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  1. Disregard. Just played through a different mission and the trophy unlocked
  2. So I'm trying to get this stupid trophy and have been grinding for weeks with no success. I've been doing No Hope in Hadley's for well over 50 times (which should have already given me the trophy) I'm kinda getting tick of the Smart Gun corridor which literally only gives me 30 kills at a time. It would be great to expedite matters by doing a Team Deathmatch with a few people (most of whom could be Xeno) If you guys are interested, please send me a friend request.
  3. Had to virtue signal, didn't you?
  4. for which I did apologize/comment on in one of the long responses on page 1 or 2 As far as I'm aware, I've not been able to delete a thread once it's posted. I would've recreated with a 3rd option.
  5. I've done college and full time job which some people can't seem to grasp doesn't leave one with the motivation to play "playstationHome" in your free time. When you do have the free time, you want something as far from real life as possible.
  6. once again I'll re-itterate the READ THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS!!!! as I stated multiple times. I did a pretty long response on pages 1 and 2 of this thread. READ THEM!!
  7. I'm just here to have a conversation I'm not suggesting they screw the rarity at all, like sepheroithisgod suggested, they should allow users to delete games/trophies from their list.
  8. Really dude?!?! Do you want to look at my taxes to see if I had a hamburger at Burger King in the past year too? Please do everyone a favour and READ the above comments before running your mouth off (or in this case "keyboard"). I clearly stated like 3 times that: [I'll put it in all caps so you can actually understand the point] 1. I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE SHUTDOWN OF THE PSHOME 2. NEVER PLAYED IT RELIGIOUSLY AS IT WAS A 'SIDE MISSION' OF SORTS THAT I DIDN"T GO OUT OF MY WAY TO PLAY 3. THE POINT OF THIS THREAD WAS TO EITHER ANSWER THE POLL OR GIVE A CONSTRUCTIVE, RATIONAL AND NON-HOSTILE OPINION
  9. High school, yeah.. Try working a 14-hr physically exerting job doing graveyard shifts which basically kill you when you get home, pass out until you have to go back to work and then talk to me about free time. The above is an example of what a proper response should be. Notice how he didn't personally attack me or anything? Thanks Terra for that constructive comment which expresses actual rational opinion.
  10. Wow, a rational individual with proper arguments and rational thoughts. Good to meet you! That's exactly what I mean. I played the demo of Catherine a while back and got the trophies for it which messed up my trophy/level score as they were thereabout not really, yet I could see them. It wasn't until a new update that the glitch was fixed, the trophies disappeared and the points made sense again. I remember when I had those Catherine trophies appearing on my profile, they annoyed me cause I din't feel I earned them (since I didn't buy the game) and was glad to be rid of them when they were removed.
  11. I'm not trolling. I'm just trying to have a normal conversation and am being attacked every step of the way
  12. yet another PlaystionHome 100% person joins the discourse. it's interesting how it's always the people with an above level 24 account that probably do nothing but game in all their free time that keep hashing on about the same bs. Do you people have a club or something? I have a life outside of work where I go outside, talk to people in real life, do volunteer type of shit etc. And I will say it again.. Home wasn't that engaging, it was one of those "Eh, I'll get to it eventually thing" It may interest you to know that people can sometimes be busy for upwards of 3 months. so if you are only able to turn on your machine in between those busy periods, and don't have a whole day to spend on it, you may miss the window of Sony's benevolence and not get the chance to have the 50 days to earn the trophy. I'd personally be okay with either getting the trophies (but no points) for the remainder or giving up the trophies I have, just so I don't have the never-able-to-finish "game" on my record, and there are many people who agree with me that did the actual POLL.
  13. It's clear from your choice of argument that you do not comprehend what any of my dialogue (which you quote replied to I might add) means. and there is no choice, it's of course going to be "Dancing bare-footed in mud" I fucking hate bananas!!
  14. That does actually bring up a good point. If you've done all the stuff required for the trophies, would you want them to accept your progress for the trophies?
  15. I literally just wanted a proper discussion on the matter. I agree with their decision if they don't want to do anything about it. I'm just saying it'd be nice to have the opportunity to earn them. Maybe place them as Easter eggs on their other apps or something. Why is it so hard for people to just have a debate without attacking others. I did forget to include option 3. "No, they shouldn't do anything." when I made the initial post and I can't edit or add it. Maybe those saying No could just say so and move on rather than rehashing the same old shtick "You should've played it when it was around" and the "Why do you care so much" and the ever so memorable "Deal with it!" Have a normal discussion, state your constructive criticism and move on. I'm not a huge forum-goer and all that and I don't particularly even care about PSHome. So far my experience here today has been like watching CNN.