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  1. Yeah they did cost a lot. Especially for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball Arcade :). And it's definitely not luck. When you get better you know what shots to make and what shots not to make (because they are too risky and can drain the ball). Also you'll get used to the timing to hit the ramps and lanes you want to hit. If it was luck getting those ZP1 trophies would be impossible.
  2. Beating the wizard modes in the Zen Pinball tables Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Shaman, Tesla and especially Mars and Earth Defense was very hard. Not a lot of people have done those. There is no save scumming like in Zen Pinball 2, so you really have to get good. Also the Nuclear Throne plat. That was a tough one but also a very fun one.
  3. Yeah if I'd have to guess I'd also say they'll be unobtainable. So it's either buy all seven seasons before June 30th or be content with a list full of unobtainables on your profile.
  4. So this probably means the trophies will become unobtainable? Or will they change the requirements?
  5. Most LethalKilled opponents the most by a margin of 2 or more. Requires 3 or more players. Not awarded in Headhunters. Late To The Party Award Survived the most rounds without getting any kills. Requires 3 or more players. Not awarded in Headhunters. Mostly HarmlessHad the fewest kills with a total of 2 or less. Require 3 or more players. Most RegalLead the most rounds. Counts the number of times a player begins a round in the lead position. Require 3 or more players. Not awarded in Headhunters. Regicide AwardKilled the leading player(s) the most. Require 3 or more players. Most ThoroughSwept the most rounds. Requires 3 or more players. Source: You can also get the trophy on the Playstation TV. I did it. And it might be easier to get for the (few) people who have a PS TV because you can also use PS3 controllers on it.
  6. Awesome news. Now let's get those trophies. It'll be hard as hell though
  7. Well the patch did come out! So that's good news. Now European players can earn trophies. Can someone confirm whether or not the season 2 disc version now also can pop the trophies?
  8. In Europe the trophies for seasons 2 to 6 don't pop, because the patch to add them hasn't been released yet. In the US they did get the patch, so trophies can be earned on that version. According to a dev of Farsight the EU patch is supposed to come out today, though I wonder if they make good on that promise, because they made a lot of promises in the past without much happening afterwards. We'll see. As for the disc version, I don't know. I'm curious to know too. Will the disc version and the digital version get the same patch? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Here's the link where the dev states the patch may come out today;
  9. I've been trying to do it, but I haven't come close at all. It's just too hard. I cannot find a reliable tactic to defeat the opponent. He always does things I didn't see coming. The attack pattern of the cpu just seems too random. I wonder if anyone will ever be able to do it. I'd be very interested in seeing a video of it if someone does manage to do it.
  10. Awesome job Sergen! I enjoy it when people have these out of the box ideas, have the skill to do it and share it with the community. Thanks for sharing. Nevermind the criticasters. You don't have to please them or explain to them why you did it.
  11. Really likes Japanese games and won't say no to an easy plat once in a while to take a break from harder and longer games.
  12. Do you think Sine Mora is more difficult than Nuclear Throne? I'd maybe like to play it too, but it seems really hard. As for Nidhogg, sure! Already looking forward to it And indeed we didn't do that guide. It's good for the rarity I guess. We don't want people to know our secrets Kidding aside. Do you still want to do it? I'm not sure if I have the motivation, but I might be able to find some if you want to do it.
  13. Hi Daniƫl! How are you? Sine Mora has one brutal trophy list. Do you think you can do it? How is it coming along? The first Nidhogg isn't difficult at all if you ask me. You can cheese hogglike and for the online trophy you can self boost with a Vita and PS4. But you don't have a Vita anymore if I remember correctly so this will make the online trophy more time consuming to get. You'll need a boosting partner, because the online is dead. As for Nidhogg 2, it's also easy except for the hogglike trophy. That one might be a 10/10 difficulty wise unless someone finds an exploit. I'm also surprised that I'm the only one who has the online trophy for getting 100 ranked wins. I believe it's a bit glitched, but I'm sure I haven't won more than 150 games so it wasn't too bad. Except for the rage quitters who deny you the win seconds before the game finishes. That was really frustrating. There are a lot of sore losers online for this game.
  14. So it seems the hogglike trophy has to be unlocked by completing the game without dying. In Nidhogg 1 you could let the cpu win after you were killed and then try to complete the level again without dying. I asked Mark Essen, the designer of the game, and these were his exact words: "for hogglike you have to do it in one go without retrying. unless i messed up". Now that's going to be a problem. The AI is very unpredictable in arcade mode. You'd need great skill, luck and nerves of steel to complete it without dying. Does anyone have some good tips or strategies?
  15. I managed to get the trophy. It turns out I was doing it wrong.