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  2. Killzone hosts weekend challenges and I got 2nd place with 63.8 headshots in a little over an hour. I hope you enjoy these highlights! They're pretty good
  3. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. Here's the montage before this one, some like this better. They're both different. I'd say The Final Battle has better editing.
  4. Hey guys, here it is! I have another montage uploaded "Killzone Shadow Fall - NeGx Montage" but this one is better in my oppinion, and has crazier clips. Hope you enjoy, all footage captured using the share button on the PS4. Edited with movie maker, looks really nice! Please tell me how you liked it!
  5. These clips are all from the share button on the PS4! Edited using youtube editor. This montage is dedicated to my clan on Killzone Shadow Fall! I put a lot of work into this so I hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe if you wouldn't mind, and leave any feedback if you want. Thanks you!
  6. IKR
  7. Why exactly do people care if you hide your games? I think I have over 600 hidden lol. Basically all are games less than 60% completed and a load of 0%'s. I don't think it's anyone's buissiness to care about someone else's hidden trophies. Anyway, you guys didn't see this new set coming? You all act suprised lol
  8. Hey if anyone wants the internation version platinums, I'd happily get them for you. Only takes like 10min and I could save a lot of people money. It costs a load to get PSN cards from other countries.
  9. I made my first YT video! Please like and subscribe and comment! I'll make more clips and montages in the future. Just getting used to it lol It's from Killzone Shadow Fall, you guys might be impressed 20 sec vid, will be worth your while. If you guys have any tips for me please let me know cause I'm new to editing
  10. I'd help you. I
  11. Hey man. I was gonna platinum GTA! Don't have it anymore or else I'd have it platted now lol.
  12. It's three for the price of one. If you purchase one you can download the other two for free.
  13. I thought it was pretty fun.. the minigames got pretty repetitive but it's only worth playing if you like collecting trophies.
  14. I've always wanted trophies to convert to PSN Cash. At least on certain titles or avatars... I was thinking along the lines a certain amount of trophy points = however much $ . Every 750 points could be worth 5 bucks maybe.. Anyone want to add on to this? I mean seriously I hope they implement something of this nature. THOUGHTS?!