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  1. One Piece Burning Blood Probably could make a joke out of that maybe
  2. Oddly enough one of the songs I really dig by what I consider Nu-Paramore
  3. Anthem and a tooooon of movies. - Spider-Man Far From Home - John Wick Chapter 3 - Godzilla King of the Monsters - Detective Pikachu - Alita: Battle Angel - Suicide Squad: Extended Edition - Predator 3-Movie Collection (really excited to finally watch these movies) - The Predator - Constantine City of Demons - Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay - Batman Ninja - First Blood - Rambo: First Blood Part 2 - Rambo III - Creed 2 - Logan
  4. Utawarerumono, I loved the art but I finally got around to buying the games this year and (slowly) managing to make my way through the first title. I got Zan on the side and platinum'd that, thought it was okay for a musou spin-off by Tamsoft but probably one of their meh titles. Looking forward to playing the third game when I eventually finish Mask of Deception. Then the waiting begins with the remake of the first game in 2020
  5. Platinum 78 - Star Wars Fallen Order First of all, what a game. I've been waiting for this game since they announced that Respawn were making one back in 2016 and man, am I glad they delivered. I never once doubted that they could make a killer game after Titanfall 2. I have to say its probably in my top 5 games of the year, I absolutely adored the combat after being kinda put off at first hearing rumors of a "Soul-ish" like combat but after playing 40ish hours of it, I'm glad I didn't skip it. I personally compare it to more of an homage to the original trilogy with their combat (at least that's how I feel about it) Characters were great, exploring the planets that you have available to you are great and the Metroidvania feel to the game is great always gettng new powers that can get you into areas you couldn't before and just exploring more of the area is just awesome. I only hope that what Respawn has next in development continues to raise the bar with what they can deliver, so far they are 4/4 for making games I really like and enjoy a ton.
  6. Hoping the servers on Titanfall 2 get a jump from it going on Plus Might play the motorcross game as a curiosity lol. Haven't really played a game like that since MX vs ATV Unleashed
  7. God, I can't wait for this game. Every trailer so far has been amazing. Love the uh, name too StrIVe. Clever
  8. Can't wait to play the game. Watched my friend play it for a hour yesterday and it looked amazing with all the animations. The only downside would be the Bloodborne-esque (at launch) loading times lmao. Just gotta wait for my copy
  9. Quite happy that it has no difficulty trophy. Love me some Star Wars games and this might be one I actually well, platinum
  10. Ah that would make sesne. Didn't even think of putting it on the easiest difficulty. Gotcha, I'll do Nightmare co-op when I feel like it, not looking forward to it. Same with Doom 3
  11. Seems like DOOM 1 and 2 will be a pain to finish under 2 hours (especially since I don't have much experience with either game). Especially running it on Nightmare will be a oof. Glad that Doom 3 had all those MP stuff removed but its odd it was added onto Doom 1 and 2 lol.
  12. Borderlands 2, Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Kingdom Hearts 2. I'll always love replaying these games, played like TFU like 12+ times and Borderlands 2 like 9 times
  13. Might actually buy this, looks dope. Gonna be weird playing a Miku game on something other than a PlayStation console tho lol
  14. Damn, RIP more games for the Vita. Honestly never tried it but its a shame to see even more Sony games get servers shut down
  15. Finally, I'll be able to play this game. Always looked dope but never got around to buying it