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  1. A Brave New World - Aldous Huxley There is many more but that's the first one that popped into my head. It's a fantastic 1930s dystopian novel which was made, fairly recently, into a TV show.
  2. Looking forward to this one!
  3. Factory Mechanic, To The Max and Well Traveled are all glitched at the moment. May just have to wait for a patch.
  4. Sign me up please! I’m down for this.
  5. I upgraded from Essential to Extra and I believe it was worth the money.
  6. :platinum:#6 - A Way Out

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    2. visighost


      True - maybe I should go for EA Play, thanks for the recommendation. Unravel 2 is definitely harder, especially since you have to control both your character and your temper! ;)

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MidnightDragon
  7. I recommend you join this session. He helped me achieve 100%
  8. Finally something good! Mighty No. 9 wasn't exactly great...
  9. Appreciate the honesty but as others have advised just hide the game. It won't be seen or flagged by anyone so you can continue trophy hunting.
  10. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Quite a few players have had this problem and more often than not, it fixes itself, you just have to wait. You could try constantly opening and closing the game till it adds but that doesn't always work.
  11. This list shows there is no known issues on KF2 when changing your online ID.
  12. Platinum #5 - Terraria. 

    Currently the fastest achiever, completing it in 2 days 42 minutes.

  13. My bad, I didn't realise. I do own the game as I got it from the new PS+ but haven't started it so can't say much else.
  14. Try killing the enemies by throwing the spear. The trophy is a little buggy and doesn't register melee kills all the time so just run around throwing the spear at enemies and beasts (as they count too) and hopefully it'll unlock for you.
  15. Yes, there is a few players in this thread with similar problems.