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  1. Either NHL 15 or NHL 16, my hats off to you for getting those, I can't get into the sports genre myself.
  2. I don't even have that game, lol. As for you Resistance 2, servers closed, or Guitar Hero: Metallica, that one must be a pain in the ass.
  3. Wipeout HD.. the servers are closed. Other than that Far Cry 2, not looking towards that too much myself, but already got a 3 way setup...
  4. Call of Duty Classic. Fun and not too difficult.
  5. LBP Karting, not my type of game.
  6. Is an Otaku with pretty decent taste.
  7. SWORD ART ONLINE RE: HOLLOW FRAGMENT, I've heard good things about the show and games as well, but never bothered to experience any.
  8. Likes Outlast a lot. ...and is from the same country as me, ahoj.
  9. Evolve, I can't imagine even starting that. 😄
  10. Edit: Thanks everyone for the help, I got it.
  11. Edit: Thanks everyone for the help, I got it.
  12. The Last of Us Remastered, PS Plus is not a possibility for me, so no way to platinum that.
  13. Thank you all for the answers, now to only find the game cheaply. 😁
  14. I had to use a second account to purchase the BF4 Premium Edition for PS3 which let me download the DLCs and the Premium. The thing is, my main account can access the DLCs and show as a Premium in-game, but on Battlelog my primary account only has the DLCs listed without the Premium. If I can download the DLCs for the PS4 version with my second account, then all will be well. However I thought that I only needed to confirm that I wanted to transfer my stats when the game asks me and play 1 match to unlock the PS4 trophies.