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  1. I FINALLY got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's Plat on PS3! Please rank me up to Disciple
  2. I was expecting a Housemarque PP thread at some point! Sign me up for Watcher -- I have 100% in Outland, and some trophies in Super Stardust HD and Resogun PS4. Also, I wrote a trophy guide for Outland, feel free to link it:
  3. Please put me down for Member of the Alliance, I have the Platinums for 1, 2, and 3.
  4. I liked it, but not as much as I probably should have, and certainly not enough to justify the $100 I ended up paying for it in total. And I don't even have Rise of Iron, which wants another $30 out of me. Also, I just realized I qualify for the Advisor special award, I helped write/update the Destiny guide:
  5. Please put me down for Training Dummy, I have some trophies in Samurai Warriors 4 Empires. It's my long-distance girlfriend's copy, unfortunately, so I won't be able to grind out the Platinum any time soon.
  6. I have the Destiny platinum, please put me down for Resistance Fighter. Thank you!
  7. Wow, no updates to this in months. Come on, guys, we've got challenges to accomplish! Put me down for Just Passing Through, I've started WipEout HD. I also started Dyad a long time ago but haven't gotten back to it yet, and I own but haven't started Shadow of the Colossus.
  8. I was hoping we'd be able to get the Freedom Cry DLC through this PS Plus deal. If you own the standalone Freedom Cry, you should be able to get the Freedom Cry DLC for free. Leave it to Ubisoft to ask for more money.
  9. I just tested this myself and it works. I don't have the DLC The Journey Home, but I just earned the Spring Roll! trophy through Community levels. I saw I had 2/100 progress on its related pin, and realized I had used the Springinator in a community level at some point, and wanted to see if the trophy was earnable without the DLC. It indeed is! The community level I ended up finding to help with this was "Spring with Oddsock (Platformer)". Just get into the Springinator and spring off the ground 100 times for the trophy! You can, of course, use any level that has the Springinator in it to accomplish this task. LBP2 had some DLC trophies that you could earn even without owning the DLC, so I was surprised to see this was still a thing in LBP3. I hope this was insightful! 🙂
  10. FYI, for anyone who has PlayStation Plus, this game is still free on there. I didn't even know about it until now, and I just "bought" it myself.
  11. It's just a preference, honestly. It's not because I like seeing higher rarities - it's because I think the higher rarities are more indicative of the general gamer than a website literally dedicated to trophy hunting. While PSN's official numbers may or may not remove hackers, I personally doubt there's enough of them to make as much of an impact as they would on a site like PSNP.
  12. I'm incredibly happy to see this update. PSNP rarity means much less to me than PSN's overall rarity, so I switched it ASAP and I'm never going back. Thank you, Sly! our similar abbreviations will never not be weird Also, out of curiosity, what is that first screenshot? Is that a mobile version of the site?
  13. Ace Combat Infinity is still online and still running with weekly tournaments. No shut down date has been given yet.
  14. It's sad, and it's been this way for a while. It's hard to be an Ace Combat fan sometimes. At the very least, the game is alive and well, so it won't be closing for some time.
  15. Something that you need to keep in mind is that Bandai Namco Games America doesn't give a care in the world about Ace Combat or its fans. They have screwed over North American fans of the series for years and it continues. Look at their reply to your email again: "the decision to close down the servers for Ace Combat: Infinity was determined by the server team in Japan (unfortunately our support team can't really comment as to why the decision to close down the servers was made)." This is a perfect example of why the support team you contacted is crap. You asked them when the game is shutting down, and they think you meant that the game IS shut down. Their reply to you means absolutely nothing about the game or its eventual closure, and they clearly don't know what they're talking about.