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  1. I do believe the fastest method is to fall off and then do the 500 player matches separately. As beating the AI is very time consuming and not worth the time.
  2. In the guide there's a specific turbo method just for bombs. Make sure to use that too
  3. Shaggy is the only character you should plat the game with πŸ˜‚
  4. Custom match's work. I recommend doing custom match 1v1 and only 1 ringout. Will be incredibly fast with a partner
  5. Haven't tested it myself, but I used PS5 and a steam account and it worked fine. So a PS4 and a PS5 should work!
  6. With one player. You just need a party of two. An online friend or a second console with another account would work. The spike one is easiest with a partner so they can hang on the wall and you can spike them from there. It may be possible doing it yourself but it'll just be harder.
  7. Fastest way that I know is to go into online, pick Co-Op vs AI as your mode and lock in whatever character's you want (Preferably fast moving ones) and then run off the ledge together with your partner. By doing this you'll end the match in second's. Make sure to always rematch as well as this will count as another match. Keep doing this over and over until the trophy pops. However make sure not to do a custom match since party's don't form in those. If you need the 300 win's trophy as well you can get win's while going for this, and once the trophy pop's go back to losing. Good luck
  8. The Platinum took me around 15 hr's to obtain with self-boosting and partner boosting. Super easy and I'd say the difficulty is easily a 1/10 if your doing it the boosting method. If you guy's need any help with trophies feel free to quote me or message me on here. Good luck everyone! 😎
  9. Do you need to rematch for it to count?
  10. A spike is just a down square move in mid air
  11. Thanks for the method, work's like a charm. I'm hoping they add a mode where everyone's on high percentage always. Would make farming ringouts way easier
  12. Not sure if this will help anyone, but I found it easiest going straight in wider sections when the zurk's aren't next to you, and then going tight zig zag's when there grouped up and wide zig zag's in tighter area's. Hopefully this will help since it took me 30 minutes to get πŸ˜‚
  13. I wanna play this game but I'm not interested in the 500 matches for the maximum club influence trophy. Would it be boostable with a friend?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtKqL71gdj4&ab_channel=soulslayer434 This video should be of use. Not a very hard method and you can do it while you sleep! πŸ˜€
  15. If you have a turbo controller you should be able to turbo it offline and obtain Zeni that way, it'll take longer but it's a good method instead of grinding Story mode for hours.