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  1. Jump late and have other people thin out the crowd. Play the stealth game.
  2. As a warning, getting 100% is a potential 3 month grind of daily playing of 3 small quests and one large question with a perfect run. This can be cut down with a team. That'll just require the 3 small missions and repeating the large mission 4 times. This is to get the auto axe associated with the Pitt DLC troglodiced trophy It's not a part of the loot pool. The stamp store is the only way currently
  3. You need to either select "Play Online Now" or "Play Online" and with that last option either Quick Play or Custom Game. Private Matches & Offline won't net you XP. You can add bots but risk randoms joining. As a warning, the grind is super heavy. Months long after you get to level 50 or so. It's deceptively steep. If you do join someone, I recommend leaving and using the Custom Game to change a value to create a new room different from where you saw that group/person.
  4. you'll want to use the game session function on the site. It'll be more responsive and is the proper forum for that.
  5. Do this on a 1v1 custom. When you do get the rebound it'll say "Rebound..." in the kill feed I think the triple/double negates the rebound kill. You'll want the kill feed to say "Rebound..." I've also only seen this earned on 1v1 brawls. 2v2 might work but I've never seen this earned in 3v3 Arcades.
  6. Have you played your first 5 arcade matches? Try doing the brawl 2v2 or 1v1 and don't die and get to maybe 200%. I think it's mode dependant and no deaths
  7. How is it "of course"? There are a lot of games that are broken and don't autopop or partial pop like Arcadegeddon and Fallguys.
  8. This is wild. I thought the PC got their updates first but did we all get it at the same time??
  9. Doesn't he say every game is terrible? You might have a shorter list to figure out what you can play.
  10. I think he's thinking of the cursed version of the ring. I came out with all three and can report back after getting enough artifacts for myself
  11. I'm at 140hrs 9,000kb save data. This is also vanilla skyrim. Is the DLC or legendary edition the issue?
  12. Does the chicken kill not work on local MP? I've tried a dozen times. I can't even get the dizzy KO. The trophies don't mention the online requirement, do they?
  13. Your counter is independent. For anyone reading this and has their counter broken on the PS5, try playing a game with a friend(s) in duos or trios. Quads seem to break the game. I was well over 100 and fixed this by my method.
  14. I tried the deleting and unlinking the PS5 version. Neither worked. You're welcome to test from your perspective
  15. Was this changed with a patch? I'm not getting anything shared between versions.