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  1. Actually gonna try something different, starting with replacing my bed. What I was smoking en masse thinking that a loft bed was a good idea is not important here. Luckily, my dad disassembled that abomination and will be building a normal twin bed frame for my memory foam mattress so I can get decent sleep. Anyways, with my birthday in 30 hours, I decided to restart Persona 5 Royal and use TheGamer's Persona 5 Royal 100% Completion Walkthrough to see if I could get done faster with that. I have my old save in backup just in case(the one using Optinoob's guide, the guide I used for my last few runs of this game). But I should be able to return to where I was last time and get the first palace done quickly since the infiltration is earlier than the one in the last guide I used.
  2. Spent all night getting to Chapter 5 of Dark Chronicle. I have been obsessed with Spheda golf and that is bad because I rage quit last time due to one level giving me trouble. Now it's a lot of stuff. The Spheda courses in the fourth dungeon are really notorious because you can't change the color of the ball normally due to the walls being irregular and the floor being so wet that bouncing is impossible. In fact, you have to whack the ball hard to make it move more than an inch. Surprisingly, the Mount Gundor Spheda is not giving me as much trouble as I thought. Sure, I failed a couple of times because I am terrible and golf and can't judge how far something will fly when I whack it with a stick, so the ball ends up fall into pits... but I'm doing fine so far. I actually got enough Medals for two Name-Change Tickets so now the two characters are rocking high-level weapons which I am using to farm ABS for building up the actual weapons. Now I have to go to bed because it's already 6 AM and I need to get plenty of sleep for church this evening. 💤
  3. Let's Blow It Up: Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion. Got the platinum for this game's newest PS5 port, now doing the original PS4 version and still in Kamoshida's palace, grinding levels on Joker so I can insta-kill all the enemies in Madarame's Palace for easy EXP to stay overleveled for the entire game.
  4. I doubt I would be an active participant here, but I did platinum Persona 5 Royal for the PS5. I am working on the PS4 version of that game now.
  5. Not sure if I want to do this challenge again, as there aren't very many games at 10/10 that I can stomach, and with Pokemon... I'll still root for anyone deciding to do this challenge.
  6. So I did a rage break from Dark Cloud 2 after the Starlight Canyon kept flipping me the bird with its Spheda challenges. The thing is you have to keep clearing the level to make the Spheda challenge appear and those areas are not small. Worse, the portal and ball would spawn too far away and when I did get close to a clear, the dang ball was the same color and I couldn't bump it to make it change color before it reached the hole, and when the hole is the same color as the ball, the ball gets repelled violently... into a damn river. 😡 I kept losing the Spheda challenge in that one level, and I need to clear it for two reasons: One, to get the Medalhead trophy I need to clear ALL challenges, including the Spheda ones and (2) I need the reward from that level's Spheda, a Topaz, to complete the recipe for Monica's 5-Star Armlet. You see, I just healed Lin and now she's in my 'party' and she leaves for good once I defeat the chapter boss. I cleared every level up to the boss, and I need Lin's benefit which gives me an extra point on armlets, and I intend to keep her around until I get enough points on the armlet since it will cost me a lot of points to upgrade it. So basically I am following a guide on GameFAQs on how to get a Magic Brassard up to 5-Star Armlet. (For the record, I am talking about Monica's ranged attack, her magic armlet which lets her shoot energy balls. It's the counterpart to Max's guns.) On the upside, I managed to gather enough special EXP for Steve the Ridepod to upgrade his core to the last one, getting me the trophy Core Strength for obtaining the Master Core, which is probably the most expensive thing you can exchange for Ridepod EXP at 6500. I only need to buy six more shield packs to fully upgrade the Ridepod's armor and then I can be mostly invincible while in the Ridepod. I quit for the day and switched over to Persona 5 Royal. I was glad to see I had not actually deleted my save so I was still at the point where I had gotten Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro so I just progressed through the palace to the shrine and now intend to farm a frew Beriths. I want to farm Beriths until I hit Level 25 so I can one-shot the boss with Myriad Truths. Got the trophies for a few things along the way. Trophies Earned so far: Dark Cloud: 1 Personal 5 Royal: 4
  7. Time to start posting the updates, though my first one isn't stellar. I did spend some time in Dark Cloud 2, unlocked Spheda, and actually won a few Spheda challenges. The Spheda isn't bad, you just have to pray that the ball and hole are close enough or easy enough to reach with the shots you're given. Balance Valley is notorious as you have to shoot over gaps and hope you had hit hard enough to clear the gap but not so hard that it hits a wall and bounces back into the gap. Failed only one Spheda game because I kept undershooting. Other than a few levels in Starlight Canyon, I got one in the Underground Channel because the portal and ball spawned so close together that it was just a single putt to close the portal. The only trophy I earned last night was for completing a game of Spheda. Dark Cloud 2: 17% => 19% Persona 5 Royal (PS4): 3% Eventide: Slavic Fable; 0% Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror: 0% Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends: 0% Saving the Eventides for Platinums 66-68 as either Dark Cloud 2 or Persona 5 Royal will be #65.
  8. One. The only reason I did Sakura Succubus 2-4 was because I was stupid in my last account and wanted to hit over 300 platinums. NEVER AGAIN.
  9. You know, I think you would love Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, Cassy. It's basically the same thing - a giant open world, and you ride a dragon and there are three major stories that I enjoyed playing through. I've been on the fence for a while about Genshin Impact because I didn't know what it was about, but your review enlightened me. I might try this game in a couple of months. (I have downloaded it onto my PS5, haven't touched it yet.) I probably would pay the money too(I spent $200 on Crowns in Wizard101 before I had to delete it because the game now crashes when I try to go into my quest menu ), but I luckily have a rental house so I only pay $500 for rent, internet, water and electricity together and $250 a month on food. (I buy $24 in rice cakes every week because I had to give up chips due to my diet.) So I could afford to buy gatchman. But I'll take your advice and avoid buying wishes. (Mini Me: "Yeah, that's what you saaaay..." 😙)
  10. So, to give me more time to plan out my Persona 5 Royal route, I am in Dark Cloud 2 now... but I haven't started playing yet. Stuff happened of the Koraidon variety and I just realized I don't know where I am weapon-wise. I guess I'll have to start building up Max's and Monica's weapons again from scratch, which is vital as Lin will force herself into my companion slot once she's healed until the final boss of Chapter 3 and then her benefit is gone forever. Benefit? She gives extra ability points to Monica's magic armlets, which I kinda need to upgrade them. Maybe I should just unlock Spheda and work on the Spheda challenges first.
  11. I know this is a pointless topic but it has to be made for every game that comes out. By this time I have abandoned my last account and left it to rot. After subjecting my eyes to half-naked demonesses making out with the main character in this series, I have decided that visual novels are just plain bad for various reasons I won't list here. However, now that PSN is cracking down hard on shovelware, the companies like Webnitech are forced to pull their entire selection from the PSN store, meaning that(yes, they did release The Pig D Deluxe, which is only slightly more complex than the Pig D) and similar games like The Jumping [Foodstuff] and [Insert Name Here] Journey series are getting cut too, meaning that soon those stupidly easy platinums are no longer playable. A void is formed, and guess what fills it? Visual Novels, as they are just choose-your-own-adventure manga literature created by Japanese companies who discovered how to sell their games: Add in the Persona 5 fast-forward function so nobody has to read the game and the only thing they need to do is make the right choices to get all the ending trophies. Sakura Succubus doesn't even do that, there is only one path through the games and they are hitting for the lowest common demonimator, I mean denominator - red-blood American male bachelors like me who have never kissed a girl in their lives and want to experience sex. I know most Japanese visual novels are aimed at anime-like romance with some nudity and porn thrown in(since the Japanese culture is more open about sex than us Americans) but still, I feel like this series is just trying to get men horny - too bad they had to add the Persona 5 fast-forward feature in so people can platinum the game. I did platinum A Winter's Daydream on all three consoles(Vita, PS4, PS5) and while it also has auto-advance, there is no speed up and auto-advance disables trophies, so I have to mash through text, so I can get a gist of what's going on. I didn't know jack sh** about what was going on between the characters in Legends Talia when I platinumed it on my last account. All I know is that people in the know say the two female warriors were fighting a dark dragon and they both ended up in bed for lesbian sex. *shrug* The story only went for 30 seconds before ending. Seriously, who thought having a visual NOVEL, a medium which you peruse to kill time, would have an option to skip all the text? If I did that with the entire Midnight Louie series I own, I'd be confused and get rid of the books immediately. 😡 But what does everything think? Should Winged Cloud be driven to bankruptcy or am I just cynical? One thing is for sure, I broke up with the Sakura Succubuses after their fifth outing was announced.
  12. Unfortunately, I can't ignore that game as I made it a plan to make the PS4 version my next platinum. Probably gonna cut out the Twins hangouts as they only reward you with skill cards I don't need as I won't be using any skills because I won't be fusing Persona except for the Strength Confidant and filling out the Compendium as I only plan on using one Persona to kill everything. Well good luck to everyone. I need a bit of time before I dive in. Maybe I could pull Dark Cloud 2 out of hibernation and work on that first.
  13. You wanna know what's grating to the ears? The Elite 4 battle them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I thought Game Freak had lost their marbles with the droning bass... but then I found out that I was only hearing the first five seconds on loop because the game had an audio burp that causes the first five seconds of that music to loop indefinitely so I had to mute the damn sound. I also muted it for the Champion battle as I heard that glitch happens in the Champion fight. WHY DO YOU NOW FIX THIS, GAME FREAK??!! 😡
  14. Final Game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Time Played: 2 hours, 10 minutes Trophies Earned: 5 / 41 (7%) Unearned Trophies: 277 Final Completion: 90.52% So, I was going to take a shower and then write this part, but I got so distracted by Mega Man Maker that I forgot to do the former so now I have to do this in reverse. Anyways, this game. Well, I must say it is very complex. I referred to this game as a poor man's Final Fantasy XIV because this is how it feels like - you don't enter a battle screen when fighting enemies. Instead, you just fight right there and input commands. When you get new party members you can form a team of three and the other guys get controlled by macros called gambits which you can set, like having a party member heal you when you are under 70% health or cast Cure on an enemy if it's undead(because Revive Kills Zombie ). However, I didn't get to the party where you can assign gambits as that's later on in the story. As for the story, it's a tale as old as time: Small nation gets conquered by bigger nation and put under slave rule, street rat wants to steal back the treasure the big nation stole from them, and tries to sneak into the palace only to get ousted by sky pirates, which leds to chaos. This is set in Ivalice, the land of Final Fantasy Tactics lore. This version is an upgrade to the International Zodiac Job System version that Japan developed. In the original FFXII, everyone has the same huge license board and you had freedom to assign whatever you want with only a few spots blocked off by areas which require you to assign Espers(the game's summoned beasts) to a license to unlock those areas. However, in this version, you have one of twelve different job boards based on various classes in the Final Fantasy series like Red Mage, Time Mage, etc. Unlike the IZJS Japan got, the Zodiac Age version lets you assign two job boards to a character. However, you won't be able to assign a second job until 25% of the way through the game, when you get your first Esper. Still, there is a lot of variety and it's easy to get hit with choice paralysis when trying to assign the best license boards for Vaan and his friends. I didn't even get to the part where Vaan sneaks into the imperial palace because there are a ton of trophies involving serious grinds. The trophies I did earn were from grinding out kills and steals and stuff. It gets worse and also involves the other thing added to this game, the Trial Mode - a 100-floor gauntlet of enemy waves that start with rats and lead down to the super-bosses with Trial 100 being (redacted). I have to fight those guys to get a trophy. And with that, I have finished the event and now have six incomplete games on my profile. This has been fun and forced me to start games I swore I'd start in forever. Good luck to anyone struggling to get their last games in. Final Analysis: 9/10: A really solid game from Level-5, I've already plugged it into my Winter Backlog since, once I knock the other four games out, I'll be focusing solely on this. (And Paldea, go ahead and sue me. ) 8/10: A decent game but a bit of a grind. But then, what Disgaea game isn't? 5/10: Not looking forward to clearing the remaining six episodes, but once I get the story mode done I'll be able to relax with Kyber Brick collecting. Did 100% of the Space Missions in three of the areas so I should be fine... I hope. I'll probably mute the sound when I run story mode on Episodes 4-6 as I've already seen the movies when I was ten. 9/10: Probably the only other game I have platinumed in an older account(though it was the PS3 version so I had a money dupe glitch, no luck here), so I am familiar with the workings of it and will probably be the second game targeted after I platinum Dark Cloud 2. 7/10: Only a bit low because I was spoiled by the 2D mode even though battles are far faster in 3D mode due to the battle speed option. I am not looking towards the Wheel of Hama but then I shouldn't crucify it: It's a Dragon Quest main title, so it has to have some really challenging trials in post-game. 3/10: Not gonna lie, this game is probably my least favorite of the bunch due to how many RNGs you have to pray to in order to get some of these trophies, like getting all 12 concurrences, and Black Hole is the hardest to proc. I've written down where I left off so I don't forget what I was doing when I eventually have to revisit these titles. Thanks for the great event, it got me playing some games that I wouldn't have played otherwise.
  15. Didn't expect a reference from the Pokemon cartoon, especially an episode so old that it's ancient.