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  1. Hi all, just a quick heads up, they seem to be trying to silence some of the posts for the currently unobtainable trophy "Job done" in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I have a made post on the forums, tagging multiple EA employees so we can get a reply, a few hours go by and those posts are gone, deleted with no warning. At this time only 1 of the said posts remain.https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Medal-of-Honor-Warfighter-Combat-Mission-servers-missing/td-p/8518237
  2. Hi all, just a quick heads up, they seem to be trying to silence some of the posts. I have a made post on the forums, tagging multiple EA employees so we can get a reply, a few hours go by and those posts are gone, deleted with no warning. At this time only 1 remains.https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Medal-of-Honor-Warfighter-Combat-Mission-servers-missing/td-p/8518237
  3. Hi again. Just a quick head sup, they seem to be trying to silence some of the posts. I have a made post on the forums, taggin multiple EA employees, so we can get a reply, a few hours go by and those posts are gone, deleted with no warning. At this time only 1 remains. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Medal-of-Honor-Warfighter-Combat-Mission-servers-missing/td-p/8518237
  4. Hi all, so far we have a lot of replies on the post, but non from EA themselves. Today I decided to tweet @EAHelp, accusing them of selling a half functioning DLC, we'll see if this works. I am gonna keep this up until we get an answer! If you have the chance, please do join me, just keep it polite. Cussing them out won't help us, we're simply customers wanting what we paid for.
  5. Just a quick heads up the trophy "Job done" in Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been unobtainable for almost a month now. If any of you care enough to try and make EA fix it, here's a thread on their forums: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Medal-of-Honor-Warfighter-Combat-Mission-servers-missing/m-p/8518890 What would help the most is clicking the "Me too" button + giving the post XP and replying. The reason I'm posting here is the literal servers for the gamemode were shutdown without any warning, while the game still has other servers available. Full details and info can also be found in the MoH: Warfighter board here on PSNP, or you can message me on PSN as well, I can add you to our group we have.
  6. Guys, I created a topic on the EA forums: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/Medal-of-Honor-Warfighter-Combat-Mission-servers-missing/m-p/8518890#M47419 If you care about the trophy/game at all, please, take 5 minutes to go there, click the "Me too" button, give the post XP and reply, saying you have the same issue, the more traction the post gets the bigger the chance for a reply. The back of the game box states there is supposed to be a 30 day notice of shutdown, the Combat Mission servers got shut down with no warning, we might be able to work with this!
  7. Sorry for the double post, I just finished the support chat and it went exactly as suspected, here's the transcript, don't expect anything. Case #53787257 Rakshit: Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Rakshit, may I start with your first name please? Letenko: Hello Rakshit, I am Letenko. Rakshit: Hello Letenko. Nice to meet you. I hope you are doing good today. It seems that you are facing the issue with the game modes not available. Can you please elaborate your issue so that I can get a better understanding ? Letenko: Of course. For over 2 weeks now, the game only offers server playing Team Deathmatch + 5 servers playing Home Run + 1 server Running Sector Control. I am trying to play a round of Combat Mission, but whenever I search for it, the server list is empty. I do understand that this is an older title, but there are over 100 official EA servers running, but none for Combat Mission. There is unfortunately no way in-game to vote for a change of gamemode, nor is there a way to rent a server, so I can host it myself. I wanted to ask if it would be possible to change at least 1 of those servers to run Combat Mission, since most of the Team Deathmatch servers are empty and not being used anyway. The strangest thing is, the issue came up all of a sudden, wiht no warning. On November 10th there were multiple people that got the trophy on PS3 for playing the gamemode. It seems after that the servers for Combat Mission simply vanished. Rakshit: First of all, I really appreciate your passion towards the sunset game. And though the above is not possible as per my knowledge, but I will still go ahead and discuss it with the specialist for you. Letenko: Alright, thank you for your honesty. Rakshit: I just do not want to put a false hope in a player so dedicated! Meanwhile may I know how is your day going today ? Letenko: No problem. I am just trying to play the mode once to get the "Job Done" trophy, that is all, the rest of the servers are enough for getting the other trophies. So far so good, can't complain, you? To be honest with you, it seems like all the Combat Mission servers were just turned off all of a sudden, this being an old game and all. I'm just hoping that's no the case, I really don't want the trophy to be unobtianable. Also, I don't know if you guys from tech support handle the forums as well, but there has been a report of the issue there as well: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin-Client-Web-Technical/Medal-of-honor-warfighter-combat-missions-servers-missing/m-p/8477921#M56575 Rakshit: Does the report say it is discontinued ? Letenko: I can't see it on the forum post, no, I might just be blind though. Rakshit: Let me get updates on it for you, please be with me Letenko: Sure thing, take your time. Rakshit: Thanks Letenko. Since it is taking sometime, may I know which other EA games you have played apart from Warfighter ? Letenko: Medal of Honor (2010) and Dead Space 3 are the only ones I played recently. Also I don't mind waiting, I work in tech support as well, you don't need to feel pressured to make small talk with me, I am more than happy to wait. Rakshit: You understand it, that't nice. May I know in which support you work for ? Letenko: Internet tech support for a US company. Rakshit: Good! May I know wince when you are facing this issue, and if there is any error message as well? Letenko: Well, as far as I know the last person to ever get the Playstation trophy for playing the gamemode got it on November 14th. There is no "real" error messages per say, all that happens when you search for the gamemode (any map, any amount of players, etc.) is the game tells you that there are no servers. I can launch the game right now and tell you the exact thing, 1 sec. Rakshit: Sure, please take your time. Letenko: "No game found matching your criteria." I used the following criteria: Playlists - Combat Mission, Maps - All, Free Slots - Any. Rakshit: Okay, thanks for waiting, I really appreciate it. And I have finished consulting and found that the game is sunset. Which means its services are disconnected. Letenko: I mean the official servers are still running, just on otheer gamemodes. But I expected as much. Thank you for trying anyway. Rakshit: No worries, It was my pleasure dealing with a passionate gamer. For a recap, we have provided you update on the sunset game, may I know if there is any other issue for me ? Letenko: No, thank you. All I wanted. Rakshit: I will appreciate if before closing your browser please click on my Name in the header and then do click on "END CHAT BUTTON" on the to save this case and end this chat session successfully. It was really nice to assist you. If you have any queries with EA games, please check our knowledge base help.ea.com and Answers.ea.com. Thanks for contacting EA help! Cool! It's been a pleasure chatting with you! You are very kind and patient! Thank you for reaching out to EA Help for Consultation! Have a great day ahead! Letenko: Thanks, you too. Rakshit: The end. Seems like we're outta luck, the trophy will remain unobtainable.
  8. Guys, there may be hope yet! I followed a tip given by Ivan-A145. I logged into my US account, still using my europian copy of the game and found this: One of the servers is running Sector Control! Whilst this isn't a complete win, at least it appears that other gamemodes are somehow possible! I'll try logging into my asian account and I'll let you know if I find anything. EDIT1: My Honk Kong account yelded the same results, I went ahead and messaged the two people who were playing on there to see if they can provide me any new info, will edit my post if they do. Their account is japanese, so I'll try creating a japanese account to see if any more servers pop up. EDIT2: Tried creating a Japanese account, same results, however what I found interesting, while on the JP account, I set my filters to: Playlists - All, Maps - All, Free Slots - Party Fits, Preset - nothing. Otherwise the Sector Control server wouldn't show up. Tried fiddling around with the settings, but couldn't find a server playing Combat Mission. Also, a small sidenote, the game has OVER 100 servers, but is only able to list 100, so you'll never see all of them, unfortunately. EDIT3: I will now contact EA support using their text chat, I'll see where I can get to. As alway, I will post any updates here.
  9. All the buddies should move where the story moves, so they should remain in the south. The reporter will accept any tapes, once you find him in hte south as well. Just to be safe, I would make a backup save, this game can be glitchy sometimes. Edit: Just took a look at the trophy for getting all buddies, 1 in the north is missable. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/10-far-cry-2/28-the-third-faction
  10. Of course, if memory serves, you might have to complete 1-2 missions in the south, but then you will be able to cross freely and finish up any tapes, missions or buddies you may have missed. Also, you don't need to worry about your buddies from Mike's bar, that won't mess anything up.
  11. Much later, towards the final mission. The game will warn you, but if you pay attention to the story, it will be obvious. To keep it very short on spoiler, you will cross an old prison and when you go open 1 gate, the game will give you a heads up.
  12. I did my part, I wish there was at least an option to rent a server, like in BF4.
  13. Same for me. I tried going by filters, only selecting Combat Mission, nothing. So I tried going through matchmaking selecting All Combat Mission, still nothing. Later on I will try to join an empty server and see if there is an option to vote for a new game mode. I'll report back.
  14. For anyone using a secondary PS3 like I did, please, do not do the same mistake I just did. I deleted my user from the secondary PS3, then I realized that I forgot to upload the trophies onto my online account... I did upload my save, downloaded the save, played a game, instantly unlocked the 15 minutes playtime trophy, but that's it. Nothing else unlocked, so thanks to my own stupidity I locked the trophy for myself. I will finish up all the EA games I have and then I'll delete my origin account and create a new one. I hope I can do this before they close down the servers for this game.
  15. I just wanted to let you guys know my experience, in case any of you decide to go for the game, since I found it a lot of fun. I did manage to unlock the trophy, which only took me around 1,5 hours. It is the main trophy I was focusing on and I was well prepared to delete my data, which is why I used my second console, that had barely any saves on it. Anyway, here's how it went: 1. I made sure to download the free Network Pass (MEDAL OF HONOR™ WARFIGHTER ONLINE PASS) and nothing else, not even the free DLCs. Also, I have never played BF3 on console, only on PC and I did not unlock anything for that in this game (as far as I know). 2. I launched the game during the week, picked my soldier's nationality (went for the default US one). I looked around the menu to get my bearings, then I went into the server browser which is when I found out that there was literally no one playing, all the servers were empty, I searched for around 30 minutes, nothing. So I decided to call it a day. 3. Fast forward to today, I launched the game and found 3 servers with people in them. I played a couple of games, making sure that I never quite reached Corporal 4 at the end of the match, since I read that earning it using the end-game XP might glitch the trophy. I also never quit any matches and the only medal I got was the "infection" medal you get for killing someone who already has it, that was in my first match. After playing for a while, my endgame screen showed that I was almost at Corporal 4, all I needed was 2000XP. I got into a game, tried playing well and even before the game showed me that I was Corporal 4, or unlocked the soldier, the trophy popped. The last XP action that I made was a kill with a buddy assist. I am not sure this will be of any use to anybody, but I'm trying to document it while it's fresh on my mind. Hope this helps at least somewhat.