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  1. No, I started to play on my Ps Vita too but the controlls were terrible for me so I used the cross save and finished the whole game on PS4. Maybe the problem with the trophy were use the cross save and finish with this savedata and not start with new save on PS4, I don't know πŸ˜•
  2. Sorry again for the first wrong explication. I get very nervous about this themes and just said the only thing that I supose that's correct in that quick and confusing moment but then, with your similar investigation I found in my memory the answer and what really happen. The problem came with Russell mask. I don't remember anything more and I know that the first explication not help me at all and it's confussing, sorry. The real reason is the last post. Edited removing the video.
  3. That's all my fault. Last night I tried to explain quickly the situation only with a logical situation in my memory but when I started remember all that happen, I found the explication of this confusing situation. Sorry again for that explication, the real reason is in the last post and how you said, that's all being said. If I can do something for aclarate this, please tell me. Thanks for your aclaration ☺️
  4. Ok, that's the correct form to obtain those trophies. Obviously if you do with that way the trophies popped correct but I download again the game and remember how it happened. The trophy to obtain all masks (Zoo Keeper) doesn't pop after finish the level with my last mask so I tried to put all mask an restart any level to try pop. In this moment the trophy to use all masks pop correctly but the trophy to get all masks still doesn't pop. In this case, desperate I download my save file from Ps Cluod and tried to get the last mask again (I upload the save file every time I played the game so, I still have a save file just before to get this last mask) and in this case the trophy pop after finish the level. I have proof of the trophy to get all masks (Zoo keeper) could have glitch: http://hotlinemiami.wikia.com/wiki/Zoo_Keeper?comments_page=1 And I can remember more. The game had in this year a lot of bugs with all trophies, for example the trophies to use all weapons also doesn't pop correctly After many hours to try to understand how it's happened, I just have to conclude that what happened with those trophies. @MMDE in the second video you can se where obtain the mask Edit: Just one more thing, why I tried to cheat those easy trophies and not get the Platinum trophy? I obtained the Platinum trophy 1 month later after happened that. 1 month trying to get A+ in all chapters Edit 2: Another proof that the game had a lot of bugs with the trophies: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/hotline-miami/202772-trophies-glitched-5.html
  5. Yes that's correct! I was wrong, I don't remember as well but... I remember a bit to repeat the first level to obtain one of two trophies. I can't remember why but one of those trophies doesn't pop and I repeated one level catching one mask and pop the trophy to obtain all after the trophy to use all masks. Sorry but that's all I remember, I don't have more explication of that but I want to try understand how I can cheat those trophies πŸ˜• It could be related with one rare mask that it obtain in the first level, that's it? I'm starting to remember. One mask doesn't count to the trophy to use all masks but it count to the other trophy to obtain all of them. It could be? I found some information about that. Ps3/vita version have one extra mask "Russell", I don't know if this is the problematic mask but this mask only can be obatained in the short section immediately leaving The Metro in the prelude and I rememeber to repeat this. Sorry, that's all I can remember of this theme 😞
  6. Ok, thanks for a quick response, so let's wait. Tell me If you need more information about that
  7. MisteriosoX Hotline Miami Thats incorrect penalization. The trophy that you need use all masks (Sounds Of Animals Fighting) can be pop before the trophy to obtain all of them (Zoo Keeper); Because you need to clear the area to save that mask and in my case I used all masks except one, when I used that last mask popped the trophy of use all masks and then, when I cleared the area the trophy of obtain all mask pop, it's easy. And the time to obtain those trophies it was to short, only 12 minutes. Acording the time to cleared the area to save that mask and obtained the trophy (Zoo keeper) before the trophy of use all masks (Sounds Of Animals Fighting) Edit: Solved, the problem was they cross save between Vita and Ps4; The Russell mask. All clear
  8. MisteriosoX FIFA 09 Hi, I'm very sorry to read this. The only reason to write this is know how I can hide this game to return to leaderboard. This action may be do in the console or at web?. In the case that this action must be do in the console I already did this. Thanks for your time to read this and sorry for the inconveniences. It was an terribl error.
  9. Thanks for all responses. I wish that those codes of GameStop US can works in EU account. Any can confirm this? Edit: Ok some people confirm this in other threads so... Goodbye Plants vs Zombies
  10. IΒ΄m very interested in purchasing this game but it doesn't appear in the store to buy. I think they took it off when closed SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) but I don't know if you can still buy in any way. This is the game: https://store.playstation.com/#!/es-es/juego/plants-vs-zombies/cid=EP0017-PCSF00105_00-PLANTSVSZOMBIES0 Tanks.
  11. I'm spanish and.... I also feel embarrassed. What is this shit?