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  1. I just wasn't THAT big of a fan of the game so I wouldn't be able to dedicate myself to perfecting each stage. The bosses in particular would be terrible.
  2. Agreed, I wouldn't have attempted the 100% had that been a trophy.
  3. Hey guys just got 100% in this game and I figured i'd offer tips to help those struggling. Overall this game wasn't too hard except for certain bits. 1. Most important is probably to just keep going. You'll find that most stages actually give you A LOT of time to hit the gold, especially in the later stages so just take your time and don't get discouraged. 2. Don't forget you can kill enemies by teleporting into them. I honestly didn't have to do this too much but I found that getting rid of some enemies helped make sections more manageable. 3. Try and skip as much as possible. This might contradict my second tip but there are often sections of a stage that you can just bypass entirely if you fire off your orb as far as you can. Again, don't be afraid of dying since most stages are rather lenient. 4. Don't give up. Some parts are definitely frustrating but if you keep at it you'll figure out the pattern. (The tentacles floors are sticky! Perfect to keep a teleportation orb in place. )