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  1. Hey there, Who need the mp trophies for the japan version of super street the game ? Would be nice to get this done
  2. Just got it this way ! Thx 🤣
  3. New patch version 1.04 Downloading duty 😫🙈
  4. Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Is it out or not ?
  6. I can help you np Add : TheScorpi0411 I can drop you the weapon
  7. Are the trophies unlocking for you ?
  8. Good work ! Thx to you i got a new platinum 🏆
  9. I just achieved the platinum trophy. The game is not bad, but the endgame could be better. Wy they couldn't put in a survival mode for the weapon mastery? Playing waves or anything ? That would have bin better in my opinion.
  10. Hi, Someone have any good tips to become better in the pro career? Tuning setups or anything ?
  11. Can you backup your save ?
  12. Hi man, Thx for this fine update ! Good to know that they respond to you.
  13. Never mind i just got it
  14. How did u get it ?