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  1. Those of you that have a backlog and like to platinum your games, do you platinum a game before moving on to the next or do you beat a game and then go back and platinum it later?
  2. I really wish they would let us delete any trophies, not just 0%. I have a lot of games I tried but will probably never play again. Maybe they will change things with PS5, but it’s doubtful.
  3. I tried tapping on them and that didn't seem to work. I can highlight them and copy and paste, seems the only way.
  4. New to the site and had a question about spoilers in the guides. I am using an iPad to browse the guides and can't figure out how to show spoilers when they are blacked out. I tried highliting the spoiler, but that does not seem to work. Thanks.
  5. When you are trophy hunting do you play a game till you get the platinum or do you beat the game and then go back to it later to get the platinum?