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  1. So I was hoping someone could help me. I recently completed the Hidden Ones DLC in all its entirety. I mean, I did absolutely everything. The trophy 'New Recruits' did not unlock for me. Even some of DLC trophies I earned seemed like they struggled to unlock. I know others were having these issues as well. I did some research and tried all the solutions, only for nothing to work. I wish I could replay the missions, only that's not an option. The only idea I have is to play the game again on New Game Plus. Although I'm not sure if you can even access the DLC in the New Game Plus. I don't know. Any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated! It's a very special game to me and I want nothing more than to 100% it. Thank you.
  2. Freakin' Call of Duty: World at War is my favorite sountrack! That is all.