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  1. My predictions for the shake-up: New Day to Smackdown- Raw has Enzo and Cass, Revival, Hardy Boyz, and The Club. Smackdown needs a big team to elevate their division. New Day losing the titles and only being hosts for Wrestlemania tells me that they are in a waiting period until they get drafted to Smackdown. Charlotte to Smackdown- Raw just got Emma back. They are pushing Nia. And I feel like they want to slowly build this year around the Sasha/Bayley rivalry. Charlotte lost the title, and her rematch. I don't see her moving to another opponent for now. She'll go dominate the Smackdown women's division. AJ Styles to Raw- With Nakamura debuting on Smackdown, I think WWE will want to separate these guys until later. AJ had his 'farewell' with that Shane match at Wrestlemania and face off on Smackdown. I think we're going to see the full Club reunited on Raw. Start building AJ vs Balor. Carmella/Ellsworth to Raw- This is a smaller one. But they acknowledged Big Cass/Carmella's relationship at the Hall of Fame. I think they'll draft her just so they can travel together. They may even put her back with Enzo and Cass eventually. Anybody who just debuted or started a storyline won't be drafted. That means The Hardy Boys, Revival, Tye Dillinger, or Nakamura. I don't think any of the champions will be drafted for obvious reasons too. You can't draft The "Smackdown Women's Champion" to Raw. They kinda screwed themselves with naming those belts.
  2. I enjoyed the show for the most part. In a surprise twist, Brock/Goldberg was actually pretty good (considering the circumstances). Bray/Orton was surprisingly the worst match of the night. Oh and The Hardy Boyz are back! That was awesome. Oh, and fuck Roman Reigns. Taker retiring was a sad moment, but I still say he should've retired after the loss to Brock. Anyone else feel like Smackdown dropped the ball? They've been consistently better than Raw for months, yet their matches fell flat tonight. First Bray/Orton. No tag title match. The Women's match felt like it was thrown together for Naomi to get her title back since she was injured. AJ/Shane was fun, but a waste of AJ. Dean/Corbin on the pre show. And the Cena match was just for a proposal that they can hype on Total Bellas and the Today Show and crap.
  3. So what did everyone think of TakeOver? I enjoyed it. That DiY/Revival/AoP triple threat tag match was amazing.
  4. Kind of. I can't help but get hyped for it every year, even when I know it won't be great. It's just the whole feel of the weekend. Speaking of which, I'm using today to catch up on everything I missed so far (due to work). Watched the Hall of Fame, the new WWE 24, the last few episodes of Ride Along, and probably the best thing WWE has done in a long time- Southpaw Regional Wrestling on YouTube. If you haven't watched the 4 episodes yet, watch them now. They are only 6ish minutes each, but they are hilarious.
  5. Yeah, Paige's career is over. I can see WWE letting the leaked pictures fly, but not the videos. Especially since one apparently has the guy finish on her NXT Women's Championship. No way she is coming back from this.
  6. Just caught up on Raw. I really hope they're not making Owens look strong now just to make Goldberg look stronger. I'm all for another Lesnar title run. I'm probably the only one. But not right now. Goldberg vs. Lesnar does not need the title. They better do the right thing at Fastlane.
  7. Dark Souls 3 completed! No shields, no magic, no problem. Great game, way better than Dark Souls 2 IMO. I think I'll have some fun and stream my NG+ play through. If anyone's curious, I cosplayed as Ciri from The Witcher 3. Only used a bastard sword and a light crossbow. I'll post some screenshots soon.

  8. Oh, I see why the Nameless King is considered a difficult boss. He uses the greatest weapon in Dark Souls history, the shitty broken camera. Seriously, is his first form based purely on luck? How am I even supposed to see what the fuck I'm doing?

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      lol this is like a watered down version of my thoughts for Drakengard 3's final boss. :D 

  9. 1. It's about damn time Bray won the WWE Championship. He deserves it, and has deserved it for years. I hope he gets a big Wrestlemania moment. 2. Cena/Nikki vs. Miz/Maryse was rumored for this year as well. Supposed to be Nikki's retirement match. Looks like the seeds for that were planted last night as well (Nikki bumping into Maryse backstage and getting her dress dirty. And Cena eliminating Miz). 3. Congrats to Bayley tonight. I'm betting she retains at Fastlane, beating Charlotte on PPV and unknowingly making Sasha jealous (since Sasha couldn't do that). Set the Sasha heel turn slowly, leading to Bayley vs. Sasha 3 at Wrestlemania. Judging by their last 2 matches, and this years' rumored card, they'll likely steal the show. 4. KO just broke my heart. I hope this leads to KO vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania, and Jericho takes the title from him. If any part timer deserves one last run, it's Jericho. This past year has been one of his most entertaining in his entire career. I hope they do the smart thing and have Brock cost Goldberg the title at Fastlane as revenge for being embarrassed twice. Brock vs. Goldberg doesn't need the title.
  10. I thought the Rumble was alright. I was watching with friends, 2 of which just started watching WWE again recently, and 1 doesn't watch at all. That made it more fun. I probably would've been bored if I had watched alone. I thought the decision to have Brock, Goldberg, and Taker all be in the final 5 entrants was a weird choice. They should've spread them out. Roman being number 30 has to be a blatant troll move by WWE. I was for sure Jericho was gonna win. We noticed him rolling in and out of the ring a lot, I was rooting for him to steal it. Jericho vs. KO would've been perfect to set up here. Orton winning didn't feel big. I don't know, it was like "Oh ok, I guess." I was excited for AJ vs Orton, until I remembered that AJ lost earlier... fucking Cena vs. Orton #1000000 at Wrestlemania? Really? Also, why no surprise entrants? Besides Tye Dillinger, but everyone was predicting him at #10 for weeks. I was waiting for Samoa Joe, Balor, Kurt Angle, HBK, Austin, anybody. Overall, meh. An alright show I guess.
  11. Hype train has officially left the station. Kurt Angle is going into the 2017 Hall of Fame!
  12. Pretty much what Skyes said. They've been building Braun way too good to not have him wrestle at Wrestlemania. He's been an unstoppable monster. Unless they have an underdog beat him, I can see him take on Taker.
  13. I actually think it'll be more like Braun vs. Taker, Brock vs Goldberg, AJ vs. Cena (WWE Title), Owens vs Jericho (US Title), Roman vs. whoever wins the Rumble (Universal Title), and Seth vs HHH. I'd actually love to see Cena/Taker and maybe AJ/Orton?
  14. Is KH3 set for this year? Maybe the rumored localization for Dragon's Dogma Online. Otherwise, I'm not letting myself get hyped over anything anymore. There are a few games that I'll likely buy (that new 2D Sonic, Mass Effect Andromeda, and a few others) but I'm not gonna go nuts over them, only to be let down.
  15. I remember all my friends in high school talking about how it was going to be "the greatest game ever". So I bought into the hype. The horse glitches out in the intro cutscene. I had played some Morrowind and Oblivion before Skyrim, so I had some idea as to what I was getting into. But I never played those enough to actually get any real progress in them. I remember getting incredibly bored with Skyrim, because even 1 hour in all the side quests were the same shit. That didn't change as I got further in. The game just got more boring the more I played. Eventually I became the supreme emperor overlords of every city and guild and it just became ridiculous. This game is a poor excuse for an RPG. It was pretty fun for the first little bit. The combat system is way too shallow to keep me interested. And the side quests are mostly all just repetitive fetch quests, so I had no motivation to do them. It's a cool game until you play Dragon's Dogma, Dark Souls, The Witcher, or some other better RPGs. Then you can see just how bad Skyrim is. At least, in my opinion.