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  1. No problem, but I'm also getting the same error message when clicking "Add to Library" on the search results page for standard games 😅 EDIT2: Not anymore...? I don't know what just changed between my post and now. EDIT: Also, I notice titles are being set to "first letter capital" when they may not need to be. For example, some of the DLC for Ace Combat 7 has been incorrectly de-capitalized.
  2. I can't add DLCs to my wishlist. It just makes the page blank with the word "false".
  3. It's just the game disc (the same one that released in January 2019) with two DLC vouchers, one for the Season Pass and one for the upcoming Original Aircraft Series. This is confirmed by the company: So no, it will NOT be everything on the disc. And yes, this does appear to be Japan-exclusive. I should mention, though, none of the DLCs have trophies. All of the trophies are on the base game.
  4. Well, you just bought the standard edition, right? See if you can contact Sony Support and explain that you'd like to upgrade the edition from standard to deluxe. They may be able to refund the standard purchase which should allow you to purchase the deluxe.
  5. No. The Season Pass gives you access to the DLCs only, not AC5 as well because it's not DLC. Keep in mind, the Deluxe Edition has exclusive DLC in the form of 8 Popular Squadron Emblems, which cannot be purchased or acquired separately, not even if you purchase the Season Pass.
  6. @DrakeHellsing AC5 was never sold separately, so it won't appear in the search. Also, I recommend you check these out: @Lord_Bane999 If the AU/NZ stores follow the European store, then AC5 may indeed still come with AC7's Deluxe Edition. In fact, someone just said a couple of months ago in the second thread I linked above that it should stand to reason that AC5 will still be included. However, this comes with a couple of caveats. 1) It was never official, so you run the risk of not getting AC5. 2) It was the Deluxe Edition of AC7 that's still giving AC5, not just the game on its own.
  7. I'm disappointed by how easy this list is, I was honestly hoping for some more creative stuff than just "talk to Squidward, defeat one of every robot, and get 100 spatulas". For those who don't know, the spatulas are the in-game completion meter. Getting 50 spatulas means you completed 50% of the game; getting 100 spatulas means you completed 100% of the game. Everything is geared towards earning those spatulas. A LOT of these trophies are unmissable because you need at least 75 spatulas to even fight the final boss at all. Definitely love the trophy art and I'm absolutely aiming for the Platinum, because I'm a huge fan of this game, so much so that I pre-ordered the priciest edition. I was just hoping for some creative challenges that utilized more than just story-based trophies.
  8. It should carry the download as well, they're within the same PSN territory.
  9. I've updated the guide with an embed for your video and a link to this thread, thanks!
  10. The multiplayer kind of died very quickly, but not completely. PS4 is indeed the most active of the three, with Xbox dead and Steam slightly active, but at times you may find it difficult to find a room. That being said, if/when you do find a room, milk it for all it's worth
  11. Not anymore, unfortunately.
  12. The Ace Combat community is typically a lot more friendly and welcoming than most other online fandoms. I'm very disappointed to see such bashing against it, and I'm glad you realized you went too harsh @MeteoraXV Take me, for example. I've been an admin at the Ace Combat wiki for a few years, but I also do like Assault Horizon, but I also understand it's a terrible Ace Combat game. It's a good game in a few aspects -- but it's a terrible Ace Combat game, and it was marketed as the "future" of the Ace Combat brand, so that's why people bash on it so hard. It deserves it from the standpoint of an Ace Combat game. Again, keep in mind that I do like it. I understand everyone else's points about it because they're still valid. Now, if you want to bash Reddit communities in general, that's a different story But the Ace Combat memes are glorious 👌 Also, with all of that, none of this is even the point of this topic. I'm incredibly surprised Bandai Namco hasn't caught wind of the AC5 remaster on the European PSN store, hopefully people can continue to use that path to get access to this game.
  13. No, the DLC missions don't come with any additional medals, trophies, or other content besides the missions themselves.
  14. 8492 is certainly one of those missions. I don't blame you for having trouble with it, I balked when I first found out that you had to shoot them all down for the S rank. And yeah, the FALKEN really doesn't make that one that much easier because lining up the laser will open you up to attack. Multi-lock air-to-air missiles are far better choices. I wish you the utmost luck on this one.
  15. My sincerest apologies to everyone who's been providing feedback on the guide. It's been in the back of my mind for so long. I finally got around to adding a section on the ADF-01 FALKEN and I also reduced the guide's scores to 7/10 difficulty (Ace difficulty is still fairly challenging for newbies, even with the FALKEN) and 50 hours. Please let me know if there's anything I missed or need to update.