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  1. Can you tell us someone who is banned for doing this?
  2. They are "free" because we mostly have them already as a Ps Now member.
  3. I am wondering this too. Can someone give information?
  4. I have been using the same file for 2 years. It still works.
  5. I hadn't played and bought it now, thanks. But it says 75% off, there is also a bundle(1-2 Wrong Number).
  6. You can copy them to USB too. But you need a bigger one
  7. Try to rebuild ps4's database and try to untick again. It worked for me.
  8. The platinum trophy is only awarded once you have earned all other trophies in a base game. Sometimes developers change some trophies on the base game lists. It could be something like that. But I'm sure it is not about multiple systems. Which game is it?
  9. WS-37504-9 means PSN is under maintenance so everyone has issue
  10. Do you know Share play? You don't have to find your dad yourself. You can pay someone to find him! Good hunting!
  11. My level went back to 76 again. It was 698. Is it only me?
  12. I am assuming you already turned the ps off and on but not work. Try to backup your saves and delete your user profile then log in again it should be fixed.
  13. No change here, so I'll multiply my level by 10 it will be like 762. ☑️
  14. Pointless or not, they still care about trophies. It's important. Now it's time to remove games trophy lists and tracking system, please!
  15. Only interesting thing is tracking trophies and that is the only unconfirmed thing. Let’s wait and see..