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  1. The EU version of Galagi Shooter is labelled as JP.
  2. The EU version of EL Gancho ( Ps4 ) is labelled as NA. The EU version of Golf is also labelled as NA.
  3. Escape trophy is currently glitched and does not unlock. ( have tried multiple playthroughs.)
  4. Strike force terrorist hunt 2 - Escape trophy is glitched and does not unlock.
  5. Death Stranding - I just found it too boring.
  6. Thanks for saving me £25!!!
  7. Disc model without a doubt. 😀
  8. Ghost Of Tsushima
  9. Resistance Fall Of Man Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Soul Calibur IV
  10. Does anyone know how much it'll be in the UK? Can't wait to play this again.
  11. Yes cheats appear to disable trophies apart from the trophy that requires you to finish a level with cheats.
  12. Easy Platinum but easily one of the all time worst games ever made.
  13. 1. The Last Of Us 2. All of the Uncharted series 😉 3. Bioshock Infinite 4. God Of War 5. Until Dawn 6. L.A. Noire 7. Resident Evil 4 8. Red Faction 1 9. Devil May Cry 1 10. Tekken 3
  14. The Unknown City Horror Begins Now Episode 1 Dawn of Fear Zomb Flowers are Dead Orc Slayer Little Adventure on the Prairie The Nightfall Pineview Drive Joe's Diner Albedo The Eyes From Outer Space Hard to say out of all these but I would have to say The Unknown City is lowest of the low.
  15. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Mein Leben - Beat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty.