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  1. @Beyondthegrave07 quick bump Red Faction: Battlegrounds (PS3):
  2. maybe if i did weekly updates, my thread would be lively. currently it has 2 posts by me lol. going to follow this
  3. i'm sure that nebulas lasso was not syncing, maybe it was and it only showed up now
  4. Thank you for your support on my first ever guide :) I put a lot of work in it, and to have that recognized means a lot.

    Hopefully some people will find it helpful before the servers get shutdown.

  5. a remake of MGR would be good, it would give myself a reason to buy it when i turn 18. or i just play the original on PS3 lol
  6. Fifa 22 can be removed
  7. missing banner. is it possible to have a "super arcade" series?
  8. noted and your first game is: The Walking Dead: The Final Season • EU 33 of 49 Trophies
  9. noted for when i get minecraft (i am a physical guy) if at all, still surprised Mojang did it on purpose tho
  10. Mortal Kombat (VITA):
  11. is it one of those games where you need another game to connect your EA account or something? can't remember exsatly but i have heard some older EA PS£ games needed it, can someone confirm?
  12. got it, have this instead: Persona 5 28 of 49 Trophies nice will update the point total for you apparently, God hates us both, may he spare this next game: Patapon 5 of 36 Trophies depends if this is easier or harder then your last game. Yooka-Laylee 11 of 36 Trophies your next challenge is: Back to the Future: The Game 1 of 60 Trophies nice, next game is: Night in the Woods 1 of 32 Trophies noted and your next game is: Everybody's Golf • 29 of 31 Trophies what would a bad game be in this context? anyways here's hopefully a good game: Okami HD 6 of 51 Trophies your next game is: Far Cry 3 8 of 51 Trophies
  13. banned for your signature not being a polandball/countryball meme
  14. may he rest in peace
  15. i have heard bad things about the "red sunset" trophy Red Sunset Get to level 19 in arcade Missile Command is it as hard as they say?