreate his play through he also mentored something about a piano in chapter 9 I’m guessing he interacted with it as Laura not that it probably matters.
  6. The guy who took himself off the website randomly reached out to me with these details: “I'm starting to believe this trophy is bugged in 1.02”. ”Try this: Uninstall the game. Go to Network under the Settings on your PS5. Disconnect your console from the internet. Install The Quarry without updating it. You should have version 1.0. Stay offline and play through the Prologue. After it's over refuse Eliza then wait until the game starts to update”. “Make sure you have your old save stored in the cloud and that it doesn't get overwritten”. ”Reload it and use Chapter Select to start from Chapter 9 then Refuse Eliza at the end I tried playing the game offline with version 1.0. I went through the prologue and finished it. I refused Eliza and the game started to update I figured it was a no go from the point to be able to finish the game in 1.0, so I unistalled the game at that point I updated to version 1.02 and downloaded my loud save. I started from the prologue again and continued playing through the game”. From this point he chapter selected back to the prologue and played the game as he detailed beforehand. I then asked if he’s on disc version which he is, it seems like he was playing without patch and in the prologue when he refused Eliza the game forced the update so he uninstalled it and installed it with the patch. Also he said this in regards to the community because I asked how he was doing “Yeah. I'm going to change my settings back. I wasn't mad or annoyed by any messages. No one was rude or toxic”.
  7. I’ll copy and paste what the 3rd achiever messaged me on PSN I have notifications off so I didn’t see it until now. “I collected all tarot cards except the Chariot”. “ I don't think picking up The Chariot will void the trophy”. “Start Chapter 9”. ”If you chose Move On in all Eliza scenes”. - Ryan (don't remove knife, don't stab Bobby, accept bite, shoot Chris) - Laura (don't shoot Constance, don't attack Jedediah, work with Travis”). ”The trophy unlocked after choosing Move on in the next scene with Eliza”. “Excuse how I sent this message. I'n not used to sending them on Playstation. I'm usually on my Series X. I hope it unlocks for you. If not I'll outline the choices I made leading up to Chapter 9”. I did say when he gets a moment to just detail the decisions beforehand and I’ll edit them into this post. I would post screenshots but this website literally doesn’t accept my images. I’m really hoping we get something concrete here because he thanked me for sharing how to get the peanut butter trophy so I checked his list and his time stamps to see if he did the two together but, there’s a day and something gap between the peanut butter and Eliza trophy so a fresh play through perhaps? Making the perfect decisions possibly. I’m just going to add if this doesn’t work which there is a huge possibility it won’t please don’t attack the person they’ve got nothing to do with how the game functions and it’s immature. It’s nice he even reached out to me in the first place without asking. Also noticed all 3 achievers have American accounts surely that can’t be a factor 😂
  8. We shouldn’t lose sight and start going against each other for sure we should all be a team we all have the same goal at the end of the day. Nah it seems alright to me tbh he chose move on and the trophy popped it’s just strange how she has no unique voice line, it’s like it’s just a “normal move on”. So this brings me to something, what if we replicate Mikes play through and make a backup at Eliza choose move on no trophy? Just reload save and repeat until the trophy pops? If there’s a percentile for it to bug and give you the trophy you’re bound to hit it sooner or later.
  9. I can honestly say since release I’ve tried everything mentioned in these threads and even before the forums started really kicking off too I don’t even know how many play throughs I’ve done at this point. I could probably recite the whole script for this game off by heart if I really wanted too at this point. If the people who got the trophy could show the trophy video if enabled or tell us about a unique voice line she said if she did that is. Alternatively if the devs could just tell us that it’s bugged that would also be nice.
  10. That’s 2 people with the trophy now so the question remains whether it’s super buggy or super specific requirements. Honestly the devs are actual turds in this situation, multiple people have asked to confirm whether it’s buggy or if it has specific requirements they either ignore or tell people they can’t give information regarding this and to post on their forums like seriously wtf they can’t confirm or deny it’s buggy like wtf.
  11. I remember you saying to me on PSN he accidentally triggered the cutscene which cutscene is this if you know? Because if it’s the cutscene with the cages the story related one I vividly remember on my first ever play through missing the card in the tunnels because I accidentally walked too close to the red light 😂 now if it somehow triggered the Eliza cut scene straight away and skipped the cages and the Constance and Travis cutscenes too that’s really weird. Also please ignore the Reddit method it’s a troll don’t waste your time people. I already had a chapter 9 play through so I luckily only wasted half an hour.
  12. I just tried the Reddit method and no trophy. it does suck because if it’s not obvious from my profile speed running trophies/being first is how I get most of my enjoyment from it. I really wanted first for this I even “sabotaged”, myself and posted the methods for Jacobs infection and peanut butter pops as soon as I figured them out and answered every PSN message I got about them. I’m always a good sport but I find it really hard to obviously feel like I haven’t been extremely robbed in this situation. That being said over 200 posts and 19,000 views about this trophy on the forums is insane! Maybe there is some very secretive requirement. Id also like to add what if this like the one trophy from house of ashes? Where you cannot pause or exit the game or some stupid crap like that? I’m sure that was a thing. <<< Regarding this 2 people have just told me on PSN they tried this so this isn’t it either.
  13. Trying weird things? Everything people in this forum tried made sense. At least everyone in this forum spent their time and effort to try something meanwhile you did nothing. At least we know for certain now and no one’s left wondering about it now.
  14. Fresh play though done till the end of chapter 8 replicating the trophy achievers play through and no trophy. I’m over 60 hours into the game now 50 of it just from testing hard pass alone. The radio silence and overall avoidance of this situation is a joke especially considering when you try to contact them through email they basically tell you to go away because they can’t give information on their games and to post on the forums no one uses on the 2K website. The only thing I can think of now is to just make it known to the devs this trophy is broken and report it through the correct avenues. As for me Im done until a proper solution if found or if it is indeed broken a patch is released. This is gonna suck so hard having the first plat achiever taken away from me due to this crap. I was so far ahead of 2nd and 3rd place. Really crap situation and that’s putting it politely.
  15. Here’s what I’ve found so far, I will edit this after EVERY chapter so check back for more info: 1. Card 1- Shows Jacob breaking the fuel-line I did the opposite took the rotor. 2. Card 2- Shows Emma taking fireworks and using them, I didn’t take them. 3. Card 3 - This is REALLY difficult to tell but it shows Jacob throwing the dirt? So I will do the opposite and let the hunter put blood on me. 4. Card 4 - Shows Emma taking a picture. 5. Card 5 - Shows Emma on the zip line getting hurt 6. Card 6 - This the MOST interesting one to me it shows the chainsaw scene from chapter 5 radio hut part, If I’m being completely honest I never used the shotgun here and I don’t know anyone who did maybe this is the missing piece or the one that destroys runs? 7. Card 7 - Shows Nick in a scuffle at the lodge. The rest of the cards are just standard options nothing you can really prevent or do different.