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  1. Ah damn no way I gotta start over completely, I had kinda feared this, though i was on a collectable run at the time so not much is going to be lost. I am going to wait a day or two in the hope of a patch as there does appear to be a steam issue with the new update, i read somewhere they had to revert back to a previous version. An idea Sony could do with adopting. Fingers crossed people
  2. Hi I can say im gutted at the moment,im playing PS4 version on PS5, I was playing heads only run while it the update was downloading, everything running fine. I installed the update and now i cant get back onto my save or get around it with chapter select or a new save, just crashes every time.Im at the part where chained Angela crawls out of the water, right before Andrew chooses who to pull out. It looks like this game is broken at the moment but good to know im not alone. Question is how do we let the devs know?