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  1. F2P games can have plats, but that's something the devs have to apply for, and clearly Square Enix wasn't feeling industrious enough (or was denied). Could've been a better list, but eh, the thing that bothers me the most is that they translated the song name in one of the trophies into English, but kept it in romaji in another.
  2. Not sure if anyone will find this useful, but instead of a turbo controller, you can also farm for this trophy by running it on Remote Play (which requires uninstalling the game and playing on the launch release since Remote Play has been removed as of 1.10) and then running a keyboard macro to hit enter repeatedly. Took me the better part of the day with 490k rotations left, but it worked like a charm.
  3. Finally got my suukantsu the other day! Apparently I didn't have Takami's skill all the way leveled up, and I finally managed to pull it off after getting her skill maxed out (on south 3 even). The cards were kind of annoying to grind for, but I managed to farm enough coins with challenge 17 (with Kana) and the multiplayer challenge 10 with Saki and Teru using Awai.
  4. Thanks for the tips here. I managed to get most of the yakuman yaku by setting them up with Takami, and a few others with Teru instead. I am playing on the Plus version, so chankan was relatively easy with the extra challenge they added (with Kajiki Yumi). For me, the blocker seems to be suukantsu instead. I tried using Saki at first, but with her having two kans ready to go most of the time, it's actually pretty hard to get the other two going. Even then, most of the time I find myself getting into a shanpon wait after the third kan, and the few times I got to a tanki wait, the CPUs got the better of me. Right now I am trying to set up the suukantsu hand by playing on multiplayer with two Takamis by setting up a suuankou hand (as close as possible, at least), while having a second player hold onto the remaining tiles to feed into the kan. This got me pretty close, but unfortunately, a CPU decided to tsumo before I could call my fourth kan.