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  1. Guilty Gear: Strive added to the gamelist.
  2. I'd like to join with Sorcery Saga platinum.
  3. +1 Steins;Gate Elite
  4. I loved the game. I am so happy!
  5. Girls & Panzer + specials I really enjoyed this one, now waiting to see the movies. The opening and ending were also great (although I knew the opening song since 2012. Choucho is still one of my favourite anison singers). Definitely recommend it!
  6. Yes, great series. Yuru Camp?
  7. Successor to the AzureCompleted XBLAZE Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I pretty much remembered all of the story so I skipped all the dialogues. There's not much to say about it. Another easy platinum.
  8. Because she's the best girl in Fate universe . Be prepared for Yuri moments in the second season, though .
  9. For me it is the same game, but released only on PS4. It has even the same trophy list. So I think either Latest or cl-r version is fine.
  10. Nisekoi: (Finished) Quite a good season, but not the best. I really liked episodes with Marika because she is best girl.
  11. Congratulations! I haven't played UNIE:L but if this was 4/10 difficulty for you then you should get back to Dengeki Bunko which was like 2/10 for me. Very easy game. Also you should give a chance to Blazblue: Countinuum Shift Extend. It's a little bit harder but nothing really hard in particular.
  12. No, but I have it in plans. Date A Live?
  13. Congratulations on your platinum trophy! Personally, I really liked this game but I didn't have enough motivation to complete it at 100% (I stuck at 50%). I would like to get back to it but sadly I don't own the game anymore. Btw. I like Riannon's happy face on the trophy picture 😄.
  14. @Roronora_Zoro666 fixed.
  15. Hai su ne! K-On!?