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  1. Incase anyone is wondering the brick I was missing was for reaching the last Ninja rank. I was unaware you received Golden Bricks as a reward.
  2. It's been confirmed that's been patched on mutilple forums and threads. The Uncrossable Jungle is showing 24/24 Golden Bricks for me also.
  3. Hi Guys, I've recently finished Lego Ninjango and have went and completed everything. Except for obtaining the last character and I need 200 Golden Bricks. I'm missing 1 Brick, However every level and Dojo has been completed fully and those are the only trophies I'm missing. I've checked the mission maps and screens countless times and ran around the levels as well. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I haven't signed into these forms in around 4 years but I signed in just to tell you that I wouldn't recommend it. I've just finished it. There are so many issues with the game it's unbelievable. Wait for a sale.
  5. If Anybody's playing Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer , it would be cool to play with some people :) , give me an add !

  6. Still didn't pop no , it's a tracking issue apparently users on steam have said that their achievement progress is sitting at 46/47 Techland have said that a patch is coming soon but i don't know if that is for the trophy .
  7. Heard about this too , i've had no glitches myself except for ''The Whole Story'' completing all side quests is glitched for everyone and its the last trophy i'm missing .
  8. Just doing my last side quest now , but i have had some glitches , like save 15 people from rais's men , iv'e done 20 .... it took 20 for me to get the zombie one , also ... i'm away to do the collectibles now And all Side Quests done with no trophy ....... Backed up my save , going to try without the patch to see if it pops .
  9. I can't sign into PSN at the moment ? anyone having similar issues ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. xVolloxx


      I Got on , now i cannot get on Destiny :(

      this is irritating .

    3. DarkStar83x


      Beat it with a stick!

    4. Lion-Lhasa


      I can't either, it keeps telling me an error has occurred and I have been signed out.

  10. Can't wait for Grim Fandango Remastered & Life Is Strange next week ! :) , Also Dying Light , finally some games are coming out .

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    2. xVolloxx


      Life Is Strange will be on the store on Tuesday .

    3. zadorvp


      I'm excited for both Grim Fandango and Life is Strange, but can't get both for some time, so I'm only going to get Grim Fandango at first *_*

    4. xVolloxx


      You can't go wrong with Grim Fandango :)

  11. Dying Light is delayed a month in Europe :(

  12. Anyone want to do the weekly Nightfall strike on destiny right now ?

  13. For all the anime fans out there i need some advice , i just finished Sword Art Online and well i loved it ! I'm not sure if i should start Log Horizon Or Fate/Zero next ? Any thoughts ?

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    2. xVolloxx
    3. Zonpakuto
    4. Zonpakuto


      The movie is good to after you watch the series tho

  14. For Sure ! Only if all features of the site are included .
  15. That actually sounds really good !