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  1. FYI, for anyone who has PlayStation Plus, this game is still free on there. I didn't even know about it until now, and I just "bought" it myself.
  2. It's just a preference, honestly. It's not because I like seeing higher rarities - it's because I think the higher rarities are more indicative of the general gamer than a website literally dedicated to trophy hunting. While PSN's official numbers may or may not remove hackers, I personally doubt there's enough of them to make as much of an impact as they would on a site like PSNP.
  3. I'm incredibly happy to see this update. PSNP rarity means much less to me than PSN's overall rarity, so I switched it ASAP and I'm never going back. Thank you, Sly! our similar abbreviations will never not be weird Also, out of curiosity, what is that first screenshot? Is that a mobile version of the site?
  4. Ace Combat Infinity is still online and still running with weekly tournaments. No shut down date has been given yet.
  5. It's sad, and it's been this way for a while. It's hard to be an Ace Combat fan sometimes. At the very least, the game is alive and well, so it won't be closing for some time.
  6. Something that you need to keep in mind is that Bandai Namco Games America doesn't give a care in the world about Ace Combat or its fans. They have screwed over North American fans of the series for years and it continues. Look at their reply to your email again: "the decision to close down the servers for Ace Combat: Infinity was determined by the server team in Japan (unfortunately our support team can't really comment as to why the decision to close down the servers was made)." This is a perfect example of why the support team you contacted is crap. You asked them when the game is shutting down, and they think you meant that the game IS shut down. Their reply to you means absolutely nothing about the game or its eventual closure, and they clearly don't know what they're talking about.
  7. @totallycrushed @A-Rebirth @Arkthur All of this completely contradicts what we've been seeing for a while now. As of this moment, there is no plan to shut down Ace Combat Infinity. It is still alive and doing well from what we know. They just added new challenges a few days ago to celebrate the holidays, with new emblem rewards. As Arkthur said, plenty of players are still playing. The playerbase is well over 10,000 active players to this day, according to tournament data, and there are still many fan communities like Acepedia (which I run) or /r/acecombat that are still discussing Infinity and meeting up to do sorties. Ace Combat 7 is not coming out until late in 2017, so they could still milk Infinity until its third anniversary in May 2017, maybe even after that. Bandai Namco announced on December 19 that they'll be shutting down Tekken Revolution, and it will cease operations on March 20, 2017. That's a three-month closure window. Their previous F2P experiments, Ridge Racer Driftopia and Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, were much less successful than Tekken and Ace Combat Infinity, and they received two-month and three-month closure windows, respectively. With this, we can deduce that when they announce the closure of Ace Combat Infinity, it will be three months in advance, giving players plenty of time to get the remaining trophies if you so desire. tl;dr Infinity is not shutting down any time soon. Don't worry about it - just keep playing to get that Colonel rank.
  8. I don't think it's worth trying to argue against completion rates in a forum dedicated to earning trophies.
  9. Rise of Iron released this week. It's already out.
  10. Destiny: The Collection will be the definitive Destiny experience because Rise of Iron is planned to be the last DLC release for the game. Rise of Iron wasn't even going to exist until Destiny 2 was postponed to 2017. All hands should now be on deck for Destiny 2, so Rise of Iron is probably the last DLC for Destiny.
  11. Thank you for the feedback, I'll see what I can do You misunderstand the point of this topic. I already made the dark theme, and you can use it now. It wasn't a suggestion for a feature. I actually did not know that a new layout was in the works. I just checked it out, and it seems to already work pretty well with the dark theme modifications I made, it would just need a couple of minor updates. Thank you for pointing it out, though
  12. The rank xp boost you get for lowering your aircraft/weapon levels are unfortunately not confirmed. The numbers seem all over the place, and we haven't figured out what exactly the formula is. Here's a couple of examples, though: 1.14x rank xp for changing a Lv.15 aircraft to Lv.12 and a Lv.5 special weapon to Lv.3 in Online Co-Op 1.62x rank xp for changing a Lv.15 aircraft to Lv.1 and a Lv.5 special weapon to Lv.1 in Ring Battle 1.06x rank xp for changing a Lv.5 special weapon to Lv.3 in Online Co-Op We think that it may depend on the mode, the weapon, and for all we know, the time of the day. Honestly, we're not positive. But the rank xp boost is definitely there, and it very quickly adds up across multiple sorties/fuel. If you can sacrifice a few levels of performance on your sets, it'll make a major (no pun intended) difference for getting to Colonel.
  13. I don't use those because sometimes I'll find myself using Photoshop or other editing programs and those dimming programs will screw up some colors for me. Of course, others are free to use those, but I wanted to make this option available for the others who don't want to use those programs.
  14. They haven't confirmed the contents of the DLC yet. I assume they're still reeling from the release itself for now.
  15. I've been doing a lot of trophy hunting at night, and websites having dark themes is always a help when browsing at night. PSNP doesn't have an option to switch to a dark theme - nor am I demanding one, as I understand the backend work that would require - so I decided to make my own design through the Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari extension Stylish. I don't know how many people will find a use for this, but I figured I might as well release it to the public in case you guys would like it. This does not affect the forums (for the most part, unless I missed a bug). That would require literally reskinning IPB, and that would be something better on the server side than through an extension like this. Feel free to leave feedback! There's probably some lingering bugs, but most of the site should be darkened with this theme. Previews below: