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  1. Thank you very much for replying. I figured it out, I just had to go up the platform where Samael sits and fo trough the portal. After the scenes Apocalyptic dif was unlocked.
  2. Seriously, people? Not a single word?
  3. Guys, please help me. I've finished my First playthrough on casual and after that a new difficult appeared, but It was Mayhem, not apocalyptic. I've finished every chapter on this dif as well, but only hard trophy was unlocked. Still no sign of Apocalyptic difficult. Anyone have any Idea about It?
  4. They screw up like Castlevania Collection. And yes, instant pass for me again.
  5. I was a bout to buy. I´m glad I decided to take a look here first. Glitched trophies = no buy.
  6. I was glad when I saw it. Played the hell out of it on Sega Genesis. But the lack of a platinum trophy may be a pass for me.
  7. Please guys, little help. For the Poltergeist Gone! trophy, when exactly should/can I get to that house? Because after repairing the ghost device you go directly to the part where you walk through those tubes things, and it seems impossible to get to that specific house.
  8. Same problem here. Spent hours yesterday and couldn´t play the game because I somehow was unable to connect to the servers.
  9. Who cares about vita anyways? That thing is long dead.
  10. I think you put few ancient souls on Ponyboy, he´s the main outsider to level when it´s about hoarding hero souls. He should never stay above the 22 ancient souls. Phan and Borb should remain untouched unitl you have 100+ ancient souls. But don´t worry about the slow restart, it´s always like this when you transcend.
  11. I sugest you to leave 1 gild on Sam and 1 on Atlas, the rest should go to Astraea. Use Sam till you can buy Atlas then use him till you can buy Astraea. When you can insta kill everything all the way to Astraeal lvl 1500 put all her gilds on Chiron.
  12. You should keep Argaiv and Sya at the same level. Libertas, Mammon and Mimzee too same level between them. Bhall, Frags and Juggernaut are useless if you play idle, I never played a hybrid style, so idk if those 400 zones you advance through clicking are worth the ancients investment. As for outsiders, with 40 ancient souls you should put 10 in Xyliqil, 26 on Ponyboy and what´s left spread between Chor an Phan. You should see an enourmous increase on hero souls on your next ascensions. Also what you´re doing with the gilds?
  13. I´ve played a little bit of this game, and it´s seemed hard on the occasion. It´s a mess with all the characters on the screen, but it´s a hell lot of fun. Day one for me. I just wish I had a PSN+ trial code to get the 20% discount. Also it was developed by fellow Brazilians, so I´ll support them anyway,
  14. So any news? The problem was solved or it still impossible to sync trophies?
  15. That´s what I think is a terrible mistake. It only hurts the sales. No one would avoid buying a console because it doesn´t have a similar system to trophies/achievements. On the other hand a whole lot of people won´t buy the Switch because it don´t have. It´s way easier to just ignore the feature if you don´t like it. But there´s no way around when you like it but the company refuses to adapt their consoles to the actual market.