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  1. They already announced it back in September, it's not like it was a sudden thing to be fair.
  2. I just had the same problem with the trophy for 69 wrong answers popping. Deleted the saved game and tried again, this time it popped. Trophies are a bit wonky I guess.
  3. Platinum #150: the 0.9% ultra rare 7 days to die.
  4. For anyone wondering, this method is still working for me with the PHYSICAL disc on ps4. Followed all steps and I was able to unlock the trophies without any problem within a couple minutes. Edit: don't let Skyrim download the update, as installing the update will lock the trophies until you delete the files again and only install the files from disc.
  5. Like title suggests, is it possible to boost this game with a friend or two PS4s? How is the matchmaking holding up?
  6. I hate this trophy so much. I spent 7 hours trying to get it only for an enemy to die by his own grenade RIGHT when I got a new checkpoint. Whoever designed this trophy, and these enemies, can go suck it.