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  1. Glad the screenshot I posted shed some light here. You can't be too surprised about them still keeping at it, us Slovaks are very slow learners and porting a game may take multiple attempts, but not to worry, all their hard work is surely being rewarded by people buying this stuff.
  2. Hey DeepEyes! How are the kids since the last thread? Feels like ages since the last thread-union, I hope they're staying out of trouble. We finally managed to get our shop up and running and I'm now selling propane and propane accessories. I heard enaysoft and AJ_Radio started a landscaping company and they were heavely protested by Tonki and Infected Elite claiming that they should leave the land alone and move someplace else if they don't like it. DrBloodMoney finally got his doctorate, so the title is official and beteen you and me, I think he took an online colleged to get it. The only one we're currently still waiting to get here is our good friend Daive with his cute maltese pup, I feel like we need to be reminded that there already is a thread for this sort of a reunion and we need to disaband and exit the thread area immediately. As to the thread topic, I remember when The Pig D came out and the devlopers commented on the forums, I think this comment is the best example of things that aged like milk: I for one can't wait for this Citizen Kane of videogames that's gonna come out from our good friends at Webnetics s.r.o., since they'll clearly use all this money to develop a masterpiece. The Vagina V, maybe?
  3. I found it really bizzare and strange how AJ kept mentioning Cali in like 70% of his Sony rants, but I strongly agree with his main point which boils down to "all the executive decisions now are made by suits, people with 0 passion for the gaming media, Sillicon Valley is full of these types of people and folks like John Carmac or John Romero who made huge strides beacuse of their love of games are nowehere to be found". There are still great games being released and supported, the problem is now you gotta shovel through metric tons of shit to get to them. I can compare folk who bitch about these types of games to people in youtube music comments saying "I was born in the wrong generation" just because they enjoy something else. With that being said, I'd always rather stick with those people than people who buy these games and allow the store/PSNP/trophies to be infested with stacks upon stacks of shovelware just to increase the number of trophies or fool themself by getting a higher percentage completion. I miss the PS3 era dearly and the best thing that can be done is to vote with your wallet, don't buy this shit and as pretentious as it sounds, keep up the "elitist" attitude towards people who buy and support these. If it keeps at least a handful of people from getting into these games, it's worth it.
  4. I hope the depth of the game won't be too much to bare. Still waiting for a game that will let you just get trophies right as you launch it without any button presses, then we'll have so REAL fun! People used to bitch about Steam achievement games where you'd get around 1500 of them in 2 hours of gameplay, but I think we surpassed them.
  5. I hope they don't make it easier, we already have many games that were patched to be easier and it would truly suck for those who put in the dedication to be robbed of the "prestige" of having this. I'm saying this as someone who doesn't even have the game.
  6. I'll hold my tongue regarding the controvery and bickering, as much as I'd love to reply, absolutely nothing would be gained from it. Regarding the suggestion, I am very biased against these "games" so I'm all for it. I don't think I'd use it myself, as I'd love to see profiles full of these "games" for my own reason, but just having the ability to filter then would be a great thing, mainly for the front page as that thing gets flooded by garbage after garbage that is just ripe for "trophy hunting" by some folks. I'm afraid that we'll be at another impass here and the best we can hope is for this to become a PSNP+ feature. As to what @HusKy said, I am not entirely sure if the game information is fully carried from IGDB by the site or if it requires a manual entry from some of the Game Informaiton Team members. I have spoken to a few of them and if recall they have to at least check each entry to make sure what is being shown is accurate.
  7. Preservation and conveniance. I can't have most of my digital games installed at the same time as having all my discs installed. This doesn't include all the DLCs, themes, apps and all my saves. If you're someone who likes deleting and reinstalling games, or doesn't have a huge library that wants it on hand, I can't blame you.
  8. Absolutely not. The PS3 is not designed for an SSD. If anything it will make the XMB load faster, but that's about it. Use that money to get a bigger HDD, just keep in mind that the PS3 can only read up to 1525GB not higher, so I wouldn't go above 1,5TB unless you know what you're doing.
  9. Ok, hear me out. So it's about this company named Webnetics s.r.o. They're this shitty Slovak company that releases 5 minute games for trophies. One of the worst companies in the motherfucking universe. They were just chilling one day and they go "You know what would be really fucking funny?". So later on in the day Mr. Webnetics comes to the garage and he hears a sound, he looks around for the source and finds a green object and a disembodied voice tells him to flip it over, he flips over the thing and it's revealed that it's a pickle. His game, the shittiest way to get trophies in the fucking universe just turned itself into a pickle. Funniest shit I've ever seen.
  10. If you're looking for longevity and ease of maintnance I'd go for a SuperSlim myself. I am not a huge fan of the design either, but that huge door for discs means less electronic parts that could go out and opening the console for cleaning and the occassional repasting is very easy.
  11. I would kindly suggest not doing this, especially for PSN message, I probably won't respond. I'll start hosting again when I finish a bunch of my boosts as Bomberman started to cut into it. If anybody is interested in Super Bomberman R Online and wants my help, please keep an eye out on Boositng Session, I'll create one when I start hosting again.
  12. See the thing is people, myself included, gave the website money already and there is no incentive to add new features. Don't get me wrong, I use the site enough to get my money's worth and I do not regret it, but I doubt Sly has any reason to change or add things if he likes the way the website is right now. I highly doubt it would bring any more money. On the other hand the hands off approach indirectly gave birth to PSNP+ thanks to @HusKy's efforts, which is insanely good and I honestly wouldn't ever go back to using regular PSNP.
  13. I would have loved to reply to Sly but that thread has been closed. Many, many times I have to look on TrueAchievements or Astats to find help for a certain trophy. The ability to write a guide/tips for a singular trophy is a godsend, I have written quite a few myself on Astats and would love to do so here, but the is no option for it, unless I make and entire game guide. Once again we are at the same place we always are, it's Sly's website, he can do whatever he wants...
  14. I would disagree with you on 2 fronts here. 1. Every single sesison I hosted has had a "placeholder" time to gather people. Everybody who joined and communicated got their trophies, I can say this with 100% certainty. I don't browse sessions others make, since I prefer to lead, but I think ignoring all the sessions like mine limits your scope quite a bit and I honestly believe that if somebody forgets they had a session going, they're a moron so I'd agree with staying away from those hosts. 2. Not allowing sessions to be pushed back more than a month sounds like a swell idea on paper, but I have a counterpoint. For the past several weeks I have hosted sessions for Bomberman R Online. The game is shutting down at the end of the year and the fastest way to get the trophies is to have someone with the "Premium" DLC host a custom match for you, since you can't do that just without the DLC (Konami's greed). I had a PSNP Boositng session up that anyone could join and I'd host for them since I had that DLC, I helped over 55 people total and the only way they knew I wasn't a bullshitter is because I kept pushing that session back to leave it open, so that everyone could see how many people already joined and were done. What I would strongly agree with is some sort of an update for the session system, mainly making the feedback matter. If your rep from feedbacks was shown just like your rep on the forums, that would make choosing a sesison much easier. The hosts rep would go a long way, but I understand that would surely open another can of worms that would have to be adressed. As it stand the feedback after sessions is useless and you're lef tin the dark if the host is someone who will ensure a smooth sessions or some moron like you described.
  15. Such a shame about the notice. This combined with the Shadow Fall shutdown and a bunch of PS3 shutdowns will make this quite a challenge to complete. I think this is the best Killzone title and it will be quite sad that the platinum will unobtainable soon. Good luck to all of you, hopefully they will extend the shutdown date.