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  1. Can't they just do something ala PS4 Pro? Like releasing a much more expensive console but with all the emulation stuff, seeing how a lot of people still have their old PS3 discs lying around, it might be a better idea than just "Here, take 3 or 4 digital games that NOBODY played while giving us all your cash"
  2. Not being able to use original PS3 discs = Scam Sony just let me PLEASE play fucking LBP2 on my PS5, I give 0 fucks if the online servers are down
  3. Well, it's a niche German game that only German people remember, it ain't Sony's fault either. Then again, losing 50 times for Plat can get pretty tedious NGL
  4. Are there any good VTubers that are legitimely funny? I saw a few Korone streams and to be fair it just feels like watching a annoying 9 year old toddler scream at whatever is happening on the screen (funny at first, gets annoying quite fast)
  5. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the PS3 store's credit card system not being available now but here's something I noticed while shopping. So it seems the prices boost up when you enter them on the cart, but they restore once you start purchasing them. When I enter a $0.49 avatar on the cart it says $0.58, but when I continue to do the purchase it now costs $0.49 again. Is this a bug? Or do I have to pay the price it displayed when i entered the avatar on the cart?
  6. Can anyone make a video guide for this? This is one of the few trophies I have left to do before getting the Plat for this gane
  7. Valkyria Chronicles. Really like that game NGL
  8. So far, LBP2 is my favorite one. Peak childhood. Some runners: Tekken Tag 2 Heavy Rain The Wolf Among Us Umineko No Naku Koro ni (technically it's on the JPN PSN store, that's why I decided to put it here)
  9. please check out the LBP series. there's a backup of nearby every online level from lbp1, lbp2 and lbpkarting here: other that i'd recommend are - Tekken Tag 2 - Soul Calibur V - Rayman Legends online is only available here (I think) - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (cool title) - ibb & obb (childhood game that i never got to fully play, still loved it)
  10. SoulCalibur V still has players. A user named Castlelord invites me to play it every night for no reason lol Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (both vanilla + ultimate) are still somewhat active. I've just got the Platinum for Tekken Tag 2, people still play it. Be beware tho, lot of good players out there, they will totally kick your ass I still have to check my whole small library to see what's active. So far, the 65% of it is active as I'm aware
  11. Thanks. Had to use this 2FA thing. Spent like 40 minutes talking to some Indian at the Sony Support Chat to fix this. You had more logical reasoning than the guy lol
  12. I've inputted like 3 passwords from there, it stills displays the same message there. This is the first time this error happened to me, literally every other time I would use the same password and I would log in with no problems...
  13. but i just requested it like 2 minutes ago, isn't that too much short?
  14. I've inputted the 2FA, still says Wrong Password. I don't even have a PS4, why would I even bother with enabling that?
  15. I've been having trouble since last night to log in onto the PS3 PSN. I've reset my password like 3 times and yet it still won't log in, even thought it logs in other websites. Tried 2FA, doesn't work Any work around this issue? I just got the Tekken Tag 2 online pass and I'm eager to obtain the last 2 trophies I need for platinum...