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  1. yeah, i already know that, i feel pretty bad for ps3 grinders. Pretty good that they still did not shutdown new gen servers, and vita servers
  2. every game servers have their end. Ubisoft just said, they close ps3 rayman legends servers after over 9 years. https://mobile.twitter.com/UbisoftSupport/status/1542901112021344258
  3. Well so challenge is over. Everyone who did 715.98m got diamond cup You can text me on dm. in rayman there are many tricks you can do, to get better scores, i usually use every of these. About distances: I play distances only to get gold cup, but there is only one distance, that i play for real: murfy bot distance. I usually get 1-3th place on this, with scores of 5-10km (my murfy bot pb is 13.64km). I also used to be pretty good distance player on ps4, with some really awesome scores, like 70km on murfy (not bot) or 65km land distance. btw you can watch more of my runs here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DtmODBgRysJhZNiDYJ77A/videos
  4. well i came up to vita in december 2021, while being pretty good player on ps4. Now on ps4 i have over 1000 diamonds, and vip status (only like 5 peoples got this in my country lol) daily challenges in today times hit ~150 peoples, weeklys challenge barely 200 players (1 - 199 players - 1 diamond cup for one person, 200 - 299 players - 2 diamonds for 2 persons). Even if i would not play challenges, then other same players would get it (like romance, marcelchi, zonyi etc) edit: diamonds on ps4 are moooooore easier to get since on daily challenges there are 2000 - 10000 players, and 5000 - 20000 players on weeklys challenge. Rayman legends on ps4 was most popular in May 2018, cuz it was free for ps plus players, so even 100 000 players on weeklys challenge wtf. I joined rayman legends on ps4 3 months later (1 aug 2018), and game was still popular then (up to 80000 players on weeklys). On vita its more different. I know that daily challenges were up to 1000- 1500 players in 2013- 2014, and weeklys up to 2000 - 4000 players in 2013. Now its one of the most death platform ever (btw wii u barely hits 100 peoples on some daily extreme, and barely 200 peoples on daily challenges), but wii u seems to be more alive on weeklys (200 - 400 peoples)
  5. oh, sorry then
  6. i think game equals 715.97m same as 715.98m, so if i would get 715.97m, i would just stay with this. ^, sony memory cards are pretty bad, my vita sometimes dont recognize that i have memory card putted in my vita. Btw one time i almost lost save, cuz while playing rayman, my vita somehow did not recognize memory card, and game crashed. While entering rayman, error popped out, that said "the file is corrupted" lol
  7. well so next (free) diamond cup for me. 150 diamonds soon
  8. yeah, this challenge is glitched.
  9. when i play murfy bot distance/lums, my vita is placed on bed (or sometimes desk). I use left hand to control murfy, beacuse i am left handed yep, the layout is really easy, i got on 4095m 3 or 4 times, only to do some tests, or rec some gameplay
  10. my 1km gameplay on this weekly challenge (2900m - 4095m). Maybe ill do full 4095m gameplay later
  11. Yay finally!! Nice suprise here, weekly one! Layout seems to be easy for me, luckily no alphas Just got 4095m score, next diamond cup to the collection!