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  1. Edit: Thank you everyone for all of the plays, good luck with yours! I will try my best to monitor the thread and play as many levels as I can.
  2. Issue resolved. I managed to delete the game patch (marked as additional content) then I played a mission in split screen and after finishing it, all 3 trophies popped. Now I just have to finish all of them.
  3. Hey all, I recently started playing RAGE co-op in splitscreen. We completed the first mission and the trophy for beating it didn't unlock. We also managed to complete the same mission on Nightmare difficulty. No trophy for that either. I've read that this can happen and that playing the Road Rage mode online will unlock the trophies, so I have a few questions: 1. Will it unlock all the trophies if I should already have them? (Complete 1 mission, Complete all mission, Complete a mission without dying, Complete a mission on Nightmare) 2. If yes, that means they'll have the same timestamp, wouldn't I get flagged for this? 3. Can anybody confirm any other methods that you can use to unlock the trophies? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello all, I have a question regarding the season pass. Does it unlock all the DLCs that unlock trophies? I'm asking since I want to finish this game before it gets shut down + all the DLC delisted, however on the PS Store the season pass description read (before they changed it to reflect the shut down) along the lines of "unlock 80 trophies". This got me worried since the DLCs have more than that combined. I just want to know if buying the season pass is enough, or if I have to buy any other DLCs as well. Thank you.
  5. Hello all, I'm not a very experienced gamer when it comes to racing games and this is my first "simulator" since I prefer arcade racing. Anyway, I wanna shoot for that 100% and I did a bit of research but would like for somebody more experienced to clarify a few things: 1. Does the region you get paired online with depend on your physical location or your PSN account? 2. I read on multiple sites and threads that racing between 23:00 - 06:00 in any given regions time will be the easiest to rack up wins, since not many people play, can anybody confirm? 3. I kinda understand how the ranking system works and know that keeping your rank low is advised, but won't keeping your Sportsmanship Rating down be counter-intuitive? Since you'll pair up with dirty drivers? 4. I saw that there are a LOT of DLC cars on the PS Store. Can those be unlocked with in-game currency without spending a dime? 5. Can you get duplicate cars from the daily warm up challenges? Thank you for reading and answering. I know this game is a hard grind, but I'm prepared for it... just hope the servers won't go down this year.
  6. Read the post I made after creating the thread, I explained everything there.
  7. Max Payne 3 is not loading the multiplayer for me on either of my consoles. However I can't log into social club on PC either, so it might just be a minor outage. Edit: Seems to be working fine now, I could connect without any trouble.
  8. Oh, I forgot to post here as well. I autopopped them some time ago, worked like a charm... altough I don't remember if the game asked me to transfer anything. Nevertheless it worked fine.
  9. Mortal Kombat, the online is a nightmare and a grind to boot... add to that the fact you can only play with people who have the same version as you and you'll have a nice list of reasons. Not to mention mastering all the characters, each for 24 hours...
  10. Is an ultra rare platinum collector with some very nice, challenging trophies. Good luck with Super Meat Boy!
  11. You hsould go for inFamous, that was a blast to play. Just make sure to use a guide for the shards, or you might just end up with a few missing ones that even the map won't show.
  12. If you have a VERY good and dedicated boost group then no, it isn't that hard, it will still take ages though. Remember that you have to help everyone achieve all the multikills, headshots and such, so strap yourself in, it's gonna be a long while. If the servers don't act up too much, it would be 7,5/10 or so.
  13. Yes, as everyone else has said, all of the Marvel DLC is on the cartridge, no download required. You still have to buy the DC DLC though.
  14. I can't speak for any trophies that I didn't get yet, though there are quite a few I'm not looking forward to. As for the ones I can attest to: Far Cry 2 - Soldier of Misfortune -getting multi kills, headshots, downs and executions with all weapons was an incredible chore. GTA IV - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic -it took me almost 9 years to get it, I did all the races 4 times, thought my game glitched, turns out I didn't do 1 more gamemode... stupid ol' me. Dead by Daylight - Evil Incarnate -you need a rare item (in my case 2) to be able to even attempt this, on 3 occassions people just disconnected when they saw me going for it, toxic community.
  15. Welcome Park, pretty fun and fast to do. Plus a reason to play your Vita.