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  1. Unless it's an all ages VN, I'm sticking with PC. Too much stuff gets cut out of console releases.
  2. They do treat them differently though, it's well known how Sony America are forcing Japanese devs to jump through hoops and forcing censorship on only their games.
  3. Unless Zoo Keeper glitches, which has happened to others.
  4. More people have had issues with Zoo Keeper https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/228201-phil-mask-glitched/ I could probably find more. Were you playing the game unpatched?
  5. Fuck me this game is unstable, I've had at least 10 crashes today alone. I was partially through stage 3 with over 1.7m gold, game crashed and 'poof' back to before the 1st boss with just over 100k. Every fucking crash sets me back so far, the game is a fucking mess for stability.
  6. That's a bad idea, mainly due to some ISP's using shared IP addresses.
  7. 8days is a PS4 game where if you are playing any version other than the NA version you can get the plat without getting 3 of the trophies, the devs added 3 base trophies after the game was released and ballsed it up big time.
  8. 8days
  9. Make sure to either die or finish the game, never quit out via the menu, or it messes with the things it tracks towards the unlocks. I was at 3/5 unlocked weapons, I purchased one at the shop, quit via the menu, proceeded to unlock another weapon and quit out again. When I went to the perks screen it was still at 3/5. 1 further completion got me enough crystals to easily purchase another 2, but technically due to this glitch it is entirely possible (though extremely unlikely) to lock yourself out of the Mad Skillz! trophy.
  10. Yes. If you read my initial post and what B1rvine stated, that was what I took issue with. Him stating that the times were dead on, many people proving they're not. Something so flawed should not be used as evidence. Everything else the CRT have at their disposal I'm fine with.
  11. It shouldn't be used at all as it isn't reliable in the slightest
  12. This was my entire point of the thread
  13. I'm not twisting his words, he literally said them. You are the one twisting them to be something they are not. please tell me how I am twisting this Yet here we have a thread full of people whose times are wrong. Well that's lucky for you, your times are right. Great Now go through the thread and listen to everyone else whose times are not right in games.
  14. Exophase is being mentioned because it is making the times reported from PSN publicly available, if you know of another site i'll reference that as well. The PSN reported times are being referred to in disputes.
  15. And on the opposite side, the Users have no reason to trust that the CRT are fair.