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  1. If you like the main game story, you should definitely play the dlc, it is good.
  2. There are autosaves like every minute. If a trophy popped just upload the auto-save from a few minutes before then switch the version and redo the requirements. It's not that bad actually.
  3. 1. Uncharted 2 2. Uncharted 3 3. Uncharted 4 4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 5. Uncharted 1 The Vita version is good too but don't want to list it here.
  4. It's a good idea. I hope it is something that can be done and they will consider it.
  5. What do you mean by "better"?
  6. I know this is an old topic but if anyone has this problem just close the game, go offline then open the game again. All my missing ones popped right after the loading screen.
  7. Trophy syncing seems to work again but be careful if you are using the vita trick, the internet connection is still not stable and may accidentally do weird timestamps
  8. Now I'm getting "NP-9849-0 could not sync with the server error." Please Sony!
  9. Apparently, it doesn't affect everyone. I hope it will be resolved soon. Why Sony hates Vita so much 😑
  10. Since yesterday when I try to sync trophies with the server it says ("An error has occurred. NP-2125-0"). Store and other apps seem ok but only the trophy app. I tried formatting the database, restoring the system, connecting different WiFi.My phone and laptop are fine with WiFi and I was able to use my vita for years with this router. Can anyone help me or had this issue before?
  11. Can you tell us someone who is banned for doing this?
  12. They are "free" because we mostly have them already as a Ps Now member.
  13. I am wondering this too. Can someone give information?
  14. I have been using the same file for 2 years. It still works.
  15. I hadn't played and bought it now, thanks. But it says 75% off, there is also a bundle(1-2 Wrong Number).