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  1. PSN was busy during Christmas, you don't have your PS5 set as your primary console so all digital games couldn't be authenticated and therefore didn't work. I had the same exact issue since my account is on multiple consoles.
  2. Hello all, I recently (Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020) went through all the multiplayer trophies for this game with minimal boosting. We had a group where we would organize and constantly invite new people. Those who were new or returning veterans would ask questions, most of which we have already answered previously, so to save up on writing time in the group and to help you lovely folks out, here's an FAQ for the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Q: Are any of the trophies glitched? A: Yes, Global Warfighters can glitch on you. The trophy should unlock after you get rank 14. To prevent the glitch from occuring it is advised to reach rank 14 while in a match and not on the post-match screen where XP is being counted. There has been 1 report of the trophy glitching when the person reached rank 14 by obtaining a medal, so be wary. There have been a few reports (thread HERE thanks to @Kolm ) dating back to 2013 that claim that the same glitch can affect Back in the Fight, while I have not seen this reported anywhere else, keep it in mind. Make sure you reach all your tours while in-game, not on the post-match screen. There was also a glitch for Job done for a few months, but me and a couple of people managed to somehow get that fixed by pestering EA. (huge kudos to @Lijon88 especially) Misc glitches: 1. On Battlelog, the Korean AA-12 for the Demolitions class is marked as AKS-74U (you can tell by the Korean flag next to the weapon icon) it will count your kills correctly and you can see the Marksman pin displays the AA-12 correctly, just something to keep in mind. 2. Sometimes if you leave a match, some of your kills will be lost, mainly the kills you got with the latest weapon you used. This can cost you your pins! Make sure you monitor battlelog regularly, it will always show the actual amount being counted. Q: If the trophy glitches, can I fix it or am I screwed? A: There is a way to fix it, but it can be messy. You need to contact EA (link to create a support ticket for live chat: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/?product=medal-of-honor-warfighter&platform=ps3) and either let them completely delete your EA account, or just ask them to disconnect your PSN from the EA account. Unfortunately, there is no way to do either just by yourself. WARNING: Any game that stores information on EA's servers will have that information deleted, so think before you ask them. My advice is to finish up all other EA games, then contact them, let them just disconnect your PSN, go in-game create a new EA account, unlock all the MP trophies in this game. Then contact them again, let the disconnect your PSN from the new EA account you created and then reconnect your old account in-game. This is very helpful if you worry about losing progress and just want to finish this game. Q: Is the MP active or do I need to boost? A: It is pretty active, you can find at least 1 match running most of the time, so if you're confident, you can get everything without boosting. Q: How long does it take to finish every multiplayer trophy? A: This heavely depends on what you boost and how good you are. It's not bad if you enjoy the game, as an example here are my stats on Battlelog. It took me 26 hours to get everything, I only boosted 1 trophy, that boost took around 4 hours. I consider myself just above average with a K/D ratio of 1.45, so if you're better then you can be done in a lot less. Q: What should I focus on first? A: Firstly get Job done, that trophy was glitched as I have stated, it is obtainable now so get that ASAP. Apart from that, let's say you're an average player, I would boost All In since that requires a 12 player killstreak, it is based on points so you might not even need to kill anyone to get it, that's the theory at least. If you're really struggling also boost MVP, everything else can be done without boosting as long as you're patient and persistant. Afterwards focus on getting weapon kills and XP (after each level you will unlock a new weapon, focus on getting 20 kills with it first, then go for XP with whatever combination you feel comfortable with). Q: How many players are needed to boost? A: [Dec. 2022 edit: I have been informed it's back to 4 players required, but I have not tested this myself, so I am also leavig my original answer here.] 8. It used to be 4, but ever since they brought back Combat Mission servers it is 8. (my conspiracy theory is they did it to make sure the game dies faster, since it will need more people to start a match) Q: What's the best way to boost? A: Split into 2 teams, each team with at least 4 members, go into the server browser and find one running Combat Mission on hardcore settings. Hardcore settings means no mini-map (unless somebody launches the UAV killstreak) and more damaging guns. Get a meet-up spot and go for whatever you need. Be aware, that unless you're gonna be playing during off hours (around 6 a.m. - 12 p.m. GMT+1 time) you will get randoms, if they make the boosting hard, make sure the 2 leaders of the teams disconnect and then find another hardcore server. Q: What's the best way to boost weapons pins (kills)? A: First of all, unless you have a lot of people with multiple consoles, do NOT bother boosting weapon kills (you need 20 with each weapon), since it will take ages to get everything for everyone. With that being said, the method mentioned above works for weapon kills, if you insist. TIP: If you struggle getting sniper kills (like I did) go into a hardcore server, every bolt-action sniper is a 1-hit kill there. For the semi-auto snipers, slap on a red dot sight on it and use it as an assault rifle instead of a sniper. However, there is also 1 gun you should watch out for, the McMillan CS5, it's a bolt-action rifle but unless you get a headshot it will never be a one-hit kill, even on a hardcore server. This gun was the hardest part of the game for me, especially since you need to get 20 kills with three different variants of it. TIP #2: Create a document and track your kills, since you need 20 for each. You can also track your progress on Battlelog, in the weapons section (link for my weapons - here) Q: What's the best way to boost XP (levels)? A: Do NOT boost XP. Between getting 50,000 XP with each class for Back in the Fight and getting 20 kills with each weapon for Jack of all Guns, you will get enough XP just playing the multiplayer. If you're extremely stubborn, then the above method works well for boosting, you could take turns planting bombs and then defusing them for 200XP each defuse. If you want to optimize the way you play and do not want to prolong how long you have to play the multiplayer, do not boost XP. Q: How do the Nation Tokens work? How do I get more? What are they good for? A: The Nation Tokens can heavely decrease the time you have to play the multiplayer, it's essentialy free XP! Each time you complete a match, the game will award you with Nation Tokens (1 for losing, 3 for winning, 5 for winning and being one of the best players). Log into Battlelog, visit the Nations section, select a nation you represent (this just changes the flag on your battlelog and what country get points from your tokens, so it doesn't matter) and click the yellow Spend button to spend your tokens. Spending 10 tokens will get you a Warfighter Nations Ribbon in-game, which is worth 500xp. It may not sound very appealing at first, but each consecutive day you spend tokens on the site will increase the worth of your tokens by 1x (day 2 - 1 token earned is worth 2 tokens, day 3 - 1 token earned is worth 3 etc.) This stacks up to a maximum of 7x, meaning if you just play a match, do terrible and lose, you'll get 7 tokens for it, sounds much better right? Be sure to click the SPend Tokens button only once, otherwise your tokens will go into negative numbers and it is also highly recommended to go over 100 tokens, if possible, as anything above 100 will be lost. TIP: If you know you won't be able to play on a particular day, save your tokens and just spend them on the day you cannot play, this will keep your streak alive. Unfortunately there is no way to divide the tokens, you can only spend all of them or none Q: If I buy the shortcut pack for each class do I still need to get to rank 74? A: No idea, I have never seen anyone throw out the money to get any of the shortcut packs. Knowing EA, it will not unlock anything and it will just be a waste of money, but I have NOT tested this. Hope this helps some of you, please, if you have any questions bugging (even something that might sound stupid) feel free to ask me while the game is fresh on my mind. I'll do my best to reply to you ASAP and I'll add the question into this post. Happy Hunting Edit: Just a small edit for people using this FAQ, I have decided to disconnect and reconnect my PSN account with my original Origin account, meaning all of my old stats from Warfighter may be gone, therefore some of the links in this FAQ that link to my stats might stop working, thank you for understanding.
  3. Great questions all around. 1. 76.44GB as of today. I have it installed on my PS5 for faster loading. For patches, or rather DLC, I think it's about 25GB usually. 2. A lot of builds are viable, so don't think too hard about it for now, the meta however is and always was a "Bloodied Build", where you purposfully lower your max HP and use weapons that have increased damage and armor with damage reductions the lower your health is. I don't enjoy that playstyle as I like to be a tank myself, so I do a full health + full hunger and thirst build. You cna respec your character and have 2 different builds, you cna also purchase extra build slots with Atoms. 3. You can do the entire game solo, however you won't be killing end-game bosses solo (currently only one, the Scorchbeast Queen is needed for a trophy). Don't sweat it as when each of the bosses are spawned via a nuke launch, it creates an events for the entire server, so you'll usually have lots of support from randoms as they drop great gear. I always try to do these events as they are great even for high level players. 4. No. I have seen a nuke target a player's CAMP maybe a handful of times.. not because the community is above it, but when you see that a nuke is targeting your camp you usually change servers so your stuff doesn't get blown up. So people don't spend their resources on this. 5. I think the PvP unlocks at level 5, but I am not 100% sure. Nobody does PvP in this game. Level 5 will take you about 2 hours of play if you're REALLY slow. 6. This is too broad, I can tell you that I don't worry about caps too much as there is a carry limit of 40 000. Each day NPC vendors have 1400 caps that you can get by selling them stuff. You can keep repeating this each day, however end-game caps come from having a vendor in your camp selling stuff players want. My best seller is Bobbleheads, Magazines, Rare plans (that I sell cheap) and Screws + Gears. 7. There is a limit of how many you can have at one time I think, but not how many you can delete and create. I am sure of this as I have made over 40 when I was grinding for rare outfits. 8. I never had anything glitch on me when I played since launch, so I wouldn't know about this. I also never heard any complaints myself, so I really can't tell you. 9. It's about once or twice per season. There is double XP on right now for example, it really helps to gain season ranks and levels overall. 10. They aren't if we're talking buying stuff that's pay to win. 99% of what you buy from the Atom shop is cosmetics. Sometimes thy introduce stuff that creates items in your CAMP, like a coffee machine, fusion core recharger, a bot that collects junk, etc. What could be considered really unfair is with a Fallout 1st subscription (full disclosure, I have one myself) you get a Scrap Box to store ALL your crafting materials so you don't have to use your normal storage for it. (personally this allows me to store an insane amount of all scrap, so I never had to worry about crafting) it also allows you to place a survival tent anywhere in ther world, which acts as a free fast travel spot (you pay caps to fast travel to most locations, otherwise). If your subscription expires then you can take out and use crafting materials form your Scrapbox, but you can't put new ones in. One thing that I want to be very clear about - as a new player you will have a TON of in-game challenges that award Atoms. They'll practically shower you with Atoms during the start of the game, so if you don't want to spend real money on this, sit on them until you need them.
  4. I'll try to give you a bit more than just a one word answer. If you despised the beta, I'd say give the game a shot on an ALT first and see how you like the first few hours or so. The basic gameplay hasn't changed much. Be aware that you will need to put some thought into your loadout and build after level 50 or so, since basic weapons stop being that useful. As for technical problems, I am just shy of 1500 hours played right now (very few of which I spent doing mindless stuff, I don't grind much in this game) and I can tell you the most common glitches I encounter: -Hard Crashes, happens about once per day when playing for a long time, you can just relaunch the game and join the same server if you were on a team, no progress is usually lost since everything is saved server-side -NPC dialogue not opening, this usually happens when you just load in or fast travel to a new area, might have to back out of the dialogue window a few times -Looting no being instant, this happens very, very rarely these days, but if you loot a container and it takes like a second for the items to go into your invetnory, just change servers -LAG when turning in quests, same as above, if you are on a particurarly bad server, it might take a few seconds for you to get your reward. Having a problem like this isn't all bad since you used to be able to take advantage of it by grinding raider reputation (not sure if this still works or not), but this can be fixed by hopping out of the server and into a new one. -CAMP problems, the building aspect has been improved, but you sitll might get some occassional nonsense when building decorations such as the game telling you "This item needs support" when you're building it on flat ground. I build a lot though, so you might not encounter this problem. If you have any questions then feel free to ask, and I hope to see you in Appalachia.
  5. Nope, solid 30 on both PS4 and PS5 as we did not get a separate version nor an upgrade.
  6. I have praised the game a bunch personally so I won't repeat myself and bore everyone. I'll just say that from a trophy perspective, it's very easy and doable, both the plat and the 100%, altough you might need to ask for help from people for a couple of trophies if you plan to play solo. The Premium subscription called Fallout 1st is not needed for any trophies at all, but it does make storage managment a lot easier + if you really hate people (which you shouldn't, the community here is great) it allows you to have a private world. Expect a few crashes here and there on both the PS4 and PS5 + some minor lag when talking to NPCs right after you log in/fast travel. Other than that, just enjoy yourself, the exploration is 10/10 and the game is still fully supported with free content.
  7. I'd recommend doing the Daily Ops trophies with someone who knows what they're doing as that's end-game content that you can be carried through. I'd recommend boosting the PvP kills as well as PvP is quite uncommon in 76 and you might as well get the revives out of the way. For the "join teams" trophy, you can just join Public Teams, but in case they don't count I unlocked the trophy by inviting players into a team which they never joined. TL;DR Kill 20 players. Kill a wanted player. Revive 20 fallen players. Earn Elder Rewards from a Daily Op. Edit: I am mostly a solo player myself and just join Public Team for the in game boosts you get (more XP and such) so you won't have any trouble. In case you'll have trouble with anything adjusting your build is easy and the players are really helpful.
  8. I hope many of you will try Fallout 76 and enjoy it. It is genuinly a good game and I just wish that people weren't persuaded by all the youtubers and media outlets bashing the game to this very day. I played it since launch and it certainly had it's bugs and it still crashes from time to time, but the experience of the game is well worth it. Please, do give it a shot and the trophy list is quite easy as well, with minimal boosting required + the community is extremely welcoming of new players, I can guarantee that you will be stopped multiple times by high levels, so they can give you food, water, stimpaks and plans for items... I might be the one who stops you as well if we're on the same server.
  9. I just finished Babylon's Fall and wanted to know how many hours it took me solo so that I can report it to my mates. This great tracker showed 9... which is insanely low. I wonder why they don't just count the time that the game is running, that's how Steam does it and it works fine.
  10. EDIT: As of 6th of June, 13:00 GMT - the servers are currently back online, everything is achievable. As of 16th of June,13:00 GMT - the servers are still up and running If you're coming here from the front page of PSNP, this only applies to the PS3 version! The PS4 version is completely fine as of 30th of May. For a few days now the online portion of the game seems to be down. You don't get an error when launching the game and you can still view all of your notoriety skills, the problem comes when you try to actually play online - you can never get a match going. We have tested this on both the physical disc version and the digital download version. Searching for any kind of online activity shows that the average wait time is unknown and after searching for about 5 minutes, you will be timed out. Things we have tested: Online Hacking (both Request Hacking Target and Hack a Friend) Online Tailing (both Request Tailing Target and Tail a Friend) Online Racing (both Join a Public Session and Create Private Session [I could create a lobby, but noone could join even if invited]) This means that as of this moment, the online trophies are once again unobtianable, hopefully just temporarily. Please let me know if any of you could get a mtach going or if your findings are different from mine. I will update my post should the matchmaking work once more. In case you will want to contact Ubisoft about this, please be prepared to be blown off even more than usual due to the fact that the servers themselves seem to be online and I highly doubt they'll do proper testing for this 8 year old game.
  11. I mean this was always the case. There were MMORPGS that had great progression, but shit end game, this is not a new concept. Whether you get dissatisfied with a game after 10 or 300 hours is irrelevant to me. If the latter parts of a game are bad, they are bad. It would be one thing if I was done with a game after 300 hours and then disliked it, but I am not done with DBD. Both trophy and game-wise, there are still things that I'd like to do, but I doubt the enjoyment I'll get from doing them will overcome the repetitivness of the game or the absolute shitshow that is this game community. Hours played are just numbers, there are games that are still fun after a 1000 hours, some get old after 2. This one got old after 300 and since it takes most people longer to get a 100% and we are on a trophy site, I think that information is usefull.
  12. I found that the game was very fun for like the first 300 hours... then it got extremely stale, but some people seem to enjoy it so they keep adding content to it, as if the gameplay will be vastly different. Just thinking of this game gives me a bitter taste in my mouth and I do want to finish the 2nd PS4 list, but I'll have to push myself somewhat to start playing this again. I'd strongly suggest trying it on a separate account, as there is fun to be had here, just not enough fun to last you until you get a 100%.
  13. Breach & Clear. Sorry, should have made it clear.
  14. I can't imagine how pissed I'd be getting it physically and then realizing it has an unobtainable.
  15. I'll raise a question on this, since I agree that it's a tricky subject for sure. I own a Titan One, which let's you program inputs, essentially run scripts. When my group was boosting Red Faction Guerilla, I wrote a script that would mimick controller inputs to launch a match, let it play and repeat. This way I could boost XP for 4 people at once while they left their consoles on overnight, doing nothing. I didn't use remote play, I just had my Titan One (which looks like a USB drive) plugged into my PS3, it pushed buttons on a specific timer, the same way I'd do if I was doing it manually. Would you consider this cheating/same thing OP is advertising since I myself wrote the script that mimicks button pushes by a machine on the consoles itself? And if so, do you think that this is vastly different from having a turbo controller plugged in, so that you don't get kicked from a match? If you don't think it's the same thing, what if I wrote a script for FF9 myself, that did the same thing on the console? Would that be comparable? Quite honestly I find it facinating and somewhat productive when talking with someone who has opposing views , so that's the reason for all my questions.
  16. Because I think there is less of a difference between macros and turbos, than between macros and mods. With a turbo or macro/script controller you are just having a machine do the inputs for you, inputs that the game accepts without any modifications being done to the game itself. With mods you're either adding onto or changing the original game code to allow for something that wasn't possible before, in this accessing the console. I personally see this as a clear cut difference. And to answer your question as to why defend it, I think there needs to be a clear and understandable line the community or authorities of this community accept. There are many things that PSNP disallows like closed custom servers that I completely disagree with, but the best we can do is to give our input on things and hope that a reasonable decision is made.
  17. This might be the worst anology I ever heard. But to argue the point, if that FF9 script (or macros in general) are modifications, I assume you would also consider Turbo controllers modifications. Would you also consider altering a console with water cooling or a better fan to be a modification and if so, would you compare it to a script since it makes the console run better in theory? Off topic of this argument, but just for comparison, the biggest achievement site for Steam,(largest PC platform) Astats, allows mods when it comes to achievements. They don't allow mods that just unlock the achievements, but if you mod your character to have the best stuff/be immortal/one shot everything, they allow it, which never sat right with me, but their standards are very different from PSNP.
  18. I still remember just laughing my ass off at the cover art and name with a buddy of mine. I never expected it to come to Playstation and it honestly looks like they put effort into the trophy name and pictures. I'll probably pick this up during Christmas, even though I haven't seen anything about the gameplay.
  19. Thank you both, I'll update the FAQ with this information.
  20. I just tried it on my phone and didn't get a prompt to select a nation as well, not sure why.
  21. I very vaguely remember that one person I played with had the same problem and he had to try it on his phone instead of the computer, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, I know it worked for him, see if that makes a difference.
  22. At least you guys have plenty of studios that make quality stuff. One of the worst makers of shovelware comes from my country, Slovakia. We don't have the good fortune of many studios outweighing the absolute shit that Webnetics s.r.o. puts out.
  23. Honestly the best and fastest way to get them is to have multiple teammates that can launch an expedition and have each of them launch Union Dues then speedrun through it. If you find high levels, it usually takes less than 10 min. to complete one. For doing your own expedition (alogside the secondary objectives) you get 10 stamps, for completing a teammates you get 8. Your own expedition also has a chance to drop you a Plan, but I am unsure if the Autoaxe plan is part of that lootpool or not. TL;DR Scoreboard or Expeditions are the only way to get Stamps.
  24. It looks like they can't afford to play proper games, let alone buy somebody else a console. I wouldn't hold your breath. I hope that everybody's efforts will actually bear some fruit, I'd love to do the PS4 stack myself. The Twitter confirmation is a good start for sure.
  25. Time to write a change.org petition to stop the maintnance!