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  1. I can make a new emblems if you wish .
  2. Added. @AlchemistWer You really need to get back to Omega Quintet because it ruins your completion. Or.. maybe you just don't like idols?
  3. Really? (and I thought I live in a third world country..). Anyway, good luck with this one. It wasn't that good as Arland games, but you should like it.
  4. could you do my old request?
  5. Kita!!! -> Yoru no nai Kuni 2 Got to admit that platinum trophy looks great.
  6. That street fighter fight scene. Just epic.
  7. Most likely. From what I read the game will be released on August 31 in Japan so we'll learn about trophies in few days (hope there won't be any delays, though). Haha I'm not sure about this, but I'm glad that you like it . Either vita or ps3 version is fine. Looks like we need a teacher here .
  8. Updated. Platinum, gold and silver requirement changed Games added: Blue Reflection and Flowers: Le volume sur automne (also, please note that Nurse Love Addiction is now available in Engllish on ps store).
  9. @xZoneHunter Don't get me wrong. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. But yeah, I'm aware of it that my threads aren't popular as other Project Platinums (greatly due to japanese region games only or platinum rarity) although I don't consider them as something unsuccessful). So, I don't want to close any of them.
  10. Again, this time you need to have 7 games completed for platinum rank 5 for gold and 3 for silver I've also added 2nd Under Night in Birth game, Guilty Gear Revelator and Blazblue Central Fiction (as bonus title) to the list.
  11. @xZoneHunter Guess I'll keep updating my threads since there isn't really much to do. As for the PP: Idol from now on, I will not add any other game except the ones from The Idolmaster series. I want to leave this thread until the time when the fifth Idolm@ster game will be released so please don't disband this thread. And one more thing.. could you guys remind me which games were in Project Platinum Yuri? Thanks in advance.
  12. @Leon Castle What could you say about Nora to Oujo to Noraneko. Is it any good?
  13. Everyone who knows what's currently happening in europe will know why
  14. @Satoshi Ookami I don't need to ask you about the best girl in this anime? On the other hand, I'm kind of wondering who's going to watch Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.besides me.
  15. Does anyone have a Nico Nico Douga premium membership? I need to download this MIDI file -> Thanks in advance.