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  1. So much stuff going on in College... Trying to find a career field path since my first choice i didn't like it very much. :/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nepgear2


      What was your first pick?

    3. Jak


      I wasn't under the assumption that you was on your first to, I was just saying how it was for me, while using the career path and so much stuff going points as relations.

    4. mts1mts


      First pick was Automotive. Now I'm taking classes for IT Tech and Criminal Justice.

  2. Great way to start off Christmas with a platinum trophy in the morning! GTAV PS4 #29

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    2. daftprophet


      Nice. Just got the Hotline Miami platinum myself :)

    3. Nepgear2


      Good job, friend!

    4. NTGSruler
  3. Old School or Hardcore next on Max Payne 3? NYM 11/17

  4. How am I supposed to complete New York Minute Hardcore on Max Payne 3 if New York Minute Chapter 7 is keep glitching/failure to spawn enemies :/

  5. But they did say the DLC was going to release to the public on the 19th for NA, no need to pre order the game. I do know if you pre ordered it you got it early but still they said they were going to release the Sound Shapes DLC later on to everyone else.
  6. Got delayed once again till August 26th for us in NA but EU & JP get the DLC today according to their twitter feed. Figuring out they just want people to buy their Hohokum game which I think isn't selling very good.
  7. Trophy Level 16!

  8. Did all 16 ctos breaches in Watch_Dogs and trophy never popped. The game also says 16/16 trophy earned. Thanks Ubisoft.

  9. Yay All Single Player Grinds done in Max Payne 3 ^_^

  10. Working on New York Minute on Max Payne 3

  11. Max Payne 3, Watch_Dogs
  12. Just need difficulty trophies including NYM, NYMH, All of the Above and all MP trophies for Max Payne 3

  13. Dont know what game to platinum or complete next. :/

    1. Kittens Are Awesome
    2. Vicodin_HP


      The Sly Cooper games are fast/easy plats.

  14. Bought GTA4 on Steam for 4.99 :D