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  1. Hi everyone...thank you for all the responses...I had almost forgotten I had posted this...when I have time I'll have to get back to this and respond to some of the neat responses I received. Obviously, I've made it home back to Texas! Your friend, Rally
  2. Banned for leaving his walls un-decorated.
  3. Working some stuff off the ol' dvr...watched Captain America Winter Soldier last night.
  4. Good morning ... I have put in a request last night to add PSNProfiles as my clan and haven't seen it added yet.
  5. The March 15th episode broadcast of The Walking Dead.
  6. Hello fellow gamers. I am Rally...I used to be an irregular regular here on these boards. I'm dropping in today because I have a...lot...of...time to kill today...well at least another three hours. I live in the great state of Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. I play both PS3 and PS4 games. I try to play at least 10 hours a week (I have a job that pays my bills but interferes with my free time) and for the time being when I am online you are most likely going to find me playing Destiny. At the moment though I am at the Sacramento airport. My wife and I had flown here on Saturday morning to spend the weekend with her sister. We arrived at SMF this morning at 4:15 am hoping to fly standby on first flight out of here at 6 but no luck. We'll be here until noon or 4 pm depending on the next flights' availability factors! So...where are you?
  7. Wonders if you hit two hundred games yet?
  8. "If one more person says something about my overbite..."
  9. Banned for thinking Rally wants to be set free. Also banned for causing me to lose my internet connection so my original banning of you didn't post and then I had to ban you for something else entirely.
  10. soooo...wrong... Maybe andy
  11. In the past two months I have earned approximately three trophies. That's it. One of them was for Assassin's Creed Unity which I hadn't intended on buying. However my son purchased it so I popped it in to see how it played. After playing for about an hour in which I did end up getting the first trophy you can earn for playing it I shut it off and haven't touched it since. Pretty unusual considering that when I play a game if I really like it I will play it for about a month before it goes back on the shelf to collect dust while I move on to other games. However since last September I've actually just spent my precious little free time playing that 'either you love it or hate it' game known as Destiny. For me a number of reasons I play it is for trying to achieve level 32 for all my characters, collecting weapons, and doing all the raids and weekly's that are offered with the exception of Vault of Glass. I typically can find one or two players willing to tag along with me so I've come to love this game for the participating with others aspect of it. I also really like some of the conversations that I have with other players. From time to time I've even broadcasted some of my game play which I used to not want to do. That's not to say I still don't play it solo because I still do just to collect various items. It all seems so mindless but for me it has fitted easily into my schedule since I work 50 to 65 hours a week. So to sum it up I play with getting satisfaction out of playing ... earning the trophies are just icing on the cake.
  12. Can't be banned because your previous ban post to me is completely true!
  13. Rob Zombie Rock and Roll (In A Black Hole) Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor (yeah...no link)
  14. Banned for wearing Ray-bans in his closet while typing on his laptop and closet door closed and skeletons are miffed cause he's in there.