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  1. Yeah potentially, I'm lvl 20 at the moment so I wouldn't mind 50 but 100 would be asking for too much of my time unfortunately.
  2. Anybody found out what max use lvl is? Just curious although at a guess I'd reckon 100.
  3. Nah, means maxed actual level which is 25.
  4. Play and finish another match as the maxed character.
  5. Hey Guys! I managed to get to lvl 25 and unlock all skills this morning and both trophies didn't unlock, I did gain the xp to lvl up right at the end of a match instead of leveling in menu. Anybody else had that issue? Edit: Unlocked at the end of the following match.
  6. Does this still work? Played legit and have everything except lvl 50 and am currently 30, Started a game and left yet player level got 0 xp?
  7. Is this patched yet? I assume not.
  8. Any other advice? Furthest I've gotten is round 8, I feel like time should be awarded for finishing a round because if not your always plating catch up.
  9. I'll try this. I'll try this. Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys, I done both missions involving crushing cars and I've also went and crushed cars myself and it won't pop. Any ideas? Thanks xVolloxx
  11. I haven't heard any news, is there a re release coming out or is it part of the season pass?
  12. I also did the same.
  13. I can also confirm that both trophies mentioned above are glitched, Vaulting one worked fine for me tho.
  14. Have you attempted to report this to the developer's? Hopefully it gets fixed soon.