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  1. Continue the story. You have to get to a point where Jeet will ask you to help around the camp and the stronghold upgrade will get introduced.
  2. Glad the post could be of use, I wish we had this for more games as well, especially with that games that have unstable/ glitched trophies. I remember you seyhano, you're most certainly welcome.I do hope more people give this game a try, even with the MP grind I think it was a lot of fun. It was great playing with you and the other guys.
  3. Unfortunately this is one of the things you have to deal with with FC2. I remember they went down quite a bit when I was going for the MP. Ubisoft, despite their many flaws, do have a pretty good track record when it comes to shutdowns (as far as I recall) so unless it comes from one of their official channels I would just keep on trying.
  4. Yeah @Fenixion88ZX, when it comes to hacking you have to do it under the rug like the guys at the top of the leaderboards.
  5. Well, color me surprised. My mistake, I didn't know about this method. I wished I knew about this method back when I had to rank up. Glad it's easier for other people at least.
  6. Granted it has been some time since I boosted XP using Hangman's NOOSE, but strictly going by that method, it takes over 400 matches, if I remember. There could be other methods I am not aware of, but I can't imagine a method where you could go from rank 0 to 10 in an hour.
  7. I really hope Sony didn't just pull an Activison and shut the servers down with no warning. Even if nobody played the game, it's common decency to give you at least some sort of a heads up. I'll try to launch the game and see what I get.
  8. As DeepEyes has said, when we were boosting and someone dropped we would get 1 japanese player that would constantly join. Given the game is barely played by anyone I very politely asked them to leave, I explained that were just trying to get trophies done and that's it. That person went on somewhat of a rant and tried telling us how lobbies work and that we will never be able to boost in a controlled group (even though we were already doing that for 10-20 hours at that point), when I tried to re-explain myself that person kept repeating his point and refused to listen. Granted, they are in no way required to listen to me and do as I ask, so I accepted it. We left the match and tried re-joining each other, but from that point forward every time we wanted to connect and have a full 6 person boosting lobby, we would always run into them, they again kept refusing to leave the pre-game lobby. All of this just lead to us seaching for each other for an hour, while that person sat in a lobby and watched us go in and out of it and I can tell for a fact that was neither enjoyable for them or us, just waste of time. But hey, that's boosting for you, you can't always expect people to comply. They were just trying to play the game normally, while we were trying to get our trophies done. I am not sure this thread will do you any good, people are people, you sometimes get rude boosters who tell you 10 different ways to fornicate with your dead relatives because you dared to join them and then you have players who post videos on youtube where they disrupt boosting sessions, because boosters are "noobs" (I mean duh', there's a reason we don't try to get trophies the natural way) and deserve to be purged.
  9. Ďakujem, brácho. Not much of a lego games fan, but if it's free I'm happy. But might a great casual game to chill with.
  10. Sorry mate, not interested in gathering boosting partners ATM. Cheers, that puts me somewhat at ease. I'll try to launch then game and I'll report back here if I run into any issues.
  11. Hello there, sorry to be a bother, I took a look at the trophy list and all the guides I could find, but one thing isn't clear to me. How many players are needed to boost? A few posts said 2 players altogether to start a private match, another post mentioned 3 (including the host). I'd also like to know if all the trophies, including DLC, can be earned in private matches. Thank you.
  12. Can't tell you, sorry. When I boosted it worked fine without any problems, even if I spent 50 tokens at once I got everything.
  13. Exactly. You get the ribbons the next time you complete a match, on the post-game screen.
  14. Hey Zoro, long time no see, hope you're staying safe. Spending 10 tokens should get you 1 ribbon AFAIK.
  15. I 100% agree, your post reminded me of how much I want to play MAG again, but alas, that isn't possible anymore.