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  1. Week 12 Update: Starting PCG: 58.08% Current PCG: 61.22% Lord of the Rings: War in the North > 17% So I only made a slight increase in my PCG this week, due to starting Lord of the Rings: War in the North with @rjkclarke, I managed to pick up 9 trophies though and it's a fun game so far, reminds me of Dragon Age Origins but set in the LOTR universe. I'm playing as the ranger so far, and we have 3 playthroughs to do for the platinum and there's 3 different characters, a mage, a dwarf and a ranger, so I plan on playing a different one on each playthrough. The game follows events that happened at the same time as LOTR. So putting this game on my list is worth the hit in completion for sure, it was sitting at 61.42% until last night. Grand Theft Auto IV > 67% I finally managed to get the multiplayer done for this game so that's a relief! I'm really looking forward to starting the single player of this, but not so much all the stuff I have left on my old save file from 7 years ago for the 100% completion. It just involves doing pigeons, friend activities, stunt jumps - can't wait... I'm going to end this one on the speedrun trophy I think, but I'm looking forward to replaying this one and then getting to the DLC packs. Batman: Arkham Origins > 34% And as well as finishing up the GTA IV online, I managed to get the online trophies done for Arkham Origins in a week, that was a bit boring and I'll seriously be glad to spend this week playing single player. I managed to find a really great boosting group on PSNP to get these done when the servers came back up (again) on Tuesday and the trophies that required 8 people went incredibly smoothly. Now I just have the fun single player to go back to, which will be super nice. But for now I think I'm going to stick back with finishing God of War: Chains of Olympus as I'm really looking forward to getting back to some single player and playing this game again. After a week of boosting it's definitely needed. If I finish this one this week, I'll either play Titanfall 2 next, or go on to the next God of War game.
  2. Update 2: 1) Hue PS4 - 0% 2) God of War: Chains of Olympus PS3 - 50% > 74% 3) Titanfall 2 PS4 - 8% > 10% 4) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS5 - 2% 5) The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker PS4 - 0% 6) Borderlands 2 PS4 - 15% > 27% 7) Batman: Arkham Origins - 28% NEW Time to update finally! Decided to go back to the Batman Arkham Origins since the servers went off for about a week then they came back, so I've gone back to the online to scoop up those trophies because I'm paranoid they'll be unobtainable in future 😂. So I've decided to add the game to my list, because why the hell not, it'll be nice to replay this one again as well, seriously an underrated game with some absolutely amazing boss fights. And then I'm also free to 100% the Batman series which will be pretty sweet to see on my account! Borderlands 2: So a lot of my gaming time recently has been spent with @rjkclarke playing some Borderlands 2. We made quite a bit more progress in the main story, and we aren't too far from the end. Also got the Face McShooty side quest done which is a really funny one and a good trophy to pick up. Managed to also get some of the more rare spawns needed for challenges/trophies out of the way pretty quickly. We're at level 31 right now and the base game is at 47% completion. Looking forward to getting back to this one when I see Rob again, since it's our couch co-op game. God of War Chains of Olympus: So I've procrastinated quite a bit on this challenge to get the first two God of War games done before I start Chains of Olympus, which I've made some progress on now, with getting a few of the misc trophies out of the way. I've started the game on hard difficulty and just have some more misc trophies to pop along the way, but I'm really looking forward to replaying this game because I don't remember much about it. And I also have another Challenge of the Gods to do so we'll see how difficult this one is, I've heard it's fairly easy. I'm looking to get back to this one very soon!
  3. Week 11 Update: Starting PCG: 58.08% Current PCG: 61.19% The Vanishing of Ethan Carter > 100% I noticed this game was going off PS Plus tomorrow, so I decided to sink my teeth into this one just before it left! It's a clever detective based walking simulator with an interesting story and characters, where you try to figure out what happened to Ethan Carter and his family (pretty obvious with the title name right?). I'd really recommend this one if you want a quick game with a murder mystery style vibe to it if you're short on time and are into this kind of thing. Also for a game released in 2015 this game looks absolutely beautiful. Some of the areas look that good I think for most people on a quick glance they wouldn't realise it's from a game. The soundtrack accompanying this game fits really well too, with some really beautiful tracks in certain areas, and some pretty spooky ones in other areas of the game. This game is seriously dark, and it contrasts a lot with how the game uses sound at times. The voice acting of the detective you play as is also spot on, and it was a really stand out performance for me. Borderlands 2 > 27% Progress on this one has been going well! It's my go to couch co-op game with my other half @rjkclarke, and we've both been loving this one. We made some more progress in the story, got over 90 side quests done, and I've been making sure to work on some of the more tricky challenges in the background, so progress is pretty steady! We hit level 30/31 last night, and we're around 75% done with the story I believe. I'm looking forward to playing this one again, and getting to try the DLC, especially the Commander Lilith DLC to see what Rob thinks about this one since he hasn't played it with only having the PS3 100%. It's going to be a few weeks before we get back to this one again sadly, and I'll really miss playing this one with him, (and seeing him obviously 😂) but we'll be starting up Lord of the Rings: War in the North soon on PS3 which should be a fun 100% for both of us. Next up this week is some more God of War... I'll be starting Chains of Olympus tonight to continue scratching that God of War itch. I'm aiming for the series completion this year so with GoW1, 2 and Ragnarök done this year I'm making some decent headway! I've got Ghost of Sparta, Chains of Olympus, GoW3 Remastered and Ascension left to do. Continuing on with attacking that PS3 backlog some more boosting is potentially on the cards with spec ops in MW3, with just 2 spec ops missions to go from the base game to go, and some GTA IV if I can rope Rob into that 😄. And on the PS4 side of my backlog I reckon I'll also probably get back to Titanfall 2 this week, God of War has just hooked me back in again recently, so we'll see!
  4. Week 10 Update: Starting PCG: 58.08% Current PCG: 61.07% I finished off God of War 2 this week, with just having the uber chests to collect. Which obviously I missed on replay because I was having too much fun... so had to replay it again. It was a little annoying but I do love this game so oh well. It's held up really well and I'm excited to get the 100% in Chains of Olympus next. I've forgotten a lot of the story from the PSP titles too so it'll be nice to revisit those. Also made some progress on Borderlands 2 this week, and that will be where my attention lies this week gaming-wise.
  5. Update 1: 1) Hue PS4 - 0% 2) God of War: Chains of Olympus PS3 - 50% 3) Titanfall 2 PS4 - 8% > 10% 4) Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS5 - 2% 5) The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker PS4 - 0% 6) Borderlands 2 PS4 - 15% Not much to update this week on the Spring Challenge, but some progress on my backlog anyway! I started some TF2 on master difficulty and was on the first mission then I got distracted by God of War. I wanted to finish the first two of these games before I start Chains of Olympus, but they didn't qualify for the event, so I've done the 100% in GoW1, and I only need one trophy in the 2nd game for collecting all the Uber chests. I must have missed one when I played it years ago, but an excuse to play my favourite of the old school GoW games is great for me anyways! I'm going to finish that in the next few days, so I'm free to start with progress on Chains of Olympus. These old games are really fun, and I do miss those epic boss fights that you had in the earlier games, with the absolutely brutal quick time events, the old games really do QTEs correctly. And man, Kratos feels like an unstoppable force, more so than he does in the newer games which is something I miss. So I'm going to be carrying on with Borderlands 2 progress whilst @rjkclarke is with me, which I can't wait for, so there will be a lot of progress on this one for the next week or so 😄.
  6. Week 9 Update Starting PCG: 58.08% Current PCG: 60.93% I made a bit of progress on Titanfall 2 with doing the 'Becomes the Master' trophy and a couple of campaign trophies. I had a lot of fun with this one actually, getting better and better at the gauntlet was really satisfying and I definitely felt like I earned that trophy by the end! I spent a couple of nights going for this and then I started the campaign on master. I need to get back to this one... But, then I got distracted by God of War PS3, so I finished that off and got the 100%. I just had the speedrun, a few misc trophies and the Challenge of the Gods to do. Most of the Challenge of the Gods was fine but the last challenge was horrible and seemed more about luck than skill, I'm glad that one is done as it took me longer than the rest of the challenges combined. The speedrun was the best thing about returning to this game just because I got to experience the story again, and see Kratos in the Dairy Bastard costume which looks absolutely ridiculous but it's really overpowered, so I managed to do the speedrun in 3 and a half hours, with the target being 5 hours. After I did the first game I was still feeling some God of War so I booted up the second game, got a couple of trophies on that and now I have to replay the game again because I missed an uber chest on my first playthrough - I'm glad though, another excuse to play GoW 2, my favourite old school GoW game - awesome! Also managed to get the boring level grind for GTA IV online out the way, so most of the online for GTA IV is done. Just waiting on @rjkclarke to do the rest of it. I also carried on with some spec ops missions on MW3, with just 3 left to do on veteran, but my game disc kept freezing so I need another copy. But I had a lot of fun with that and I'm looking forward to revisiting some of the old COD games this year. This week coming up I'm going to be going back to Borderlands 2 whilst RJ is here, and probably continue with GoW 2 and maybe TF2 as well.
  7. Got three new games to add to the list! Blue: Crash Warped was super fun, and I wanted to do this one before I start Crash 4 this year. Even though it's got a lot of gimmicky levels I really enjoyed this one, and only a few of the time trials were difficult. Red: Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a nice little puzzle adventure game that's made by Ubisoft and is actually original! It's set in WWI following 5 different characters of different nationalities, it's got a great story that will hit you in the feels, I'd totally recommend this one. I really loved the comic book artstyle and some of the bits of humour that were thrown into a game as serious as this. Orange: God of War is a game I came back to after 5 and a half years, starting with the Challenge of the Gods yesterday. Most of the challenges weren't too bad, and I had fun with them, but the last challenge is an absolute pain in the arse, and it seems more about luck than anything else. It took me longer than the rest of the challenges combined just to do this last one. I finished the platinum today with some misc trophies and the speedrun trophy in the weird Diary Bastard costume, which makes Kratos look utterly ridiculous, but it gave me a bit of a laugh anyway. This was a fun one to plat, and I'm really looking forward to playing the second one which is my favourite of the PS3 GoW games, and maybe even my favourite total, but the reboot games are so good I'm not so sure.
  8. Me and @rjkclarke after Raccoon City. Speaking of that... 1) Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City >100% 2) GTA IV > 62% 3) The Evil Within 4) Crash Bandicoot 4 PS5 5) Far Cry 2 Making some good progress with the online of GTA IV now after the shocking game that is RE:ORC, unfortunately me and Rob can't get that time back 😂. Now on to pestering him for GTA IV boosting 😄.
  9. Last update: 1) GTA IV: 48% -> 52% -> 55% 2) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1: 0% -> 100% 3) God of War Ragnarök: 0% -> 5% -> 8% -> 11% -> 65% -> 100% 4) Erica: 15% -> 5) Crash Bandicoot: Warped 25% -> 42% -> 69% -> 72% -> 100% 6) Stray 0% -> 100% 7) Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes 32% -> 70% -> 100% 8) Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City: 0 -> 27% -> 53% -> 91% -> 100% 9) Resident Evil 4: 26% -> 68% -> 100% 10) Valiant Hearts: The Great War: 0% -> 28% -> 100% 11) Journey: 9% -> 100% 12) Saints Row: The Third PS3: 20% -> 22% -> 25% -> 100% 13) Titanfall 2 PS4: 4% -> 5%->8% 11/13 games completed 2/3 swaps So I managed to get RE:ORC and Valiant Hearts done for the event. The former, absolutely shocking game, don't play this unless you hate yourself, seriously😂. Glad it's over with, it definitely doesn't deserve the RE logo either. The story is bad, the controls are awkward at times, the S+ rankings seem random with how they are generated at times. We could get all S ranks and way above the requirements and still not get the S+, @rjkclarke was particularly unlucky in this regard, then other times you could get an A rank in there and it would give you an overall S+. The other game I managed to finish last week was Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which was brilliant. It's a really moving game that I'd recommend anyone to play, and it's really short too so if you get chance to play it, I'd definitely say give it a try. I started Titanfall 2 last night and started my attempts at Becomes The Master, I'm going to have a few more attempts tonight, but I could see myself improving the more attempts I made. I'm moving it forward to the Spring Challenge anyway, I'm really hyped to finally play this! GTA IV will be getting done, I'm just boosting the level 10 right now, but that's going to take around another 8 hours, so unfortunately I didn't complete all of the games on my list for the challenge, but I'm happy with my progress anyway. I'll see most of you in the Spring Challenge! EDIT: Quick update on this! Managed to get Becomes The Master and I've now started the campaign on Master. This was a really satisfying trophy to go for.
  10. Week 8 Update Starting PCG: 58.08 Current PCG: 60.68% Last week I managed to get Crash Warped platinumed, I wasn't expecting to get it done early next week but I really enjoyed it! Didn't find the Hot Coco level too bad and found the Hang 'Em High relic more difficult. Managed to get the DLC Future Tense done as well, which I really enjoyed as well. And at the weekend, I erm wasted my Saturday getting the platinum for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This game sucks, and doesn't deserve the RE label. Wouldn't recommend this unless you truly hate yourself, and are keen on wasting your free time 🤣. It drained the crap out of me and @rjkclarke. Anyway at least it's done, and the DLC too! Did manage to actually get some fun gaming time in since I finished Valiant Hearts: The Great War. This game is amazing. The story follows 5 different characters of differing nationalities and their wartime struggles. There isn't much dialogue from the actual characters, but body language gives you all the information you need to know. The collectibles are represented as items from WWI, and it gives you an in detail description of what they were used for, who used them etc. It also addresses the history of specific locations you visit in the game too. I'd highly recommend this if you're interested in WWI history. The artstyle of this game is really creative too with its comic book style, and if you want a game to hit you in the feels, this will certainly do just that. I also started the level grind in GTA IV online at the weekend, so that will get done this week, along with maybe some more Borderlands 2/GoW/Titanfall 2 or all of these, we'll see 😁.
  11. I did binge the series about 6 years ago, but that was my first time playing them since I was a generic COD only on PS for a while as a teen 😂 (along with a lot of Nintendo stuff in the back, probably obvious with my username). I just love that hack 'n' slash gameplay, and the massive scale in the older games that the newer ones have less of. I miss those fights where Kratos looks like a tiny speck facing massive gods, but 2018 and Ragnarök are great, and Christopher Judge is fantastic as Kratos. You're in for a treat when you play those! Both voice actors are really different and really good - it's hard to compare them I think.
  12. Nice write-up! I'm going to be replaying the older games next month, and 2 is my favourite one, so it's been nice to read your GoW reviews! I'm looking forward to revisiting Kratos the 'angry bald fanny in a loincloth' as Rob would say 😂, and seeing how Christopher Judge compares to T. C. Carson 😄.
  13. I'm glad things are starting to get better for you, and hope they continue to! Gaming has to take a backseat when that sort of thing crops up, and it's always there anyway for you to unwind when you need to. Congrats on your progress with the challenge, and hope to see you in the likely summer event .
  14. I'll give it a try, thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Oh damn I didn't know there was a second one, I hope they do release it on console!