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  1. Yeah, Zone Events were the hardest part of 2048 for me. I beat them all this past weekend, so here are my suggestions: Practice the track, preferably in Zone. Eventually, that 40 becomes 42, then 48, then mid-50s. If you get discouraged, depending on your personality: either take a break (e.g., race another track, play another game, go outside) or create micro-goals (e.g., if you die on Zone 40, challenge yourself to reach Zone 42; then when you're consistently dying on Zone 45, challenge yourself to reach Zone 47). AG Agility is bae. Fight the track, not the ship. Never take your eyes off the track. Use track color and "zone X complete" messages to measure your progress. As you know, it sometimes only takes one mistake or a split-second of inattention to end a run. On Subway: take the corkscrew. It's relatively straight after the left-hander. Keep the boost pads either under you or slightly to your left and you can slip through undamaged. I also focused on centering my trajectory to the tunnel mouth. On Altima: starting around Zone 35-40ish, learn to pitch your nose down before the track catapults you into the right-hander followed by the ascending chicane. The sweet spot -- for me, at least -- was managing my pitch to land _just after_ the right-hander and oriented so my line was mostly straight outside-to-outside to crest the chicane. Practice! (Yes, this is repeat! ) FWIW, Rockway Stadium was my bane. Once I nailed those curves, every other track was a breeze. Good luck, racer!
  2. I hear there's this neat ability to disable trophy notifications...
  3. Your intent is there, but the analogy is a bit flawed. Let's revise a little: Let's say a professional football player goes to a stadium and walks the football into an endzone when the game isn't being played. This player then contacts the NFL and requests they +1 (or +N) their touchdown stat. This player also expects those stats to be equivalent to every other player who's been tracked during a professional game (i.e., accomplished a touchdown through skill). Are those stats equivalent? Is that stat manipulation "fair"? What will that do to NFL player rankings if those stats are allowed to blend in?
  4. So you're saying OP is ... not lion? 😎 (I'll see myself out.)
  5. @mackenzie129 dreams of playing, and Platinum'ing, a Bioshock brawler.
  6. @shorty2905 Mega-props for these videos! They helped immensely during my "...It" runs. For those (like me) who sometimes need a peek at the loadouts without revisiting the videos: Stage 1: Train Wreck Stage 2: Madagascar City Stage 3: Prison Stage 4: Auction House Stage 5: Scotland Stage 6: Remnants Stage 7: Sunken Ruins Stage 8: Pirate Colony Stage 9: River Stage 10: New Devon
  7. I don't have a dog in this fight, and if the flag was mistaken I hope it gets lifted. Some things I'd like to point out regarding the EA proof of membership: it's trivial to edit an in-browser HTML page (e.g., Firebug); and trivial to d/l a few webpages locally, edit those, edit one's hosts file, and create the illusion of a live webpage. I am not claiming the OP has done this, only that such digital "proof" is not incontrovertible.
  8. If it looks like a save hack, and save hacks exist for that game, and there's no reputable reports of the game glitching, Occam's razor is ... it's most likely a save hack. Now if there is that rare 0.1% that encounter a genuine glitch that is completely indistinguishable from flaggable offenses: is it better to keep flags on the 99.9% of those caught including the 0.1% who are wrongfully grouped, or better to let 99.9% of cheaters/hackers dispute their flags because "it's a glitch. QED"?
  9. While I admit imperfect knowledge on whether WKC2 auto-pops all trophies or requires a triggered check, isn't that detail irrelevant? edit: vv ohhai 😀 I accidentally a whole post.
  10. Former WKC1+2 player here. Here's a snippet of the WKC2 trophies: I agree w/ @acasser that these timestamps are not legit. The OP's story of "only missing one trophy" also does not check because, if they had earned all but one trophy before their PS3 mishap, there should not be multiple distinct groups auto-popping ~20-21hrs after each other.
  11. I didn't report you, but I am familiar w/ SotC. Peeking at your SotC trophies in ascending order of date, I find this: The trophy page for Mighty Wander says: "Moreover, even if you eat [all shining lizard tails] once, you won't max out your stamina. Colossi reward stamina better than shining lizards do, so beat them all starting and finishing New Game+ about three times on the same save-file as reported in the 5th Stage of the Roadmap." That is, traditional trophy hunters need to beat ~64 Colossi to max their stamina. How'd you manage to do it after killing only fourteen Colossi?
  12. *om nom nom*
  13. Bloodborne I keep hearing good things about BB and am interested to play/plat it.