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  1. 7/10 How about Nana-sama?
  2. You should change your member title to "Memento Rori" Out of curiousity I answered all 12 questions and I am rookie too. Yay! Honestly though, I'm wondering if there are other ranks at all . Oh and by the way, I have a better kuizu . Can you guys name seiyuu on this photo? ->
  3. Somehow I can't find anyhing suitable for me from this season. I'm only watching 2nd season of The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Gekijou (I'm on 9 episode so far).
  4. Sorry for the delay. I've added you to the list.
  5. @Satoshi Ookami Because there's no HanaKana or AmaSora? Actually, I'm a little disappointed that Nana was only 3rd . Well... at least it's a small compensation for Yukarin due to this incident with King Records... Also, no KitaEri, Asami Imai or Maaya Sakamoto? That's kind of surprising.
  6. Has anyone heard about CDTV's TOP10 ranking for the female seiyuu with the best singing voice -> Hmm, sounds about right (Yukarin, Nana-sama and Nanjolno are also in my top 3).
  7. Queen of the Hooters Harem Completed Katsuragi's story.
  8. For the Safety of this World Completed Ikaruga's story. First trophy after more than year break from playing. Feels nice 😊
  9. I can make a new emblems if you wish .
  10. Added. @AlchemistWer You really need to get back to Omega Quintet because it ruins your completion. Or.. maybe you just don't like idols?
  11. Really? (and I thought I live in a third world country..). Anyway, good luck with this one. It wasn't that good as Arland games, but you should like it.
  12. could you do my old request?
  13. Kita!!! -> Yoru no nai Kuni 2 Got to admit that platinum trophy looks great.
  14. That street fighter fight scene. Just epic.
  15. Most likely. From what I read the game will be released on August 31 in Japan so we'll learn about trophies in few days (hope there won't be any delays, though). Haha I'm not sure about this, but I'm glad that you like it . Either vita or ps3 version is fine. Looks like we need a teacher here .