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  1. I got the online trophies few days ago. Servers are unstable, but work fine if you try several times.
  2. Yeah, I would like it too .
  3. I dont have any problem. Maybe you need to ear another trophy and sync it to fix.
  4. I think so, but maybe you cant exit from the game o something like that. It is too strange no one have earn the trophy if you can use the back up save trick.
  5. ok, thanks. I hope it was an easy plat, but I see it is not 😂
  6. Hi, is the plat unobtainable? Or is it just that no on have complete the game on inferno? It is on sale, and I don´t know if I might buy it. Thanks!
  7. You can play offline, but as Gwendly says, it will be much difficult to do it solo.
  8. Hello, there is no trophy guide on the internet, so I will put here some videos I made to help getting the platinum . - If you need experience to get the "Have all "xxxxx" skills at the maximum level", follow this video. It is the fastest way of getting experience: - For Kovac´s trophies, just do this one. There is a glitch on the map so you will be able to get the trophy with no problem. If you need any other video for any trophy, just tell me here or on PSN and I will do it .
  9. I didn´t have any problem completing all the missions. And yes, I really like the game .
  10. Thanks, it sounds well . I think I will try it , since edf2 is on sale .
  11. Ok, I supose I couldn´t play coop with only one console, but it would be great . Thanks!
  12. Hi, looking on the store, it says this: 1-2 players Ad Hoc Mode 2-4 players 2-4 Online players So, can I play with another person with a single PS VITA? maybe usin playstation TV or something like that? Thanks in advance.
  13. I hope the release a PS4 port soon
  14. I only like nihilumbra...