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  1. I just finished the game and have not encounter any issue like this .
  2. It is ok right now
  3. You got it simply playing on PS4?
  4. Nope, you need to create the account before october ends and you should get it . I started on october 16 and I got the 50k gold .
  5. You will get 50k gold (like 500 € in gold) , so no need to spend real money
  6. People is geting it, so it should be.
  7. Sorry for posting in an old post, but are you sure it is possible? When I try to load the game on the ps vita TV, it says it couldnt be loaded. I dont know if I have to do something to be able to play it on the ps vita TV ( I have the latest firnware on it)
  8. I have done far more than 200 and the trophy for 72 never popped . I contacted the devs , and they told me they see the trophy unlocked , but it isnt. I unlinked the account and did all I think could fix it, but nothing . I have this issue since 2020. I try with all new patches, but no one fixed this. I think I will never get this platinum.
  9. It is like 24 hour each boss, and no one knows when the next one will be
  10. Servers are unstable , but they work. I unlock all trophies today without any problem.
  11. Still obtainable on september 2022.
  12. Hello , I see you obtained both platinum trophies for SF x Tekken games in april. Can you tell me please how did you do the "Any Time, Any Place!" trophies? I try with a PS3 and vita and can´t find myself. I also try with a friend from my country, with a PS3 each one, but we couldnt match. I only need that online trophy to finish the online .



    1. TheYuriG
    2. Noxter7


      Thanks Yuri, I tried that but it didn´t work  😞

    3. TheYuriG


      I can only give you the information that I possess and the link above is all that I have. Try asking your friend to create another account in your country and see if that works for you.

  13. I just download it form the ps store, so yes, it is available.
  14. 12 august 2022 the server will shut down.
  15. I think it is. I did it a long time ago, but if I remember well, you level up very fast with this method .