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  1. I like this game, but its bad optimization kills it for me. Not gonna come back to this once I'm done, since it's just too annoying, although it would be really cool to play this, not giving a sh*t. terribly long loading screens are one thing, but there are a ton of little imperfections that challenge my patience. And I hate the combat system. It's quite clunky and sometimes I feel totaly luck based. When I fought Mary, for example, I stuggled a lot, tried it a couple of times not getting anywhere. And then, out of nowhere I just beat her, with no effort at all.
  2. It's obvious that this is not a AAA game. It's a good game, but full of "bugs" and problems that make it kinda annoying. nothing game breaking for me yet, but it's a little rough around the edges.
  3. The biggest joke about this is, that a couple of weeks ago sony announced they would reveal the release and preorder date ahead of time, so people could make sure and try to get a ps5 preorderd. after that there was an event, when everybody thought they would announce the dates and nothing happened. then another announcment with no substantial information about what they are going to reaval, and another one. and then last night (at least night where I am) out of nowhere preorder starts and everyone who is not up in the middle of the night gets screwed over. Now overpriced consoles are all over ebay etc and plenty of fans are hugely dissapointed of the shitshow sony has put up once again
  4. Well, I have a totally different aproach to completing a game. For me it totaly depends on what kind of game it is and how much fun I'm having long term. Every now and then I play a game that I really just wanna finish ASAP. Last one was Burly men at sea. Just downloaded it, played it for like 4 hours, got the plat and deleted it. No big deal, it was "free" on PS+ anyways . I wouldn't pay for something like that... But most of the time, especially lengthy games I play in stages. So I keep to it as long as it's fun and then jump to the next, and after that maybe to the next. At some point, a month or a year later, I come back to the first one, because of how much I liked it and the reason that it's not finished yet. And this might happen a couple of times. Skyrim and Fallout 3 for example took me almost 4 years to plat like that, it never got boring or anoying, because every time I got sick of it I moved on. That being said, I've never been the kind of person to replay a game. There's only a handfull of games I played through entirely more than once, that's just not a thing I do, no matter how great the game is. So I guess, I rarely touch a game after getting a plat and it usually gets deleted right away, but until I get to that point I've left the game and came back to it a couple of times.
  5. Guilty. And I even bought the game long before it was on PS+😂
  6. I wouldn't say that anything above 10% is a high percentage. For me around 10-15% is the border between a casual game and a difficult one in general. the ones that i find much more difficult than the percentage suggests are for example the God of War Games. They are not super hard, but the hard mode trophies are much harder than in other games, in my opinion. . games that are really scary are the ones below 5%. those usually are extremly grindy games that mostly are not difficult at all.
  7. you have to complete the entire run with one ship
  8. have you tried a different campfire? I think I came across a campfire that wouldn't let me fasttravel. Not sure why that was and didn't care because I wanted to go ahead anyways, but never had a problem like that ever again.
  9. So far I had almost no problems with buggy trophies. Only the Zipper Trophy I had to try twice, although I might have messed up the first try. Even the Baba Yaga and Croft Manor DLCs no problem whatsoever. Now the Endurance DLC is giving me some trouble and I'm wondering what is going on. I got one trophy, and I'm pretty sure I did a couple of things for other trophies. Don't understand what the occurance would be that the guides write about. Can the game "break" my save, so I wouldn't get certain trophies (therefore start a new save as the guide states) or is this some random thing, that could happen all the time, like I didn't get the trophy the first 2 tries, but it might be fine on the 3rd?
  10. good thing I put it aside (again). was wondering why the trophies where not popping anymore since I had no problems so far. I guess i'll have to come back to the game later (again) for more trophies.
  11. Well i'm beyond level 50 and I went to the Warzone Planet, but there was nothing going on. I Guess i'll check again.
  12. Just started playing this game again after putting it aside for a while. Now i'm wondering how the Power Level System works after all the changes. I remember it to be obvious when equipping gear to your character. Maybe i'm just not seeing it, but how does this work now? Asking for the ONLY War trophy which according to the guide needs a Power Level of 1100, because I cannot do a Warzone mission and i couldn't find a hint in game on what I need. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  13. Titanfall 2 probalby is on top of that list. Well I didn't actually buy it, and I never would have, but it was on PS Plus so I gave it a try and it was great. I Really liked the campaign, Nothing too fancy, sure, but i expected nothing at all and it was fun. I had a good time. But after the campain the game was done for me. 2 MP matches is all I played before I never touched it again
  14. Havent played a Psyker yet, so i don't know how easily the anomalies can be created, but the executions are no big deal. There's a Skill to it so you can do this on every enemy (instead of bosses only) but i don't remember how soon it can be activated. definetly not an entire playthrough once you got that skill it. there are a couple of other throphies that fit the "grind" tag much better. but you might want to do two playthroughs for the story trophies, although not relevant for the plat since they are DLC trophies. there's probalby still a lot to do after the first playthrough anyways
  15. Towerfall Ascension: I suck at this game. tried a couple of times to get a few more trophies in (not even talking about 100%), but gave up again pretty quickly. Thief: wanted to like this game, but turned out to be quite the opposite. Got boring and annoying pretty soon. Neverwinter: Hate it when you just want to try a game and get that one trophy you can't get rid of much sooner than you realize you're not going to play that game very long. Injustice 2: It's a great game, but trophy-wise it's annoying as hell in more than one way. Leveling up all the characters to 20 for one, Cat Call is totaly ridiculous, and now the only trophy for 100% missing is the Darkseid trophy, which is the only character you don't get with the ultimate edition and have to pay for extra...