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  1. I've nearly beaten the game, there's a few missable trophies, Collecting all Floppy Disc Fragments, Invisible code and De ja vu. All others are unlocked as part of the story as far as I'm aware. Really enjoyable, Soundtrack is superb.
  2. I just picked this up and it's not my type of game but it's absolutely incredible!
  3. I was intending to play it on long coop with a buddy but might hold off until its fixed correctly.
  4. I assume the online is still broken?
  5. Is there anyway to check how much Miles you already have? Also I'm on the PS5 version and the trophy still states 10k.
  6. Still can't find an answer. I have it on PS5, Only thing I can think is perhaps different patch numbers for different regions but I doubt it.
  7. Hi Guys! I just picked this up and it says the latest version is Patch 1.03? Is it depending on the region or is it not available? The Trophy still Specifies 10k instead of 1k which is my main concern. Thanks
  8. Has to be done in one run. You literally can't save progress because of the way the game mode is.
  9. I think based on a few attempts that Duos is probably easier. Enemies take less damage, you get more loot and less effects on screen. Got upto 40 but its tough and I'd imagine around 3 hours to complete.
  10. There's literally 2 separate lists here on psnprofiles.com lmao. I hope you're right tho.
  11. Hi Guys! I just started Cold War since I have to wait another week for my PS5 since I'm EU. I understand the games have separate lists. My question is how will that work with trophies? Obviously all the MP stuff is server based with your Activision account and therefore any specific trophies relating to the medals or most of the them will already been completed. So will the trophies auto pop with a save transfer or does anyone know how it works? Thanks xVolloxx
  12. Chapter 2 really isn't nearly as bad as I thought. 3 on the other hand is extremely frustrating.
  13. How do you know this? The narrator only talks when breaking the gates?
  14. Can you get N Sane perfect relics doing N Verted? As some of the levels seem easier.