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  1. Thanks for all the hard work and details to put this here. I'm sure you've helped people with this build and the necessary explanations involved. Please keep up the good work, thanks.✌️
  2. Nice work !
  3. Video guide ✌️ Sorry about accidentally flash nade. Forgot to chance controller settings flipped to off 😅
  4. This is the best example that shows that you never actually own a game that you buy physically or digitally if it has an online-only function. As soon as something goes wrong with their servers or Sony's servers, you can't really do anything more than wait for everything to go back online. They have everything under control and that also has consequences for the future of games that can be played online only. A developer or Sony is in charge and can shut down everything regarding servers or close their own Playstation services. Whether you own it or not, they have the last word in everything. In the past, this didn't exist at all, and you could enjoy your games without having to pay for something that you won't be able to play on in 10 years because they shut down the servers.
  5. Big thanks for trying to buy a car 3 times en confirm that the trophy not unlock!
  6. Do you think that the XJ13 count for the trophy ? I dont like to waste 12mil. 🤣
  7. I have the same problem. Free upgrade got locked somehow.
  8. I have the same prob. How is this possible 😑 Done all of the missions on vet.
  9. I must have missed what powerpyx said in the guide. Thank u 😉
  10. Here we are again with possibly 1 trophy that cannot be achieved because the stats of this trophy do not add up. Me and my friends did 30+ free for all matches where the ubisoft progression stats say we played 0. Only one person got this trophy ps5 version... Can someone confirm that your stats add up ingame-ubisoft-progression-f4a matches ? Greetz
  11. Hey guys 🤟 Someone got any news about save transfer ps4/ps5 ? Greetzzzz
  12. What I did is, before I bought my last car, I went to the ps4 version buy the last car and then continued on the ps5 version to buy it. I did the same with the last car set to maximum. Leave a small amount of upgrades and buy the latest upgrades on both versions. I didn't do the usa version, can you let me know if it also works true the server with your saves from the EU version? Good luck
  13. It is the most desired feature for playstation that was in high demand. It's just a shame that the developers aren't required to use them for playstation 5. I don't think a developer is going to put in extra work on stats linked to trophies, if they don't have to use it from Sony. It's also a shame that developers release games with bugged trophies every time.
  14. I have been able to auto pop almost all the trophies. But at some point it just doesn't work anymore. I then tried to win the beachball event on the ps4 version but it didn't unlock at all. I then deleted the save from ps4, restarted the game but that didn't seem to be a solution either. Update: I deleted the savefile from ps4. Turn off the network. Played that game mode offline and got the trophy 😀 Update 2: Not working solution from above. Ingame stats : 52/55 trophies Game trophy list : 51/55 I think there is no way to fix it
  15. How did you fix it, missing the trophy for winning beach ball event. Not popping 😪