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  1. Killzone is so overlooked I forgot to put that in. I only played one game in public match of shadow fall for my 7 day free trial on PSN now
  2. As popular as they are, I've never laid my hands on an assassin's Creed or battlefield game. I saw a posting on eBay for battlefield 4 for PS3 for $5 and I thought I'd give it a try, it didn't end up working so I thought that was a sign. Skull and Bones and firestorm looks intriguing so I might give them a shot when they release
  3. I got mirrors edge when it was free for PS plus a few years ago. Devil may cry 5 has a dreadful looking trophy but I still want to try it
  4. Got the trophy after picking up one more magazine. Big oofie
  5. This is the last game I need that are on the top 5 popular games for those website
  6. Yeah I had suspicions about that, as I tried to trade caps for the moneybags trophy and it didn't work either.
  7. It's quite possibly the most glitchy game of all time but I still sign back in every few freezes that happen every day
  8. https://youtu.be/MXTj3mtcguQ At 9:00 I read 20 magazines in a row with nothing unlocking. I traded one of my two shot weapons for almost 40 magazines trying to get this hideous trophy to unlock
  9. Add me skrub This is literally my first forum post. Get out me lobby! Schnell!
  10. Side note: if you have the Skyrim platinum and never played Oblivion, you might be whorish. And the only reason I have two stacks is cos they were cross buy, so suck my ass
  11. How many platinum stacks do you have? I have 2 on different platforms but have never platted the same game
  12. Lvl 25 trophy didn't unlock for me. Hopefully the lvl 100 one does
  13. And if anyone wants to boost this really hard trophy with him, don't. He'll f*** u over
  14. Uh pretty sure I invited u plenty of times but u wanted to play with your friends