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  1. Since they've gave you the refund, they can't exactly take the money again can they. It seems it takes Sony a day or 2 to revoke the license, if you want to DL it and plat it that's up to you, however Sony could potentially give you a temp ban for it.
  2. I'll PM you
  3. After checking the official site, I'd say no it doesn't
  4. As of the current patch if you attempt to play the campaign with Subtitles enabled, the game will freeze and lock up your PS4 the second an end of level cutscene happens (only pulling out the power cord or holding the power button will shut down your PS4). I've scrolled a lot of forums and reddit posts and it seems this is guaranteed if you have the Subtitles enabled. So if you are planning to play this on the current patch, do not ever enable the Subtitles.
  5. Not bought the game yet but wanted to ask a question about the multiplayer. Is it possible to boost these trophies, or will the game simply throw you in with random players? I'm not a fan of online trophies, but the rest of the game seems pretty interesting, and i'd rather just boost my way through the online.
  6. I genuinely take really good care of all my games/controllers/consoles etc, it's just the PS4 ones that are built like shit
  7. Dualshock 3 The Dualshock 4 is one of the most poorly put together pieces of shit ever made. I've been through 14 of the damn things :/ Also the DPAD on the DS3 is far superior
  8. I made a thread for the EU version as I got a response from the dev
  9. Luckily I picked that up physical too. Licensing really is shitty at times :/ I have 0 interest in a netflix like gaming service, also why would anyone opt for netflix over psnow or xbox gamepass?
  10. I do actually have the LRG physical, glad to hear Best Buy still have some, though I think it'll be a scalpers wet dream :/
  11. It seems the Steam and GOG versions are being delisted today, curious if the console versions will be seeing the same fate in the near future https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/stranger-things-3-game-being-delisted-tomorrow
  12. 3 Weeks is easily enough time
  13. I look forward to an inevitable dispute thread in future 'but they're not from ur console!!!!!'
  14. Nice to know Sony are a bunch of lazy useless See You Next Tuesdays. How many years has this 'bug' been around now?