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  1. This honestly looks much easier than I anticipated. Kinda funny actually, at least its on Game Pass so I'll try it there
  2. Probably the only Christmas tune I can listen to lol.
  3. Good time to start going through the remaster, very excited for this especially for the stuff about it being like a survival horror game
  4. Platinum 125 - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles Trophy CollectorCollect all trophies in Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles. This one was fun, I'm not the biggest fan of Demon Slayer but the game being developed by CyberConnect2 really interested me. They always have a way with crafting some of the most gorgeous cutscenes you'll see (in licensed based anime titles at least, played enough bad ones that's for sure.), the combat is pretty much what you'd expect from a team that developed games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. Getting most of the S ranks in this game were pretty easy compared to something like Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 with its headache inducing requirements tho some of the fights gave me a lot of trouble like the special demon hunts and the end boss fights, never wanna do that again even tho I likely will for the PS4 versions plat lmao. (I wouldn't really recommend this game at full price unless you are a big fan of the series or like CC2's previous work since its shorter than all the Naruto games themselves.) Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  5. Honestly, I'm fine with the state the game is in. Yeah, I have issues with the game design and it could use a lot of improvements but its fiiiine. Can't wait for the game content to improve, Destiny and Destiny 2 sure got better with time. But yeah, its like a solid 7/10 in the state it is.
  6. I for one, am amped to play this kinda shit. Love having another game to play with my friends for a while and especially it being on one of the best games I've played this year only makes this better. Gonna have a blast (only wish DMC5 had online bloody palace on a random note of disappointment of no online being added).
  7. Shame I already have MW2CR. But I will try out Fall Guys for sure, good month it is.
  8. This gen will be finally the one that I slow down on buying anything and everything if this is the case. Only RGG Studio, Capcom, Enix, Atlus and some other companies that I can think of will still stay day one buys lmao
  9. Well, there is already the skins you get for pre-ordering the game or getting the collector's edition so they COULD release that separately at some point. I don't think of that label immediately as a bad thing since multiple games that have it don't have anything to do with micros, (ex. Ni-Oh and Ni-Oh 2) so I wouldn't immediately go to the point of it being set on micros. Could be story DLC for the game or something akin to that some point after release honestly.
  10. I remember seeing the announcement trailer for it, so glad its being released on PS4. Day one cop immediately
  11. New Journey+ is great, love having a reason to go back to this beyond making a new file Plus them new cosmetics be great.
  12. Hopefully I can cop myself a PS5. Looking forward to playing the cross-gen releases like Scarlet Nexus on it for sure
  13. Hopefully, they reveal Ash from Evil Dead will be a DLC character or something lmaooooo. Jokes aside, I still need to finish the game but this should be interesting to look forward to
  14. Looks grindy, along with some luck based stuff. Might pick it up around the first week of release depending, could be a lot of fun if you got a group of friends to play with. Missed out on the beta tho
  15. .hack Parasite Eve Sly, something with that series please Shinobi Devil May Cry Persona 3 Metal Gear Solid Silent Hill, any of the Team Silent ones Drakengard Digital Devil Saga Nocturne Persona 2 Duology Dead to Rights