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  1. There is a probability that the trophy gets locked if you buy upgrades other than for your weapons. I wouldn't risk it though, since it takes a long way to unlock the weapons and collect the diamonds.
  2. Some people buy a game just to enjoy it, no matter if the servers are still on or not. The truth is that trophies are a secondary aim.
  3. Great game, in general I love slasher games. But this one I find somewhat difficult. I started playing recently and since then I get my ass kicked, and score stone award for almost each level (on Normal!). Well I have some experience with this type of games, but still this one is a bit odd.
  4. Played it through 3 times, and each time I missed 1 thing. Watch out for Isabella, keep a decent approval/rivalry or she won't come back in Chapter 3, and you will miss Ambrosia.
  5. Is there any possible way to get platinum after they turned their servers off?