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  1. I think everyone does I only learned about it in the past year
  2. Though it still makes me laugh when I see it.
  3. No sadly
  4. I've not seen him once since the patch dropped yesterday, I'll take that as 'fixing' it EDIT - Just encountered him 3 times in 1 Elimination mission, wow just wow, he's no threat at all now. Killed all 3 without even getting hit.
  5. Person Of Interest - Got canned to produce 'cheaper' shows, despite the fact it was the most popular show on the network :/ They created an ending, but there was so much more they could have done. The Punisher - Season 2 was literally the start of Frank Castle becoming the Punisher, shame Disney are such idiots. Ash Vs Evil Dead - This show was far better than it had any right to be
  6. I did see the PC version got that patch, just waiting patiently for it to eventually come over
  7. No, a certain word beginning with C is more appropriate
  8. Spanws on top of you insta grabs you (bye bye 50% health), throws you off then insta grabs you again to kill you. Take cover the bestiary says... well I would but this fucker can grab you through walls. So many ruined runs due to this broken POS
  9. Be careful how quick you kill the final boss (chieftain), if you kill him before he summons all of his minions, the game will bug out and the level never ends. I just got screwed out of the Nightmare trophy due to this :/
  10. Thank you I kept thinking Factotum 80, but knew that was wrong
  11. 2 people have finished Night Trap on Vita, but no mention if the LRG version was patched. Breach and Clear can't be finished digital either There is one LRG game that is unplatinumable only on the physical Vita, I can't remember which game it was, but it was never fixed.
  12. A warning though, some LRG physicals are unplatinumable. Breach And Clear Night Trap I know there's more but I can't remember them Forever physical my arse
  13. Yeah, 2 teams of 2 searching at same time
  14. DTR - Online DLC trophy R&C - Ranked Match Trophy
  15. I couldn't get it for days, my friend got it 3 times in 3 rolls. RNG sucks at times.