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  1. Ima fuck your man while he unlocks my trophies bitch
  2. OMG I GOT RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 jk I got strider Thanks for the giveaway it's been real 💨❄️
  3. I already slid in the DMs 😈 Merry Xmas ya filthy animal
  4. It's lit 🎅
  5. And if anyone wants to boost this really hard trophy with him, don't. He'll f*** u over
  6. Uh pretty sure I invited u plenty of times but u wanted to play with your friends
  7. Why would u join a gaming session with no intention of playing with anyone? I don't understand these ugly ahh gamers sometimes
  8. Nice list: helped someone get a character in blavkout Naughty list: being a bad bitch 😘
  9. 1 cod ghosts 2 2 cod mw4
  10. Why do gay memes always have yellow subtitles tho
  11. .... Anyways, I posted a boosting session to get reznov if anyone's interested. Bring on more of the hate for boosting in solo!
  12. Does it only unlock specialists characters? I still can't get reznov
  13. It don't work. The items don't spawn