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  1. I'm guessing you didn't manage to join my carry session since you have a negative opinion of me. I'm not gonna argue with you here, I'll just point out that I took time out of my own day and helped 87 people over the months so far. I'm glad @UNLEADED_BRONZE is willing to help people as well so that people won't just have to rely on me and my standards and availability, especially now since there is only less than 2 weeks left to closure. If anybody new is interested in this, a whole carry session can take about 45 min. - 1 hour if the host knows what he's doing, so just getting a match going is the important part. Edit: Nevermind, I checked my notes. When I saw your request to join, you already had the game completed at a 100% so I denied your request and delted your message. I don't see what the problem with that is, but maybe you can tell me.
  2. This would align with how they have done things previously. I'd still recommend that people jump onto it right now, as there is enough time, but I am sure they will add the auto axe into a vendor at some point... god knows for what price though.
  3. I can confirm this exact scenario as well. My assumption was that MK11 did not count correctly as I launched it for the first time for a different campaign and I used Street Fighter for this one since it was my first time launching that game. Could be something different, but it seemed the campaigns have trouble counting games you have played before.
  4. Man, I don't know why, but this gave me an actual good laugh. Thank you.
  5. Oh yeah, I remember this. I wanted to get the Vita version to try it, but this combined with the terrible framerate made me just stick with the PS3 version. I also know that Tales from Borderlands has that one stack you cannot buy anymore. Having a complete Borderlands tropht collection would be a nightmare.
  6. I am still baffled by this situation. I can't imagine stacking Borderlands 1 once more and then some moron decides to add the list for a DLC that was never released in that region.
  7. Even as someone with a deep hatred for these games, I hope they don't. Nobody should be put into a spot of having an unobtainable on their profile. Would be really funny though. BZB can go do one.
  8. If the hide shovelware feature can be implemented onto the DLC section, I hope every single shovelware stack will get a paid DLC so that all the connoisseurs of these "games" will have a reason to come back and spend some more quality time on these titles. I am sure the developers will be delighted by the revenue and the people who enjoy these masterpieces will be thrilled to go back to them.
  9. Now you get tge privilage of customer service.
  10. I had a similiar experience. Today I just bought the PS5 GoW bundle and even before I redeemed the code that came with the box (fuck you Sony for not giving out an actual disc in the packaging) this campaign appeared for me. I used a Slovka gmaing store that has a different email attached to it, so I have no idea how Sony knew that I ordered the GoW bundle, as the console did not come with it preinstalled.
  11. I hope they add more. I have been enjoying the game since day 1 and I will defend it every chance I get. I honestly liked the game before Wastelanders as I really enjoyed the aspect of every human being a player and you still had quests from robots, terminals and holotapes. To address some of your points, the "make a second character for Wastelanders" trophy was understandable as Fallout 4 had trophies for each faction as well, but it was a terrible choice, I agree. Not to mention having to grind reputation. I'd argue that you don't need any of that end game gear ti make and end game character. I have put 980 hours into the game and I don't have an end game character, however I have easily pass any missions, daily ops, or even the Pitt expeditions. I want to prefice this part by saying that I am not a fan of the BoS at all, in any Fallout, maybe with the exception of 3. The BoS expansion had some interesting things in it, such as choosing which version of the Brotherhood you like more (OG or Lyons') but given that it was in 76 and it being an MMO-lite, it fell short and choices didn't really matter so overall I agree that it wasn't too interesting. Now comes The Pitt... oh The Pitt. I won't argue that there are only 2 missions, or that you have to do shitty dailies to access them, all of those are valid points that I agree with. The DLC as a whole is a letdown. Esp3cially given how they said it took the 2 years to develop... bullshit. What I disagree with is the fact that the 2 areas are interesting to explore and they do offer world building if you just look around. Best thing you can do is to launch each expedition solo once and do it at your own pace. Hobestly, the best part of the DLC for me was the return of The Responders, as I am a huge fan of the group. What is absolutely inexcusable is the rewards and their price... I can't imagine grinding stamps to unlock street lamps for your camp... Just no. Not that I think most people here care about in-game stuff as we're on a trophy site, but I do. Speaking of trophies, they are very easy to achieve, so even people qho dislike the game can be done in 2-3 days. What is really jarring is that the Autoaxe is part of the seasonal rewards... I don't even want to imagine what it will cost once the season ends. That's if you'll be able to buy it right away. I'd argue that the game was at its besy just before wastelanders, but I have enjoyed coming back for new content and despite some valid criticism, I really like the game. I hope they keep adding more content whether it be with or without trophies as this game has a great community of supporters. Might be the best online community I was ever part of, frankly. I wish more people gave the game a chance, but I understand that a lot of people especially here will just see more trophies as not an opportunity to get more out of the game (mind you each update was free), but as a chore to play through content they don't want to experience in the first place.
  12. Bioshock 2? You wouldn't happen to know if that guy was GodSonEmilio, right? Truly a god of a gamer, he's the peak of gaming. To the OP, I understand the frustration of the whole premise and while making a post like this might help you vent, you might later regret trying to address a random ass person who messaged you on PSN here on a trophy hunting site. I don't think they'll be able to see it and they certainly won't respond and you'll end up looking like an ass. Don't let them get to you, altough I do have to say that the post was entertaining, just probably not for the reasons you intended.
  13. You mean where you had to download stuff from the store to fully install it? Resident Evil Revelations 1 and Revelations 2 did it as well.
  14. The staff literally said it's manual entry so it takes them time to add each game into that filter.
  15. Touché. I'm just too deep in to stop. 😅 I used game lists that to keep track of things I do want buy and online trophies. Way too many...