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  1. Lmao! If you actually go check the majority of the posts are from a long time ago, I think I've posted maybe 4 times in the last 5 years. I honestly had no other idea how to phrase it, Apologies. Before the storm is actually superb! And is developed by the same team behind True Colors, I'd really recommend giving it another shot when the remaster releases.
  2. Hi guys! I don't post very often at all, But it just had to be said, This game is exceptional! From the characters, Writing and soundtrack. I feel sorry on the developers on the other hand that it'll go unnoticed, Full narrative driven games with little replayability aren't all that popular, So I don't know whose idea it was to make this a full price title. Most people including fans just aren't going to pay 49.99GBP for it and that's a shame, I reckon if this were say half the price of a normal title it'd do far better. It's sad because I doubt we'll see another LIS title, Don't think this will sell all that well because of it, The additional DLC should've been included also. Anyhow, Amazing game tho! Any thoughts? Thanks xVolloxx
  3. Why's it unobtainable? I think the progress towards percentage based trophies might only count for the host possibly.
  4. Did you play solo? As Host? Or were you joined with a group of friends?
  5. Hi Guys! I just started the game as Host and played halfway through! Awesome game BTW! One of my Coop Buddies who was playing with me noticed that all the percentages for trophy tracking were sitting at 0 percentage. Is this a visual bug? Or do the stats not add up in Coop? Thanks xVolloxx
  6. The 1000 Arrows I also agree is 10k instead, I've mainly played arched and have it at 60%.
  7. I've just went on the Developers Site and submitted a bug report. Doubtful it'll be prioritised but at least they'll know. Edit: Finally unlocked randomly as I was playing with an Archer and had full health so I have absolutely no idea.
  8. Agreed, I also tried with a friend but the people I play with haven't had any issues, I even tried deleting my save but that didn't work either.
  9. Hi Guys, This trophy is absolutely glitched I've been on literally 1hp and it's not unlocked, I've tried proper players and bots. Anybody had the same issue? Thanks xVolloxx
  10. Good to hear! I'm also having issues with Welcome To The Big Leagues & Fashionista. I'm sure I've completed the requirements as well as various Event trophies, Awesome game tho!
  11. It's actually 25 wins, 100 is the percentage of the trophy. So 25 per map.
  12. Game isn't actually that grindy, 50 kills in a match/ Kill over 100m seem fairly difficult tho. Edit: Got the over 100m at 67m so either it's bugged or the description isn't accurate.
  13. I managed to get Earning Miles after so many tries, I've actually done You Shall Not Pass 3 times but it won't unlock
  14. Hi Guys, From the map specific trophies both of these I've done countless times and they just won't pop, A friend of mine got both first attempt. Anybody had any issues with these and managed to fix them? Thanks xVolloxx
  15. Have the trophies been patched ye or still buggy? I was tempted to pick this up.