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  1. A good deal for anyone still wanting the game. I picked up the LRG CE and it was terrible, a huge waste of money (It's the game that stopped me buying 99% of their CE's)
  2. I'll be honest, there are probably very few people on here that understand chinese? So without a translation, this isn't going to go very far. Also, if that's your real email address, you should probably black it out for your own sake.
  3. Uusually I'd 100% agree, but others in that thread have mentioned having to reload the game to get the trophies to pop. I'm not saying OP has/hasn't cheated, just there is a possibility.
  4. There is a thread on Twin Robots mentioning trophies not popping Seems the game has some major issues popping trophies. Then again due to how the other thread played out, this dispute is essentially pointless as you've hit the 3 game limit for removal anyway
  5. I just came here to mention that, I never realised airplane mode interfered with trophies :/ Luckily only Boss 2 glitched on mine. My game crashed a lot on the mine cart levels :/
  6. If it is indeed CFW that you used to edit timestamps, you may not be able to use the site with that account.
  7. How did you manage to get all 26 Al Bhed Primers 6 seconds after your first one? Not to mention it's your 3rd trophy earned, and getting all 26 is not possible till very late game. There's a lot of problems with your FFX HD Trophy list Not even going not point out how impossible your Gundam list is.
  8. Weren't all of the trophies fixed by the 1.02 patch 11th November 2009? And it retroactively affected spec ops. You started in 2011 which means the trophies should have popped fine.
  9. Oh and LittleBigPlanet........ sigh, I'd just give up lying now.
  10. I'd be more inclined to believe you if the games weren't so spaced out. Did this 'hacker' also 'hack' your BLOPS1 too?......... That list is a mess
  11. I'm guessing if the approving member is not well versed in the game they are more willing to accept the explanation on the report. No one is an expert at every game
  12. I've noticed this with a lot of games that have daily challenges with timers that reset at specific times, people get accused of cheating when a simple look at the trophy guide confirms that it is possible.
  13. I try top avoid games with heavy online grinds (I've done some painful ones). As long as it's possible to 100% i'll play it. I will not purchase a game if the devs can't be arsed to fix the trophies, screw them.
  14. I've seen someone cheat Aabs Animals.....
  15. Wow, 1st of October 2016 was a pretty amazing day for you..... There's no way all of those trophies can pop at once.