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  1. Can you get N Sane perfect relics doing N Verted? As some of the levels seem easier.
  2. This sums it up entirely.
  3. I keep returning to this thread to see replies. I honestly don't understand why everyone feels the need to complain. The game is difficult and it's intended to be, The reason as to why Toys For Bob felt the need to include the trophies doesn't matter. The Fact remains that trophies are optional challenges and you can either practice to achieve them or not. Platinums don't have to be balanced, Why do they? It's everyone's own choice whether to get them or not.
  4. I've spent the weekend going through around half the game and I've got all N Same relics so far. The reason I enjoy it so much is the challenge, I love platformers and the trophies are a testament of skill and its reflected. I also understand that you want to enjoy a game and not being able to obtain all trophies can stop that. Although trophies are optional and if you don't have the skill to do them that's up to you.
  5. Any specific dungeon? Thanks Nevermind I just found one. It's a mimic box. Was in Styx and it kept hitting every box. Eventually one tried to attack me and I killed it.
  6. Hey guys! This is the last trophy I need but there's no information out there. Does any know how to unlock it? Thanks xVolloxx
  7. I must've played over 1000 games total with various streaks lost due to server issues, lag, toxic players etc Luckily managed to get it today, even with quitting it's complete luck! I sincerely hope they change this for future players, I heard they were going to add squad wins eventually.
  8. Incase anyone is wondering the brick I was missing was for reaching the last Ninja rank. I was unaware you received Golden Bricks as a reward.
  9. It's been confirmed that's been patched on mutilple forums and threads. The Uncrossable Jungle is showing 24/24 Golden Bricks for me also.
  10. Hi Guys, I've recently finished Lego Ninjango and have went and completed everything. Except for obtaining the last character and I need 200 Golden Bricks. I'm missing 1 Brick, However every level and Dojo has been completed fully and those are the only trophies I'm missing. I've checked the mission maps and screens countless times and ran around the levels as well. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. I haven't signed into these forms in around 4 years but I signed in just to tell you that I wouldn't recommend it. I've just finished it. There are so many issues with the game it's unbelievable. Wait for a sale.
  12. If Anybody's playing Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer , it would be cool to play with some people :) , give me an add !

  13. Still didn't pop no , it's a tracking issue apparently users on steam have said that their achievement progress is sitting at 46/47 Techland have said that a patch is coming soon but i don't know if that is for the trophy .
  14. Heard about this too , i've had no glitches myself except for ''The Whole Story'' completing all side quests is glitched for everyone and its the last trophy i'm missing .
  15. Just doing my last side quest now , but i have had some glitches , like save 15 people from rais's men , iv'e done 20 .... it took 20 for me to get the zombie one , also ... i'm away to do the collectibles now And all Side Quests done with no trophy ....... Backed up my save , going to try without the patch to see if it pops .