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  1. Been waiting for a western version, as good as the fan mod/translation is would prefer to play it on console.
  2. Feel free to drop me a request. Starting on the gambit seal soon, which you're more than welcome to join.
  3. Not 100% sure but I'm convinced I had Horror's Least drop from the Nightmare Containment event. Maybe I'm totally wrong, will need to double check.
  4. Pretty much same here, just waiting for subclass trophies to unlock then its only GM nightfall. Don't get much time to play and I'm solo so only currently at about 1563 maybe won't get it done this season.
  5. Same here. Earned the trophy earlier but surpassed the requirements by quite some numbers. Glad it's unlocked now.
  6. A step in the right direction at least!
  7. Same here. Cached images are showing but doing uncached refresh shows broken images on various parts of the site.
  8. Bit stressed about these subclass trophies now. 2 characters, both with solar maxed out aswell & all the fragments yet nothing. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon but not really holding out any hope.
  9. Make a gaming session here or when in a big lobby add someone who's also on PS4 and invite them to do the races. I'm sure someone will help you out! It doesn't take longer than 5 minutes 😊
  10. Most of the trophies can be obtained very quickly, the most annoying trophy is the XP grind. You can either spend 45-50 hours doing it on the same single corner tandem drift or spend 375 hours AFK with a rubberband around the controller.
  11. Sticking with essential tier until they either - A) Flesh out the classics game list a lot more B.) Allow most games to be downloadable. Not everyone has good enough Internet for streaming, going to wait until the service is reviewed / the initial hype is worn off & then make a decision. No need to rush and make a brash choice out of FOMO.
  12. Thanks for this, been using it to build my collection up. Nice to see the 3 legendary cars needed for the trophy coming back. You've been a massive help.
  13. I'd say that Dying Light and it's sequel are more than acceptable for parkour aswell
  14. Can someone confirm for me that the EU £12.99 version includes the Online Pass please?
  15. I can also confirm this. Have all 3 subclasses completed but no trophies. Also some of the DLC trophies don't pop unless you have purchased the Forsaken DLC.