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  1. It is the most desired feature for playstation that was in high demand. It's just a shame that the developers aren't required to use them for playstation 5. I don't think a developer is going to put in extra work on stats linked to trophies, if they don't have to use it from Sony. It's also a shame that developers release games with bugged trophies every time.
  2. I have been able to auto pop almost all the trophies. But at some point it just doesn't work anymore. I then tried to win the beachball event on the ps4 version but it didn't unlock at all. I then deleted the save from ps4, restarted the game but that didn't seem to be a solution either. Update: I deleted the savefile from ps4. Turn off the network. Played that game mode offline and got the trophy 😀 Update 2: Not working solution from above. Ingame stats : 52/55 trophies Game trophy list : 51/55 I think there is no way to fix it
  3. How did you fix it, missing the trophy for winning beach ball event. Not popping 😪
  4. Looks like they've increased the trophies limit on game lists on ps5. Normally the maximum was 128 trophies on ps4 ? That looks interesting for games that don't get a sequel but only DLC packs 🏆
  5. Funny wasn't expecting a Scorpio visitor xD

    do you like coffee? let me get you one

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Not a Scorpio and would like a cuppa

    2. AK-1138
    3. Nelson_Otaku


      lol tea for the squirrel, do you like coffee AK?

  6. I got 58k views 😁 Trophyhunting from 2008 !
  7. Thanks for posting this! Thanks to you, I now have the platinum 🤜
  8. The icons look real nice! Easy plat for sure
  9. Is that season pass for ps4 and ps5 when you buy it one time ?
  10. How late is that patch release ?
  11. I have made a video how to get the manager trophy in WRC 6. Good luck 🙂
  12. I made this short video for the stoppie master trophy. Thanks warlord99956 for the location! Good luck !
  13. How it worked out for me, doing donuts and cyclones near the yellow icons that your combo can pull up. You have to pay attention to the blue bar to keep your combo going. Good luck
  14. Super thx mate !
  15. Thanks !!!