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  1. I was able to get to 108k away from 50, was sooooooo close 😭
  2. Oh definitely, I guess I'm trying to ease the pain if I don't get to 50 by midnight.
  3. The plus side is there's triple xp for other modes this month so I'm not too worried but still, this is good headway.
  4. I'm getting around 30k ish on average, just taking forever it seems haha.
  5. Hit 41 late last night, hope I can make it before midnight.
  6. I went from 27 to 35 last night and today, the pressure is on...
  7. I agree, hopefully I can get some decent progress this weekend.
  8. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Unlocked everything trophy wise before level 30 but then the grind destroyed my motivation. I want to say I'm 27 or close to it. The benefit though is there are multiple xp events this month so I can get this platinum off my to do list.
  9. How long would you say that took you?
  10. I'm planning to get on later today to get closer to that 50. Is it a noticable improvement? I remember playing 2x xp and it still was disheartening. I'm only at 27 I believe but I'm hoping this months events curb that near impossible grind I felt.
  11. Very good to know. I found it hard finding anyone manning the guns.
  12. I’ve been jumping back and forth between that and another map. It seems like such an easy thing to do haha. I’ll have to try later tonight and see if I have any luck.
  13. I’m having a terrible time trying to get this on top of leveling up any aircraft. I never see anyone manning these guns outside my own teammates rarely.
  14. Same issue on my end. Is it a matter of waiting for servers to refresh or something else that needs to be done?
  15. The only one I’m having trouble with is the Double amount of gold as teammates trophy.