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  1. Congrats. I was pretty sure there was.
  2. "Uncharted 4 servers to be shut down after discovering most players too stupid to play the game" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah cause we don't want to pay for your stupid microtransactions. But yeah this ⬇️
  3. I missed some as well. With my full upgraded character I went back and replayed the from the beginning and found a secret area I missed in the 2nd level and the trophy. Use these tips Not sure about #6 but this should help
  4. It's tough on the early levels... especially 3 and on heroic it's even worse. The middle levels are a lot easier and it picks back up again for the last levels but not as bad. Remembering the layout of the level will help a lot and save you a lot of time from restarting levels. Run through them again on normal to refresh and figure out the best strategy.
  5. This has to be 1 of the 1st trophies you attempt. As you win races you get better. So do the other racers. If you do it on the 1st race the others will be more forgiving. If you've been playing for a while back up your data, delete and start a new file.
  6. Damn! Wish I saw this before. 😄
  7. What r u looking to do? Servers are empty cause people looking to platinum the game can have an easier time doing it in private matches.
  8. Army of two the 40th day pls.😁👍🏽
  9. Deciding to get back and finish this game. Who is your go to character and why?
  10. That's what I basically did but I ended up finding enough resources anyways to upgrade everything. Just be thorough when going through areas and upgrade your carrying capacity 1st. The game tends to want you to upgrade somethings ahead of others. Don't pass on things because your waiting to upgrade something else.
  11. There are some very informative people on this site. Thx.
  12. The price was$24.99 Canadian for the longest time. I had it in my wish list so I could keep an eye on it but I just noticed the price is now $33.49... what the hell. The game is almost 7 years old and the price went up. Anybody else notice this?
  13. So does the data still transfer from ps3 to ps4 and vice versa? Teeth, upgrades and what nots?
  14. It won't allow me to sell any gold cards. A little help pls on if I'm doing something wrong. I buy a pack and any gold cards I attempt to sell but it doesn't let me. I go to the selection point and it doesn't allow me either. I can sell silver ones
  15. So what if you create a session trying to get the trophies legit and one of the people you added is a hacker? I've had 2 friend request recently both wanting to help with the dlc trophies but they both had their trophies hidden. I was a little worried about who they might be.