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  1. Dr_Rwede thank you very much for this thorough explanation, handy for more people I presume, You answered indirectly another question of me, didn’t know which purpose the Immaculate Bead had until the explanation. 😀
  2. Guys, what happens if you destroy all guilt statues? I broke one of them and a red circle appeared (interaction with triangle is possible but nothing happens). Would be cool if guilt disappears when you destroy all of them.
  3. I got the chalice thing from the tree (snowy area Where Olive Trees Wither) Which area is this boss fight and possible without using flasks?
  4. The first time I passed that point (yesterday), the tree was already there, alive with a arm sticking out. After exploring the map and returning today, the tree was frozen. It responded after bringing the oil and got a item (frozen olive). I also lost that fight and directly after returning to the same spot, he wasn’t there. I’m curious if any (health) assistance will bug you out of the Beat All Bosses Without Flask Consumption.
  5. I’m surprised Maguro isn’t mentioned much for Puyo Puyo as a tough opponent. He’s annoying as hell and keeps clinging on, even though he gets chained a lot. Lost many games thanks to him, the bear is mostly easy for me. Have to keep going
  6. Definitely buy the DLC, it helps to win (all the races) in the champions league. The drones in the package have enough armor to survive the races if you make a few mistakes. Plus you can add the best parts to it, without worrying about build points. Not the races but the time trials are the hardest of the bunch. The best strategy is to get first time trial gold on track #1 of the champions league, use for this Single Race. Restarting is very quick in this mode, so you can use your time efficiently to learn the track. When you nailed it, save! Win the same race in the champions league, I got it almost on my first try each time, thanks to Time Trial! Repeat the cycle with race #2 of the champions league; first Time Trial and second beat Grand Prix. You can make a few mistakes in Time Trial, but the turbo boost at the start en the use of turbo pads + boosts are essential to pass. Settle down with the accelerator at twisty sections for better control and learn to (not) use your turbo boost at specific parts of the course. So practice during Time Trial is key. When you beat that, beating CPU in champions league is no longer a problem anymore. First learn to the track, know where to turbo boost, improve your time and back off when you get frustrated.
  7. Yes, after playing more games I figured that out eventually for myself. When I posted the question, I didn’t see the yellow numbers yet. But after noticing them, it became clear. Thanks for your full answer. Just done with Mahjong BTW. The last goal was Three Color Straight. Last night nearly got it, but got to bed after hours of playing. And today after 15 minutes, I got it after a few tries. The last tile, grabbed it with Ron. Wow, such a relief! Now at 99,9% = with the last Mount Everest hurdle - Puyo Puyo. No going back now.
  8. A question about Mahjong. When Riichi has been called, I sometimes get two options: left 1 or 2 tiles. Which one is the best option?