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  1. Towerfall Ascension: I suck at this game. tried a couple of times to get a few more trophies in (not even talking about 100%), but gave up again pretty quickly. Thief: wanted to like this game, but turned out to be quite the opposite. Got boring and annoying pretty soon. Neverwinter: Hate it when you just want to try a game and get that one trophy you can't get rid of much sooner than you realize you're not going to play that game very long. Injustice 2: It's a great game, but trophy-wise it's annoying as hell in more than one way. Leveling up all the characters to 20 for one, Cat Call is totaly ridiculous, and now the only trophy for 100% missing is the Darkseid trophy, which is the only character you don't get with the ultimate edition and have to pay for extra...
  2. Don't know how many hours I spent on Unity to plat it, before I gave up on the last remaining DLC trophies. Remember how annoying the game was, but yesterday I thought "what the hell, I wanna finish it after 5 years". Took only a couple of hours before the game really upset me again. Guess now I know why Unity was the last AC I played and never bothered to try any of its sequels after that...
  3. None of the Buildings that are DLC related are required for the trohpy anymore. Unfortunatly the game doesn't show you what a DLC building is but from the description of what you have to do to get it you can usually derive whether or not it is related to a DLC. It's not 100% obvious, but one example is something like "have 5500 people per week use mass transit" and there is a DLC called Mass Transit so you can conclude that this one is not needed.
  4. Going for this trophy now, trying to combine it with 1001 nights. I have a pretty solid City around 20k Population, but the only Desasters I had so far are like 6 meteors, 2 earthquakes, a sinkhole and a Tsunami. No fire, no storm nothing else. Playing on a snow map hoping for something New...
  5. Anyone else having issues in the Diplomacy Menu? Seems to me like every button I hit is recognized as two or three hits, making it a real pain to select the thing I want to do. Happens only in the diplomacy menu with every button. / as well as / and . everything else in the game works fine.
  6. I wonder how MP in general works in this game. Guess it could be fun, but being turn based this might result in a lot of waiting...
  7. It says in the playstation store that PS plus is requiered for online multiplayer.
  8. especially annoying when it's a well balanced lobby with competative players. most of the time you get into a lobby where there are 1 or 2 pro players with the rest not even able to finish the race...
  9. funny thing is, that this trophy is much more common than others that are easy to archive and not time limited.
  10. There's one main storyline saved the way you have played the game. If you go back to one chapter and make changes, those changes only apply to this one chapter and as far as you continue playing, basicly creating a new storyline. as long as you are jumping from one chapter to another, not playing continiously, the first main storyline with all your desicions remains intact and nothing you did in those chapters you played seperatly will carry over, except for collectables
  11. I'd like to have the AI modified. It is incredibly anoying to always see them just a little bit faster then yourself. One example is a (totally screwed up first try) Race when I finished second with 4:40mins and the winner had 3:36. Second try I was much better and finished second with 4:15 while the AI finished 4:08. Up until I figured it out and finished around 4:01 a couple of times when it turned out the AI doesn't go faster then 4:00. So I beat that and FINALY the AI didn't get any faster after that... Plus the AI is rubberbanding as hell. I hate that kind of making things difficult in a racing game. I mean I get that kind of "kart racing game screwing others over and being screwed over" notion. and it's fun with friends, but it sucks vs the AI because you can't kill anyone...
  12. Just finished Detroit as well and I also agree, that it's much better than heavy rain. I kinda liked heavy rain, but it wasn't as smooth as Detroit was. Like mentioned before in Heavy Rain everything that happens seems to be forced. There are different ways to play the game and decisions have an impact, but you constantly feel like you've been screwed over and exactly the opposit of what you're trying to achieve then happens. Detroit is much more consistent. Sure sometimes things happen that you didn't expect or couldn't predict, but in the end i'm happy with how it went down and i felt comfortable with just doing what felt right at the moment. No matter what kind of decisons i made during the playthroughs it never felt odd and there always was something to do that i could relate to. Heavy rain often pushed me to do something i didn't like because there was no reasonable alternative...
  13. Already did that a couple of times now. That's how i got to 15 after it didn't Pop after 10 or 11 towers.
  14. Anyone Else Not getting this trophy? I've done 15 Different characters now and did not get it.
  15. Well, I don't even have enough time to play all current games I'm interessted in, let alone games I played ten years ago. I guess I could quit my job or other activites I'm interested in, but then there's the fact that after 10 years it's just not the same. Sure there's nostalgia and all, but going back to those games I loved in the past does more harm to the fond memories I have than it makes me happy to play them again. I remember when I was troubled with the fact that stuff may not be available at some point in the future when digital media became a thing, but I barely touch stuff that I have for real. Happy to have most of it, but on the other hand just stuff taking up space.