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  1. I second this. Altough I had no trouble doing them fairly recently (as far as ther servers are concerned) I know for a fact they were unobtainable.
  2. Amen to that, I couldn't agree more on both the trophy hunters bitching (given this is mostly a trophy site, that's expected) and the overall fun of the MP portions of Uncharted games. U2 was the simplest purely skill-based mutiplayer on the PS3 that I know of (not counting Situational Awareness)... which would explain why I wasn't that good at it despite playing it for such a long time. I can't count the number of times we went through the Co-op adventures on U2 with my mates, especially Nepal. It was just so much fun! As I side note I finally found the last Desert Eagle, since there is supposed to be one at the start of each Co-op Adventure map and I finally found where it was in Sanctuary, so I finally got some closure on that after just 10 years! Overall I'm not gonna shed a single tear for U3, it was a letdown in my eyes, but U2 will always be remembered as a Playstation Classic.
  3. Seems like it, tried restarting my PS3, just to be sure, also tried my Vita and it all seems to connect without any issue.
  4. Working fine for me on my PS3. Friend list is up, I can play the multiplayer of Max Payne 3 etc.
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys. I read the rules before, I just wasn't sure, since I earned the trophies well AFTER creating a PSN account, so I asked. Either way thank you very much, I also noticed that I earned 1 Silent Hill: Book of Memories trophy without a timestamp... oh well. Still glad I won't get flagged though.
  6. Hello all, I've got a quick questions. Recently I started playing my Vita again, went right for Hotline Miami, as I've completed it on Steam previously. Since I had my Vita off for a long time I had to set the date again and all. For the purpose of keeping my PSNP profile completion percentage as it is (since it went down quite a bit thanks to online trophies) I kept my Vita completely off wi-fi. Today I managed to get the platinum, so I turned on wifi, had to update the system software and then synced my trophies to PSN. Then I went ahead and updated my PSNP profile and it said that I completed the game with missing timestamps. The missing timestamps are for getting a 4x & 6x combo. If I remember those were the first ones I got and I've gotten them at the same time, if I recall. I checked my Vita and sure enough, there were no timestamps on those trophies. My question is, is there anything I could do from my end to fix this? Also should I fear being reported/banned for such a thing? Sorry if there is an answer somewhere, I couldn't find it. Thank you.
  7. I bought it as a DLC, not standalone and I have to launch Driveclub, where I have the option to switch to Bikes. I'm assuming if you get the standalone version, you will just get a Driveclub icon on the home screen as well, could be wrong though.
  8. Hey Nai, long time no see. I would definitely love the PS Vita version on Mortal Kombat on my list.
  9. Ok, so I found out that you have to craft a cartography table to zoom out maps using paper, there are 4 levels of zoom (that's why if you get the first map it says Level 3/4) I am assuming having all 9 maps on Level 3 is sufficient since the first map you get has the same value. If anybode has tested this out, please, let us know. Or if you still have your world that you have created prior to the patch, please pick up one of your maps and let me know what is the level on it.
  10. Hello all, after the latest updated whenever you start a world, you still get an empty map. This one fuctions the same way as before, however when you go to craft a new map it crafts one which seems to be "zoomed in" and the whole map seems to be almost entirely explorer. Since it covers a smaller area I thought this would make the trophy easier so I went ahead, crafted the maps explored the small regions (which took about 20 minutes total) however when I filled the requirements for the trophy nothing happened. I tried destroying the maps and the item frames, placing them elsewhere and nothing, no trophy at all. Can anybody help me out by telling me what the issue could be? Here is the screenshot of the maps:
  11. For the PS3 version it's DLC, for the PS4 version it's all on disc, like the rest of the content.
  12. Edit: Thank you everyone for all of the plays, good luck with yours! I will try my best to monitor the thread and play as many levels as I can.
  13. Issue resolved. I managed to delete the game patch (marked as additional content) then I played a mission in split screen and after finishing it, all 3 trophies popped. Now I just have to finish all of them.
  14. Hey all, I recently started playing RAGE co-op in splitscreen. We completed the first mission and the trophy for beating it didn't unlock. We also managed to complete the same mission on Nightmare difficulty. No trophy for that either. I've read that this can happen and that playing the Road Rage mode online will unlock the trophies, so I have a few questions: 1. Will it unlock all the trophies if I should already have them? (Complete 1 mission, Complete all mission, Complete a mission without dying, Complete a mission on Nightmare) 2. If yes, that means they'll have the same timestamp, wouldn't I get flagged for this? 3. Can anybody confirm any other methods that you can use to unlock the trophies? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hello all, I have a question regarding the season pass. Does it unlock all the DLCs that unlock trophies? I'm asking since I want to finish this game before it gets shut down + all the DLC delisted, however on the PS Store the season pass description read (before they changed it to reflect the shut down) along the lines of "unlock 80 trophies". This got me worried since the DLCs have more than that combined. I just want to know if buying the season pass is enough, or if I have to buy any other DLCs as well. Thank you.