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  1. It’s not bugged. You need to shoot at her multiple times as one shot won’t down her. It took me few tries just because when shot gas at her other enemies shot bullets which ignite it and it blow up. Be sure there is no explosives near you nor enemies. Just keep shooting until she dies.
  2. Yes
  3. Yeah this game trophies are so buggy since game’s release day. Day one of the game and we were having issues unlocking trophies. To my surprise still buggy to this day. Who would have thought! I mean by now game should run smoothly and no issues but nope
  4. Yes. I already got my platinum and 100% trophies. wins, medals and cards unfortunately only counts in in one game mode type Quick Play Competitive Play Quick Play Classic Arcade won’t count for any. Meaning you will need to get the 100 wins in the same game mode. Can’t have say 50 wins QP 50 wins CP.
  5. Yeah the 5 drinks trophy has been bugged for some time now. It have been mentioned here several times. Even after the supposed patch to fix it, still bugged.
  6. I’m also confused. Because it’s the only trophy I need for platinum on both PS4 & PS5. Plus drinking from inventory is the only way to consume a drink. Not sure what you mean by starting the game. You mean we shouldn’t drink in hideout and only drink when we are about to start a match. Thank you
  7. it’s buggy as well. It’s the only trophy I need for platinum on both PS4 and PS5. No matter how many different drinks I drank no trophy still
  8. Thank you all for your feedback it’s very much appreciated
  9. So I just started playing the game. I only own the base game from PS+. There is a lost of add one and dlcs for the game. Which one I should buy are all of them tied to trophies or some just customizations. And do they go on sale often as they seem to be expensive on my part. Will cost a lot of money to get everything. Thank you
  10. Hello as per the title Does wins in Arcade Quick Play Classic towards 100 wins trophy A bit confused some said yes it does and others said no. some also said the 100 wins has to be in the same game mode you can’t combine both modes. thank you
  11. You need to be quick it has to be done in under 6 seconds have a tank shoot them for you
  12. After the latest update the 5 drinks trophy still bugged and won’t pop. The only trophy I need for platinum on both PS4 & PS5
  13. Yeah still can’t log in. Have been trying every now and then today no luck
  14. yeah it’s stored online. I know messed up big time here. I’ll email support and see what they say. Thank you
  15. Accidentally deleted my main character. Please tell me there is a way to recover it. I was so blind I thought I was reading “data” when in reality it says “delete”. It’s the character that I got platinum on and got my 100% new horizon dlc on. Have powerful weapons, high apocalypse teirs etc. please tell I didn’t screw myself by deleting it. And have to go over everything again. I’m loosing it. The amount of time I invested in that character. thank you