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  1. Hey B1rvine, if you're only using 1 copy of the game (digital or retail) the stats that show up should be official since they are the same stats that you have on your save file. While I was boosting my phat PS3 kept disconnecting, using a cable rather then wireless solved the issue.
  2. OP, I love you. Thank you very much for the guide, it saved me. The game says I played for 13 hours, but that doesn't count the constant reconnecting after changing the clock. Anyway, this guide is awesome and well worth fully following. What I learned from my boost: 1. The game crashed 4 times on me, every time it was when I was shooting my special and I shot a rocket which supposed to kill the enemy. 2. Most of the horror stories about randoms trying to sabotage boosts might be true, but thanks to how many people have lobbies right now, it didn't happen to me, every random that joined me, left. 3. I tried to cheat the system and quit the match with the opposing team, while this did show me as winning, it didn't count the match at all. 4. I'm not sure it will be possible to finish a boost with 3 people since there is only 1 weekend left until the 15th and some things drag on forever. (I'm looking at you, nuke wins) Good luck to all booster, let's hope they messed up the date and it actually closes on the 25th.
  3. Hey Fenris, please let us know what you find out. I made a rush order, I'm getting the retail version of friday, already have 2 console setup and a boosting partner, I just hope we can all finish it in time.
  4. I really hope it was a typo, thank you for asking them.
  5. Keep in mind, I do not have both version, I'm going from what my friend tested: 1. Yes, both version have seperate save files, think of them as two seperate games. 2. I don't think it transfers over at all, what the poster most likely meant is that you can do everything on digital and leave Warthog to physical, but going from the 1st reply to this thread, that won't work, as you need to do EVERYTHING on 1 save file... however, you COULD try to do everything on the digital version, except for the vehicle kills and do those on your physical version. Since the trophy list is the same, you'll just use your physical version to unlock the trophy for kills with all vehicles. As far as I know nobody has tested this, so this is all speculation based on what we know. 3. Unofrtunately Sony strikes yet again! Having the digital version downloaded DOESN'T COUNT as having the online pass! Since it lets you download 1 package from the PS Store (that is the game and pass in one) and not the game and pass separately. My friend tested this just a few hours ago...I was pissed, to say the least.
  6. Progress as a whole WON'T carry over. A friend of mine with both versions just tried that. You'll have 2 different save files on your system.
  7. Alright, just so I am 100% sure. I can play the digital version, do everything I need. Get the Warthog on retail, using the ammo glitch and then use the Warthog on the digital version where I'll just continue my progress? BTW thank you very much for testing this for me, you are a lifesaver.
  8. Hello all, I have a question reagrding the save file compatibility. I just bought the PSN version of the game (the Online pass is almost the same price + I can use it on multiple consoles). While I know, that the unlimited ammo glitch won't work on my PSN version, it works on retail. I am getting the retail version in 2 weeks, but meanwhile I wanted to start boosting everything except for the Warthog vehicle. So, if I buy the physical version, unlock Warthog on it, will the vehicle be also unlocked for my PSN version? If not, could I do everything on my PSN version, save the stats to the server and then do the Warthog kills and such on the retail version, save the stats and get the trophy? I just want to be sure, before I even start my PSN version, thank you.
  9. How many hours are actually required to 100% finish this? I have around 6 controllers and 2 consoles. I'm asking because all the guides that I read are either around 700 - 1000 hours.
  10. Nah, I remember that TotalBiscuit talked about thos eplayers in one of his videos, that's where I heard about it.
  11. Honestly, I was going from an old forum post I read and a video I saw, I odn't play the game, but I remembered that as an example. Far as I know the game is very popular in Korea.
  12. There was no risk at all, since the playerbase is still big, but some players got worried, given the age of the game and all. I think the problem is so very few people care about these "old" games. Even if we spoke out, nothing would change, unless Sony's market dominance changes and they'll need to bring people back somehow.
  13. Exactly my thought. TBH I would love the know the server cost for a year of operation. I remember that Starcraft2 players begged Blizzard not to close the servers and were willing to give money to the company just to keep them going, while not my dream solution, it would still be better to let the players rent/buy/maintain/host the servers themselves rather than just saying "Hahaha, nope! Now buy our new shit!" tHiS iS fOr ThE pLaYeRs They are a company, they need to make money, but do not tell me that the server cost is such a burden while they roll in cash thanks to their market dominance. Maybe don't hire an orchestra for the next E3 and use the money to keep a few games alive. Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to vent.
  14. I could also finish every map/vehicle except for Warthog and leave that as the last on, but I'm not sure if the saves are compatible between each other.
  15. I see, that is a damn shame. I won't be able to get the physical version before the 17th, so my chances are slim, at best. Oh well, thank your for the head up though.