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  1. Hi Guys, Completed the requirements and the trophy didn't pop any ideas? Thanks
  2. I also didn't receive the trophy for winning the constructors ;(
  3. This worked but the snails still don't spawn after the last boss ;(
  4. Yeah I got the statue and it doesn't allow me to pray at it ;( I'm pretty sure I got all the ones around the world, hard to tell which one is missing. EDIT: it was more cooking a bunch of Poop meals, However both the Snail & Monster ones are both bugged and the last I'm missing, If reckon with the amount of bugs in the game that'll be low on the priorities to fix, I've emailed the delevopers anyways.
  5. I'll go try and find him, I assume it shows up under a ? symbol? I already have the wolf skin, Any idea what else is could be?
  6. Which Dungeon? I can go try, I'm missing 3, 1 being the snail, this one and another I don't know.
  7. Which statue? Also Weigher of souls isn't unlocking for me either ;(
  8. Must be bugged then, I also haven't seen any, I was wondering what those statue's were for. Lemme know if you figure it out. Unfortunately I have already killed the final boss.
  9. I don't think it's bugged, I'm only missing 3 forms and I'm unsure how to get them. How do you get the snail one?
  10. Hey Guys! Any idea how to get the pieces required to unlock the 5th Fleece? I've gotten all the parts from the 4 quests but can't find out how to get anymore. On another note, I'm also missing 4 follower forms, how are those unlocked? Thanks
  11. Yeah potentially, I'm lvl 20 at the moment so I wouldn't mind 50 but 100 would be asking for too much of my time unfortunately.
  12. Anybody found out what max use lvl is? Just curious although at a guess I'd reckon 100.
  13. Nah, means maxed actual level which is 25.
  14. Play and finish another match as the maxed character.
  15. Hey Guys! I managed to get to lvl 25 and unlock all skills this morning and both trophies didn't unlock, I did gain the xp to lvl up right at the end of a match instead of leveling in menu. Anybody else had that issue? Edit: Unlocked at the end of the following match.