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  1. There are some very informative people on this site. Thx.
  2. The price was$24.99 Canadian for the longest time. I had it in my wish list so I could keep an eye on it but I just noticed the price is now $33.49... what the hell. The game is almost 7 years old and the price went up. Anybody else notice this?
  3. So does the data still transfer from ps3 to ps4 and vice versa? Teeth, upgrades and what nots?
  4. It won't allow me to sell any gold cards. A little help pls on if I'm doing something wrong. I buy a pack and any gold cards I attempt to sell but it doesn't let me. I go to the selection point and it doesn't allow me either. I can sell silver ones
  5. So what if you create a session trying to get the trophies legit and one of the people you added is a hacker? I've had 2 friend request recently both wanting to help with the dlc trophies but they both had their trophies hidden. I was a little worried about who they might be.
  6. I wouldn't delete any old ones now but I would like the option to delete future ones. I could try more games out and if I didn't like it. No worries. Hell, I would love to be able to play some games again to hear that sexy trophy pop.🤤😋 0% don't count. Were talking D's & E's not F's Exactly.
  7. I was looking for this again this year. Can we make this an annual thing pls. It was a great challenge.
  8. If you can make the most of the rescue mode. Getting a good amount of long carries(500pts) you can get on the low 30,000pts - 39,000pts or more per game. 45-60 matches. The rest you will need -4 to start the ranked matches for plays and wins. -3 for the revive teammate and kill 2 with explosives -Turret and melee kills can be done with just 2 but it will go a bit faster if you do it while your with the 3 or 4 people. - Escapist and Monkey around can be done solo with your own explosives and by standing next to fire till your heart starts beating and than using the rope ascended. Quick and easy stuff.
  9. As I remembered just the multiplayer was free. The coop you had to buy the full game. You'll be able to play the coop offline most likely when the servers go down so that makes sense I guess.
  10. The trophy can seem to glitch but most likely is people are simply not meeting the requirements. 20 sec after the 1st boss goes down you have to kill the remaining 2 bosses. It doesn't matter who you shoot 1st or if you shoot all of them a bit. The timer doesn't start until the 1st boss goes down.
  11. If someone asks you for help... would you help? I ask this because lately I'm finding that the answer from this site is no. I mean, I would help if I could especially if it's no big deal but I can't seem to get that same feeling from others. 


    I recently asked for help in a game. A trophy that would take 5 mins probably. I posted a status update and of course created a gaming session. I even messaged the latest person to get the platinum. No response.


    He checked out my profile though but couldn't even answer no. I had another player want to help but got the trophy himself with another and couldn't bother to help me anymore. 


    So. I ask again would you help and have you helped someone else in the past with a trophy? Not just a trophy you get together but one that you've maybe gotten a while ago. 



    1. Show previous comments  28 more
    2. MMDE


      Done it many times.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      I did help and i will probably help in future too. However, thinking that only person that doesn't want to help is "bad guy" is one sided point of view. Person asking for help can be just as bad. To them you can be just a tool to get the trophy and nothing else. I had my fair share of trophy hunters that never said a single word to me after they got what they want.


      From my experience if you run into person that asks for help with trophies and it turns out that they are unprepared, unwilling to communicate and do anything gameplay related don't feel bad walking away from them. 


      @PooPooBlast Here's some more notifications! 😇


    4. PermaFox


      Like I said, I don't have a problem helping anyone with a game I have.  I just can't stay home from work, rearrange my schedule or wait 2 hours for someone to show up for a game session.

  12. The only way I would attempt it now is if 1 - You have already earned trophies and you want to attempt to lessen the unearned trophies and... 2 - you have multiple systems to speed up the process I had 4 systems and 1 other friend ro take up the remaining 2 spots. We were able to win every match. Getting the wins from every mode as fast as possible. If you have to alternate wins your probably doomed.
  13. Whatever I start I wanna get all the trophies now. Good quality games. Occasionally I dip my toe into "trophy whorism." But those games tend to be quick platinums/100% anyways. I won't a game now if I know I could potentially be pulling my hair because of the difficulty ie The New Colossus or be forced to play for a long time straight ie Dead Space 2... which I really wanted to play. I was fine being a casual gamer till I joined this site and saw my percentage. (66% at the time with 2600 unearned trophies now 92% with about 900 unearned) Thx psnprofiles. 🤨 👏🤣
  14. Dang it.😩
  15. How far into the game before you get your A class engine? I completed 5/10 events and want to know how close I am to getting it.