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  1. Clearly this is over 9000. Congrats Sly and the Gamers who made it possible.
  2. I was reading the news likes this: Then found out the controls maybe be a problem. I was like this:
  3. Welcome and have a nice time here.
  4. Awesome indeed! Back on topic. I'm really happy I get a chance to play this again.
  5. Amy wasn't the best PSN game out there and it got into the PSN shop. As long as you have a pub license with Sony you pretty much can put anything there.
  6. I have the IPod 30GB video I think! My mum has the IPod shuffle 2GB! I should probably start using mine tho .
  7. Yes I was talking about the Walking Dead. I hear so many good reviews about. How is it for you?
  8. Like someone said all the Lego ain't hard but they have some hardness to it. Also Sonic Allstar Racing, My King, Persona 4 and Ragnarok Odyssey.
  9. Manga Defender who? Omega Ranger for the win!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Yoshi


      SPD? why don't you WATCH a good season like lost galaxy.

    3. Yoshi


      Oh btw, it's Magna defender not Manga defender

    4. EmperorBane


      Lost Galaxy should not even exist even Power Rangers Mystic Force was better.

  10. Blockbuster in UK were closing some stores and were having a liquidation sale. Is this game download only?
  11. I think I'll start from the beginning with Rorona first first. Thanks for helping.
  12. Just saw this on the PSN webstore site. Is this the best one to get into the series or should I buy the PS3 version as well?
  13. I'm wearing my sneering pants right now! But on a serious note, your right the Vita is in some need of games urgently.
  14. Space Walrus-Sexual Lobster I can see that your jealous!
  15. We are all a family and we don't judge anyone here. Just research games that you think you could do and complete them. Also try and recover some of the backlog of games you played and try complete them that always help rather than more putting unearned trophies on display.