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  1. After you sync your trophies if you still have time (24 hours total) you can play other games and sync your trophies. You don't need to repeat any steps. After 24 hours you have to sign out and repeat steps from 4.( your mail and sign in with your main account...)
  2. For a free game, Island Saver actually not a bad one.
  3. CITIES: SKYLINES Nice platinum.
  4. After you do the trick you have 24 hours. Other games you finish after your first sync still be on your main account in 24 hours. After that, you have to do some steps again for the trophy app. But there is nothing wrong with doing more platinums at the given time.
  5. Site is down at the moment so if anyone needs that mail just pm me and i will send. Trick still works just vitatricks site doesn't work
  6. Vitatricks site gives error after I put my mail address so I dont think it actually register.That's why I asked can someone mail to me
  7. I can't get the mail from vitatricks. Can someone please forward that link to me [email protected] Thanks
  8. My Plus subscription ended this week but I still manage to get online trophies(reach level 5 and win a game). After DOOM, I tried other games multiplayer modes like TLOU, Division and it didn't allow me to enter of course. So you can get online trophies without PS Plus on DOOM.
  9. im waiting. please add me for online trophies. ID: anilcanballi.
  10. It was L.A Noire