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  1. It did take me a bit of practice before I reached the point where it was down to luck, which is once you can get 5 tricky jumps multiple times. I'd say it's doable without remapping, but it might make things a bit easier. Do you by any chance have a reprogrammable controller lying around, that you could use instead? Anyway I'd focus on Bonfires/Daredevil last and would do all the other stuff first. After all, you would map R1 or R2 onto X, which can hinder your usage of the sword and you might still need that in other trials. Relearning muscle memory twice also doesn't sound so pleasant. Daredevil really is the worst trophy left, if you have By My Hand Alone out of the way.
  2. Also happened to me, as I got the Scavenger trophy when I collected the third to last firefly pendant. This is a common occurence and thus the trophy is marked as buggy in the guide and the second sentence in the description also mentions the bug: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6004-the-last-of-us-remastered-trophy-guide#9-scavenger
  3. I also just completed all the Dunwall City Trials trophies and would like to add some tips for future reference: Bonfires/Daredevil: Similar to @Kamurotetsu I remapped X to R1 in my PS5 settings, so I could jump and simultaneously move the camera to make my jumps more accurate. You might have to relearn a bit of muscle memory, but I did Bonfires last, so this wasn’t too bad. Bonfires Expert: The assassin glitch also works on PS5 and the assassins disappeared after less than 20 minutes of restarts. Additionally, I found a speedrun of the Steam version (linked below) with a few noteworthy strats: Assassin’s Run/Headhunter: The runner skips the last 3 rooms (including staircase guy) by glitching through multiple walls (see 34:15). I did not try this on my own, as I only found this after completing it. Bend Time Massacre/Time Management: The runner mentions that the Round 6 Bonus “Hero Bonus”, where you have to remove 3 whale oil tanks, can be finished by breaking the glass and then killing yourself. I couldn’t find a video or test this myself, but this supposedly works, because the round ends when you die and as no NPCs were harmed the game thinks you were successful (mentioned at 27:45). By My Hand Alone/Back Alley Brawl: The runner places springrazors on the roofs to take care of some assassins. I found it useful, but I doubt it makes much of a difference considering the luck needed to achieve this. Here is the speedrun, which I also found quite interesting to watch in its entirety:
  4. I had a similar problem in the browser in August/September last year. It mentioned the trial towards the top of the page, but you couldn't select it further down. The problem was, that I didn't have a payment method in my account at the time. After I added one, I was able to select and start the trial.
  5. Thanks for checking. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.
  6. Regarding the collectibles and having to use see-through mode on the headset: What about the PS5/PS+ game hints? Do they not work in VR or are not accessible? Or are they not supported by Horizon? Genuine question, as I don't have a PSVR2, but want to get one in the future.
  7. Apparently, the game is supposed to receive an update tomorrow to fix the issue:
  8. Had exactly the same issue, but this also solved it for me. Thanks!
  9. It has also been a year for me, but I remember absolutely hating that fight. I tried multiple of the exploits (ledge-grabbing in a specific spot and getting continously grabbed), but both did not work for me. In the end I did a combination of getting grabbed and running around that one tree/root in circles and shooting the 2 saps (even though one was farther away from Lazarevic it would still stagger him). You can also check out this other thread:
  10. The seed worked great, thanks! I believe there is not. You should keep this trophy for the end though. With the Contaminator and Drill Containment Unit (and 24x time speed if you are playing in Journey mode) you can get it easier later on. As a tip: I made sure to contain the world evil, so it can't spread and then went for the Running Man trophy with maximum time speed. You have to dig a tunnel for that anyway, which you can use for further world contamination, should you need it.
  11. No, the game keeps track of the defeated bosses regardless of the world you are in. I believe the same is true for Gelatin World Tour, though I'm not 100% sure, because I somehow missed a common slime.
  12. Not by default, but you can set one in the settings for quick trashing (after selecting an item in your inventory with first). I believe I set it to + and then held while spamming and and going through my inventory to clear it out quickly.
  13. I didn't even realise the PS4 and PS5 version have different lists (besides the platinums). For space reasons the first option would be better, but I think the option with 2 lines is less confusing and fit the existing scheme better. I also just checked some games I know, so here is some other stuff I found: It says "Plalystation 3" in the section header Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4 Remaster) consists of 3 games (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered), which each have a platinum and have DLC trophies (DLC is included) The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS4 Remaster) does not have its own trophy list and is just DLC for The Last of Us Remastered The Last of Us Remastered thus also has DLC trophies, but all DLC is included Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (PS+ Extra) has DLC and DLC trophies (but again, DLC included) Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut (PS+ Extra) has DLC and DLC trophies (DLC should be included) Bugsnax (PS+ Extra) also has a PS5 version
  14. Btw. the PS4 version does not have a Platinum, only the PS5 version has one. Not sure how to handle that case
  15. This reminds me: Assassins Creed Unity only has one DLC trophy set (Dead Kings), which is also free. You need to purchase DLC for the other 4 Assassins Creed games though.