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  1. I will start it right now, just in case...
  2. Trophy done. Thanks they fixed it
  3. Hope Sony remembers this...
  4. I had the same issue 1 or 2 weeks ago, but finally I managed to connect to the servers. I hope it is the same problem and we can get the online trophies tomorrow...
  5. No you cant. You must play a game online after the 100 games played in botzone to get the trophy.
  6. As @jayboo1991 tolds you, you can boost every trophy and you don´t need a guide. It is a very easy platinum .
  7. Thanks! I get the 100% in no time with your tips .
  8. Only PS vita version?
  9. Here is a video showing what @Bizzy_Montana_ says (it is not my video, but helped me). At first it can be a little frustrating, but it is possible to achieve it . Good luck.
  10. Resident evil 4 remake with platinum trophy would be great!
  11. I got the online trophies few days ago. Servers are unstable, but work fine if you try several times.
  12. Yeah, I would like it too .
  13. I dont have any problem. Maybe you need to ear another trophy and sync it to fix.
  14. I think so, but maybe you cant exit from the game o something like that. It is too strange no one have earn the trophy if you can use the back up save trick.
  15. ok, thanks. I hope it was an easy plat, but I see it is not 😂